inspected recent requests, warned and blocked some users who violated a rule about mentioning file hoster in the request.9 hours 9 min ago
If somebody is looking for Dark Techno like the labels Obscure, Pls.Uk, Green Fetish, Mindcut, Sticky Ground, The Meaning of Rave, Theabove, T/W/B etc., I got tons of this stuff.21 hours 30 min ago
ok thanks for the info3 days 23 hours ago
Sure. If the request is closed, mail me and I will reopen it, so you can get points for uploading.3 days 23 hours ago
if im making reupload for someone can i mark as filled?4 days 5 hours ago
To the guy who was looking for Gabber remixes of Metal. Check out the four tracks EP of Fear Factory on Mokum, e.g. days 20 hours ago
blocked some users and warned some who violated a rule "one release - one request"4 days 21 hours ago
@ Alpha : as an mp3 fanatic ... I'm leaning your way more and more. FLAC is the only way to go. Lossless is future proof. Not sure if the scene will ever move away from MP3 ... or at least have a WEB-FLAC section so there is a choice.5 days 3 hours ago
@Davez I don't know what is discord. Tell us how it may make communicating easier?5 days 4 hours ago
After all.. Although I personally prefer FLAC for my collection for hard techno music unlike classic, jazz etc. it does not make much difference in quality compared to mp3. Quality of your equipment and settings have much more influence.6 days 13 hours ago
Best is lossless which everyone can convert to what he wants easily.6 days 13 hours ago
There are people who are argumenting that VBR mp3s are of better quality than 320kbps mp3s which has some logic as 320kbps mp3s are strictly cut without regard to the individuals heights and lows of tracks.6 days 13 hours ago
Thanks for the hints on the specified search option on Deezer, guys.6 days 14 hours ago
@admin Have you thought about setting up a discord server for the site? I think it would make communicating between members a lot easier6 days 16 hours ago
Loving that Krakenfiles' recent update added native spectogram support! <31 week 5 days ago
@Rocco - What's wrong with L4M? Ofc they are stream rips like all other groups but they are real 320 at least, right? Hence, INT1 week 5 days ago
Just noticed JUSTiFY are doing VBR now also. e.g. D-Devils_-_The_Comet_Is_Coming_(Talla_2XLC_Remix)-WEB-2021-JUSTiFY

Certainly a strange step backwards.
1 week 5 days ago
Thank You so much!
1 week 5 days ago
Only worse scene group than MARiBOR, JUSTiFY, ZzZz, L4M etc... you're right MKevern and you too zant.
Sure unreliable scene releases, rather be buy from Tidal or any music stores.
1 week 5 days ago
some iDC releases are VBR too1 week 6 days ago
@zant AFO does it for some time now. PTC lately started releasing VBRs too. Not all of them, just some for now. Unfortunatelly the ones I really need in CBR ;-/1 week 6 days ago
Are you referring to AFO? I know 90% of groups are faking purchase URLs these days but I don't know any groups other than AFO that are releasing VBR since recently1 week 6 days ago
AFO used to release 320 as INT but they stopped overnight and switched to VBR non INT releases. We can't know any more than that, must have been a decision between them....1 week 6 days ago
I appreciate the old scene which bought releases and helped preserve the music, but seeing how scene releases have slowed after Deezer moved to radio edits and Play Music shutdown shows how low effort it became.1 week 6 days ago
Who cares for scene releases? For the hardcore genre, they're either rips from streaming or MP3. I consider people like Colin, Dale88 and MPRX who share lossless here more important than the majority of the hardcore release scene.1 week 6 days ago
Only lossless.2 weeks 2 hours ago
You're barking at the wrong tree. If you don't want scene encodes then too bad, they won't change their mind because this one guy - that shouldn't have scene releases in the first place - doesn't like them. You are free to downloaf FLAC files.2 weeks 3 hours ago
What's the trick about it (I know the scene rule WAV-> VBR)? Never happened before. No-one needs VBR too, it's not 2002 anymore. Why can't they release them as INT or normally? They faking source anyway...2 weeks 8 hours ago
Last try: WTF with those scene BP WEB-WAV or Tidal WEB-Flac rips onto VBRs. No one believes they buy more expensive versions as they probably rarely buy 320 MP3.2 weeks 8 hours ago
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