Closed requests

Genre Status Quality Request title Reward Date
Hardcore Closed MP3 Rebelion - The Second Dose (Extended Mixes) 20 08-Apr-2024
Happy Hardcore Closed MP3 Essential Soundz Digital 40 01-Apr-2024
Hardcore Closed FLAC Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Remixes) 40 05-Mar-2024
Happy Hardcore Closed FLAC Styles & Breeze Ft Karen Danzig - I Will Be (Squad-E Remix) 40 04-Mar-2024
Hardstyle Closed FLAC Adrenalize - On The Edge [lossless] 20 06-Feb-2024
Hardcore Closed MP3 The Brutalist – Incredible Bass ( Fix Records – FIX 9710003 ) 20 17-Jan-2024
Hardstyle Closed MP3 Radical Redemption - You Dont Know Shit (Minus Militia Remix) (Extended Mix) 20 11-Jan-2024
Hardcore Closed FLAC (EPKCDBOX01) Traffik - Epileptik Box1 - DJ Traffik Hardcore Mix - FLAC 20 09-Dec-2023
Hardstyle Closed FLAC Requiem - Make the Climb (Radio Edit) 4:13m FLAC 40 12-Nov-2023
Happy Hardcore Closed FLAC Darren Hotchkiss & The Doctor - Hometown Hardcore [lossless] 20 30-Oct-2023
Happy Hardcore Closed FLAC Steve Hill & Co Super Deluxe Edition USB Collection (WAV Edition): HARDCORE MASIF Trac... 40 24-Oct-2023
Trance Closed MP3 Tunnel Trance Force Global Vol. 01 - Vol. 08 WEB 40 21-Oct-2023
Happy Hardcore Closed FLAC Darwin & Rampant ft. Ant Johnson - No More (Marc Smith & Gammer Remix) [lossless] 20 16-Oct-2023
Hardstyle Closed FLAC Rough Recruits (FLAC) 40 07-Jul-2023
House Closed FLAC Jon Buccieri Back Catalogue 100 18-Jun-2023
Hardstyle Closed FLAC Radiance - Fractals of Sound (WAV or lossless) 40 18-Jun-2023
Drum'n'Bass Closed FLAC VA - Point Of Origin 100 16-Jun-2023
Hardstyle Closed MP3 Heavy Resistance - Break Your Legs (Extended Mix) (03:42) 20 30-May-2023
Happy Hardcore Closed MP3 DOK - Clockwork Bible (ELAT001B) 20 10-May-2023
Dance Closed MP3 Dance Connection 40 04-Mar-2023
Techno Closed MP3 Jackhamma - Saigo Wa Shi Desu (2005, FV004, Vinyl) 100 03-Mar-2023
Happy Hardcore Closed MP3 Barking Tracks (Label) 40 27-Feb-2023
House Closed FLAC Red Carpet - Alright (Radio Edit) 20 19-Jan-2023
Hardcore Closed MP3 Dethveda – Cyber God 20 16-Jan-2023
Hardcore Closed MP3 Crush On Hardcore - Darwin Mix (CD2) 20 13-Jan-2023