I have it. But i think you should know how requests work here :P3 days 8 hours ago
In need for Belocca - Depends on you3 days 14 hours ago
why has srg become so quite and release not so many than before?5 days 20 hours ago
I have no idea how to use those spotify key dumpers. if anyone is willing to do it for me i can give you the link?6 days 8 hours ago
looking for The Start Part 3, its on the Future Breakz label. please and thank you1 week 2 days ago
Anyone here who have Enigmato/Tornadozzer tracks you can´t find on discogs or srrDB? (Eet Thiz would be nice to have as well)1 week 2 days ago
@Dan week 3 days ago
Does anyone know sites orforums like 1gabba for hands up,donk scouse music.. is mostly tracks from the label dnz I’m after1 week 5 days ago
@ D!: what do you want to get from that site? it was just a mirror of 1gabba1 week 6 days ago
would be great if someone could reopen the request, it is wrongly filled - week 6 days ago
admin, still a new try :D what is with your other site dqqd?2 weeks 21 hours ago
Maybe a lossless upload and you are not allowed to request reuploads for lossless yet2 weeks 22 hours ago
I don't see it, tried a different browser but same...2 weeks 22 hours ago
I see the button2 weeks 1 day ago
What do you do when there's no "report broken link" button and your request comment gets deleted? I need this release reuploaded please weeks 1 day ago
why would you want to convert all your lossless files to mp3? makes no logical sense2 weeks 1 day ago
@DJJanku Run from cmd line in the folder with files to convert. Requires FLAC.EXE and LAME.EXE in same folder or path: for /f "tokens=*" %a in ('dir /b /s *.mp3') do flac -d "%a" && lame -q 0 -b 320 --lowpass -1 "%~dpna.wav" && del "%~dpna.wav"2 weeks 3 days ago
What tested software do you recommend to bulk convert FLAC to MP3 without cutting spectra at 20 kHz ?
iTunes converts WAV and ALAC to MP3 perfectly, keeping spectra at 22 kHz but doesn't recognize FLAC.
2 weeks 3 days ago
Doesn't look like those exist2 weeks 4 days ago
hello ! Does anybody know if HUDIGI 013, 051 and 052 exist ? I can't find them nowhere ...2 weeks 4 days ago
Hi there, looking for VA_-_This_is_Trance(Alw0009)-3cd-1998-TDJ for several years now, if any music guru has that piece of gold... more than welcome !2 weeks 5 days ago
I meant more forums, like the old bouncy-tunez places etc.3 weeks 9 hours ago
At Live set Database

I think
3 weeks 1 day ago
Does anyone know any good forums/sites that I can share my mixes on?3 weeks 1 day ago
How do you think why unable to send email when i have tried to register at lossless-music.org3 weeks 2 days ago
There is no other way than that, so: yes.3 weeks 3 days ago
Can I ask for a link to be re uploaded in a comment that doesn't fill out a request? (And therefore there is no reupload button)3 weeks 3 days ago
Only for members3 weeks 4 days ago
File needs re uploading, rules say to press "report bad link button" but there isn't one?3 weeks 4 days ago
Enter the code without spaces.