Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Orgasmatron_-_Tony_H_and_Franchino_Live_at_La_Fortezza_07-09-2002-iDC Closed Techno 0 05-Aug-2020
VA_-_DJ_Only_Issue_January_01-Promo-2002-MOD Closed Trance 0 03-Aug-2020
xeramon - respect ep (extended) Closed Hardcore 3 27-Jul-2020
Lee_Cabrera_Feat_Alex_Cartana-Shake_It_(Move_A_Little_Closer)-CDM-2003-FSP+2 Closed House 0 06-Jul-2020
EZ_St_feat_Nevada-Get_On_Down-CDM-2000-wAx Closed House 0 06-Jul-2020
Tania_Monies-Musique-Vinyl-2005-TN Closed House 0 06-Jul-2020
M and C feat Rebecca Rudd - Do You Want It Right Now (GLOBE383) WEB Closed House 0 01-Jul-2020
Jorg Schmid feat K.Lee - I'm so in love Closed House 0 26-Jun-2020
Styles & Breeze Feat Karen Danzig ‎– I Will Be (CDr Promo) Closed House 3 16-Jun-2020
Murk_Vs_Kristine_W-Some_Lovin-CDM-2003-2DB Closed House 0 12-Jun-2020
Tony_Senghore-Peace-Vinyl-2005-MTC +2 Closed House 0 12-Jun-2020
Brennan Heart - In The End (Dailucia Extended Remix) Closed Hardstyle 2 12-Jun-2020
(richard_grey_pres_dice_connection)-fall_in_love_vinyl_jk-bmi Closed House 0 08-Jun-2020
DeNiro_feat_Troy_Parrish-Rock_With_You-CDM-2001-UTE Closed House 0 08-Jun-2020
Punk_Chic-DJ_Spinnin-Promo_2x12-2001-BMI +1 Closed House 0 08-Jun-2020
Mimosa-End_of_Me-PROMO_VINYL-2003-BPM_HOUSE Closed House 0 08-Jun-2020
Peplab_-_Wondergirl-Retail_CDM-2003-WSC +1 Closed House 2 06-Jun-2020
Wacky_Race-Disco_Punk_EP-QPT018-VINYL-2004-BPM_HOUSE +1 Closed House 0 06-Jun-2020
Freestyle Maniacs ft MB&KK - We Own This Party (WOTP) (Extended Mix) Closed Hardstyle 1 01-Jun-2020
Darren Styles & Re-Con - Pacific Sun (Extended Mix) Closed Hardcore 5 30-May-2020
Eric_S-Dance_with_Me-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BPM_HOUSE +1 Closed House 2 29-May-2020
Retryx - Demons (Extended Mix) Closed Hardstyle 1 25-May-2020
Audiofreq_-_Retrospective_EP (Extended_Mixes) Closed Hardstyle 5 22-May-2020
Ultrabeat v Darren Styles - Sure feels good Closed Dance 13 06-May-2020
VA_-_Signs_of_the_Beast_Mixed_by_DJ_Freak-CD-2003-SQ Closed Hardcore 4 30-Apr-2020