added Dither & Barber – Badda Dan (spm072) originalemix /radio edit days 11 hours ago
Long time I've been here. Good to see this site still functioning.
Just out of curiosity: Is there a place similar to, for example, 1gabba but for synthwave and it's subgenres?
1 week 2 days ago
Track of the century: Alan Parsons Project - Lucifer1 week 6 days ago
With the funny ideas the Pixeldrain idiot has right now, his site will be soon forgotten.2 weeks 13 hours ago
@Borgild because I rarely use it on the phone, fixed.3 weeks 4 days ago
originale mix is not on hardtunes weeks 4 days ago
added F. Noize, Unlocked - Vois Sur Ton Chemin radio edit to snakepit music weeks 4 days ago
Checked phone version of xprm's frontpage - errm, why "technical" columns (format,status,points) are so excessively wide, while request's name has to be word-wrapped 2-3 times? Width of longest words "FLAC/Closed/Reward" is enough, imho3 weeks 5 days ago
I just realized that I've made a mistake cataloging the style of this request.
Could some admin change it to Happy Hardcore?
Sorry and thank you!
4 weeks 1 day ago
can i be removed from "observed"?1 month 1 hour ago
Advanced archive of (Speedcore, Breakcore, J-Core, nonsense)!Not%20On%20Label/

Can be FTP accessed.
1 month 2 days ago
new release spm070 SPITNOISE - MIX THE FUTURE original mix /radio edit month 3 days ago
Record of the day: Famous Anonymous Nobody Knows - Sense of Incognito
(and Burning Lazy Persons in general)

Makes Dutch Terror sound like Britney Spears.
1 month 5 days ago
@help month 1 week ago
@help fre:ac is the most popular Windows, Mac & Linux alternative to Exact Audio Copy.1 month 1 week ago
Hey guys, what is in your experience the best Linux alternative to Exact Audio Copy (EAC)?1 month 1 week ago
@herman the are all mp3 3201 month 1 week ago
F. NOIZE & HYSTA - MAKE YOU BOUNCE originale mix / radio edit1 month 1 week ago
i have added F. NOIZE & HYSTA - MAKE YOU BOUNCE to snakepit music new release link
1 month 1 week ago
Does anyone know a way how to find out URLs of images from removed SoundCloud tracks? Because they are still there!

1 month 1 week ago
Track of the day: Metallica - Seek and Destroy1 month 2 weeks ago
@fiann21 that Snakepit Music folder is mp3 or flac format? Thank you.1 month 3 weeks ago
Album of the day: AnTraxid ‎- Life inside My Box on Night Terror1 month 3 weeks ago
spm068 it is snakepit music1 month 3 weeks ago
added spm 68 JULIËX & THAROZA - OUR STYLE original
mix/radio edit
1 month 3 weeks ago
Track of the day: Audio Revolt - Resistance

Hardcore at its best
1 month 3 weeks ago
Trailing spaces are removing by default by CMS. I've added an Unicode space instead, hope it won't broke anything.1 month 3 weeks ago
@admin: In the request details when adding a request, could you add a space to the "Year *:" prompt? It's missing.1 month 3 weeks ago
Like to be expected the new order is a case of getting used to, but I still prefer release name set in first column. It's the column which is most important.1 month 3 weeks ago
Enter the code without spaces.