WM33: you've been a member for 3 days it needs to be longer and you need to fill requests with properly releases and links and the correct format for such time to get on power user status admin will advice4 days 1 hour ago
Hi all!! Nice to see this web keeps active. I was wondering if could be possible to create a request to gather some users opened to share the puchase of early hardstyle labels that still available at some websites like beatport/juno?4 days 16 hours ago
Information: W had a server problem. The unstable server has been fixed.
Unfortunelty we lost our data uploaded and user accounts created between 2023-01-23 2:30 - 2023-01-23 12:30.

Some 'fills' are missing now ;/
1 week 5 days ago
@Genki, is there a thread for it, I have found a 2009 version, not sure if it's the one you are looking for1 week 6 days ago
i am searching for "Hardcore Underground 3", its split across 4 CDs, all ive found are dead torrent links, can anyone help?2 weeks 21 hours ago
any know if "Darren Styles EP (BABY44)" was avaible somewhere digitally?2 weeks 4 days ago
"Breaks" is mostly used for Electro Breaks I feel like, but it's also often a tag for breakbeat heavy techno, so not really strictly Electro.
"Broken Beat" is a bit of an amalgamation of downtempo/breakbeat/dnb/dub.
2 weeks 4 days ago
Can this be requested under drum'n'bass?
Broken Beat, as in the discogs tags, falls under d'n'b/breakbeat I'd argue.
Same question for "Breaks".
2 weeks 4 days ago
Lost my hard drive< Thanks again everyone3 weeks 2 days ago
Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who's filled the recent re-upload requests for me! Getting my collection back together after an old friend (some of you happy hardcore fans may have herd of) not mentioning any names though......Scott Ell :)3 weeks 2 days ago
Easy! How can I delete a request?3 weeks 2 days ago
@Anon The activation of accounts registered with "non-major" email services is manual3 weeks 6 days ago
Have registrations been stopped?

I've tried twice now and never had my account authorized?
3 weeks 6 days ago
@Borgild Yes, but points aren't deducted in this case.1 month 4 days ago
"For HP requests min reward is 0" - still sets to 20 points upon registering a HP request, even if you set the number less than that1 month 5 days ago
Happy Krambus!
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1 month 1 week ago
Salaam Aleikum1 month 3 weeks ago
Salaam Aleikum1 month 3 weeks ago
Happy New Year! XPRM1 month 3 weeks ago
What an amazing way to celebrate 30 years of Thunderdome month 3 weeks ago
@admin: thank you very much! glad to be a part of this community now. :)1 month 3 weeks ago
thank you Laygord1 month 3 weeks ago
@Ulfsdalir_93 activated account, The activation of accounts registered with "non-major" email services is manual.1 month 3 weeks ago
hey there! i registered my account on the 29.11. but i didn't get an activation-mail until now.. and i'm wondering why?! i also used the contact formula here on the page but didn't get an answer too. :/

hope someone can help me. thanks! :)
1 month 3 weeks ago
@adapter11 after quick search, it seems that YTM is capped @ 256kbps aac on high quality setting. some say that you're able to download this with yt-dlp. I've also read about additional DRM requirements to stream youtube "HQ" at all.1 month 3 weeks ago
ah okay thanks DJ VK1 month 3 weeks ago
100 GB of Packed (scene-like) releases with correct CRC are required1 month 3 weeks ago
Try your luck with access by writing PM to month 3 weeks ago
Air dc++ is client software for dc++ (p2p) network. Labelgate is private hub.1 month 3 weeks ago
is possible download real 320k or higher quality from youtube music?1 month 3 weeks ago
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