Corona time is end. Start the party.1 day 12 hours ago
@ANERSO: Very nice job. :)1 day 12 hours ago
For the die hard label collectors, on LabelGate we now already got over 6000 labels online: labelgate.home.blog1 day 13 hours ago
So Corona bullshit is over and it's time to party for us again. :)

Not many Hardcore/Gabber parties here thou but me old man prefers to go the pubs anyway.
3 days 9 hours ago
Some people disappear due to lack of time or whatever, others pop up. Pretty normal progression on every forum around the internet.4 days 2 hours ago
I don't think there are that few people. Furthermore we are not a leeching site for everyone. This is a site for dedicated collectors who have passion and take time.4 days 2 hours ago
mostly a few people filling 90% of reqs, when they don't visit = more unfilled4 days 7 hours ago
Few people?5 days 10 hours ago
Why is have there so few filling requests here?5 days 16 hours ago
Is it normal that everytime I edit a request it gets deleted (sometimes for a considerable ammount of time or permanent? Thanks for the info!1 week 1 day ago
Requests in retard capital letters will be, of course, deleted.1 week 5 days ago
Too many retards can't even do most simple maths. If you request something on May 18th which was published on May 14th, it's not more than 4 days old. Goddamnit!2 weeks 1 day ago
Don't have too many fresh WEBs by Justify - not like 100% but mostly seems like from Deezer idd. Checked a couple of tracks vs just downloaded mp3s - audio streams were identical. Tho noone cares cuz they always refer to Junodownload in their nfos xD2 weeks 3 days ago
Checked 56 UK Hardcore releases from year 2000 by Zzzz - releases with underscore in cat# [e.g. "-(STI_0123)-"] are from Deezer, majority of releases got "classic" cat# ["-(STI0124)-"] and they are from Google Play. Why, it's proper 320 kbps either way2 weeks 3 days ago
Ah yes, and JUSTiFY...2 weeks 3 days ago
Can we compile together a list of groups that use Deezer as source, either partially or exclusively? AFO, iDC, MARiBOR, ZzZz are confirmed, know any more?2 weeks 3 days ago
CORONA PARTY! Let's Go!2 weeks 4 days ago
@CherrYcoke: I wasn't referring to you but somebody whose comment I deleted. ;)3 weeks 11 hours ago
@CherrYcoke (url doesn't change on renaming)3 weeks 1 day ago
Fdsf something Else Sounds it hast Not been deleted but weird its nowhere To find :) of where is it now ?
Alpha its no request shout, because it was unser requests some hours ago :) so it was prooved to be ok
3 weeks 1 day ago
Just for anyone's information: Requests in shouts will be deleted.3 weeks 1 day ago
@cHeerycoke OP renamed request to something else3 weeks 1 day ago
What happened with the FSK18 Saskia - das Ejalulat request ( trance ) why is it Removed ? Someone requested it ... Insassen happy about This great request3 weeks 1 day ago
Maybe it was just in the queue. Anonymous requests need to reviewed. Member requests appear at once.3 weeks 1 day ago
It won't let me request a drum n bass album. Says I need 20 points, even though the rules say DnB is High Priority. I'm confused, please help.3 weeks 1 day ago
The whole scene is a joke. It became so HUGE over the years nobody is even trying and you can tell that by the lack of (global) nukes. Music being widely available for free doesn't really help either.3 weeks 1 day ago
In the lossless category, MAHOU and WRE best groups. CUSTODES and LoKET is bad (not always). I have it opinion about VOLDiES.3 weeks 1 day ago
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