Antilamer, Will keep an eye on him for sure now. Thanks for reporting to us!16 hours 22 min ago
I recommend no more uploads for notorious leechs like ryan35. This will drive them away and attract useful people.1 day 3 hours ago
Track of the day: EC8OR - 6665 days 4 hours ago
I had to click change my password again because it said my email or pass was wrong and I couldn't log in.5 days 7 hours ago
@Jon Doe - no, Status: Active6 days 15 hours ago
I'm locked out of my account again, admin1 week 13 hours ago
@coerbay Corebay is back online1 week 3 days ago
Why corebay is offline?
Anybody knows, what happened?
1 week 4 days ago
platinum notes1 week 6 days ago
please unlock my requests :)2 weeks 2 days ago
@DJJanku: Thru adding REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN or REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN tags (as "+X.XX dB" - no more than 9 chars, excl. " dB" ending) and using players (like foobar2000) that understand and can apply 'em (track or album ones correspondingly)2 weeks 3 days ago
Question to specialists : How to increase the volume of a lossless track without altering its quality ?2 weeks 3 days ago
DarkShark Industries Total Destruction Records weeks 4 days ago
HB Records, Rotjecore, Doomcore Records Viral Conspiracy Records weeks 4 days ago
I'm searching the hardcore / uptempo, euphoric hardstyle, rawstyle and oldschool hardstyle netlabels. If you know something, message me with the links. Thanks everyone3 weeks 4 days ago
Back in, cheers admin3 weeks 6 days ago
try now3 weeks 6 days ago
Why has my account been blocked?3 weeks 6 days ago
@HowTo: "your arl" means you must have a paid/premium account at deezer. If you have such account then there're many options/tools (incl. with advanced GUI) that can rip FLACs. But usually ppl seek ways to get free FLACs from deezer w/o a premium account1 month 1 day ago
whats with 1techn0/1tranc3 ?1 month 2 days ago
Do you have a link to that python script please?1 month 6 days ago
I have a python script for downloading and generating releases from Deezer. The only things you have to feed it with are your arl and album id.1 month 6 days ago
Anybody know how to 'automatically' make releases like scene? Without manually using Morgoth's mp3releaser? With automatic filling all tags out of JunoDownload or other sites?1 month 1 week ago
Too many leech clowns here.1 month 1 week ago
Does anyone know what happened to mp3-malina? Are there any sites that are similar? I used to get some gems on there1 month 2 weeks ago
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