It helps. Nobody uses ACE anyhow.1 day 10 hours ago
anyway I assume "3) Rename or delete UNACEV2.DLL in the WinRAR directory" should help2 days 7 hours ago days 9 hours ago
Actually it concerns (fake) .rar files

"However, since WinRAR detects the format by the content of the file and not by the extension, attackers can merely change the .ace extension to .rar extension to make it look normal."
2 days 9 hours ago
1) This problem only concerns ACE files 2) This problem doesn't concern RAR files. 3) Rename or delete UNACEV2.DLL in the WinRAR directory, problem solved for WinRAR.2 days 12 hours ago
Warning for all those that use WinRar: "Critical WinRAR Flaw Affects All Versions Released In Last 19 Years." Please update to the latest version.2 days 21 hours ago
Thanks for the link, but I'm particularly looking for a site like XPRM where you meet people who also have very rare punk, 80's etc. stuff on their HDs, which nowhere else can be found.4 days 8 hours ago

this might help?
4 days 12 hours ago
Hi guys, does anybody know a similar website like our XPRM for rock, especially punk and hardcore, and 80's pop music?4 days 14 hours ago
@Maestro its not requests, spammer1 week 1 day ago
:)2 weeks 4 days ago
Sharing is caring! :)2 weeks 6 days ago
Solution: ban users IP address2 weeks 6 days ago
Like everyone... Copy + Paste = Sharing on another music forum. Everyone stolen from COLLECTO site who's registered and spreads everywhere. It's a leecher and all another music forums posted COLLECTO links.2 weeks 6 days ago
Stopped adding (new members) =/= closing. Besides, what's to "close" there? It's not a torrent tracker but a bunch of links that're easy to copy-paste (all of them, if needed) and leak elsewhere (here :)2 weeks 6 days ago
Will be closed Labelscollecto? And if yes, when?2 weeks 6 days ago
Last questions: Alpha Fight 1970 new moderator here or admin? Because takes it very strictly. Especially the rules.2 weeks 6 days ago
Someone who doesn't contribute, but still benefit. Don't mind this COLLECTO guy, he only comes here to "brag" about his site and how excluse it is.3 weeks 14 hours ago
What's the definition of a leecher?3 weeks 15 hours ago
@Darth Vader
duplication was site error,
about my doubt, everything has to do with the site.
3 weeks 1 day ago
Because of too many leechers, Collecto has stopped adding .. If you want in, you know where to find us3 weeks 1 day ago
@Blowfoot: Don't spamming.3 weeks 1 day ago
post comment with download link, which includes 'http'3 weeks 1 day ago
Hi and good morning, i only have a question, how to mark a request as filled to get points?, thanks in advance and sorry i didn't see.3 weeks 1 day ago
They're scene groups (there's more, like a lot more of them). Basically they provide us with music.3 weeks 1 day ago
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