Track of the day: Valia Balkanska - Izlel ye Delyo Haydutin1 day 16 hours ago
Pick Drum & Bass or Breakbeat accordingly except for releases which are only Techno which should be Techno.5 days 14 hours ago
What genre should I request the Mutant Bass releases as, specifically Dead City Central and Another Dimension X? (
Older releases were tagged UK Garage, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Bassline and at times Techno on discogs.
5 days 18 hours ago
track of the day: Atari Teenage Riot - Raverbashing1 week 6 hours ago
80% of Soulseek users today are useless scum.2 weeks 4 days ago
@Alpha Flight 1970 I had reupload what your want. Just check it out!3 weeks 1 day ago
Btw, Deezer offers search options like label:"label_name"1 month 1 day ago
Maybe this is already well known but I just discovered which lists releases on Spotify (and iTunes, kind of) on a per label basis. Very handy!1 month 1 day ago
Gabber Dolls and friends dancing to 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It month 4 days ago
Sorry for not replying to mail right now, guys. I'm quite busy.1 month 6 days ago
Dumb typing mistake due to lack of sleep. Should say "pick Drum & Bass" of course, but m1chi got it anyhow.1 month 2 weeks ago
There is no dubstep choice though. That's why I believe they asked.
Atleast, these are the only ones I can see:
Hardcore,Happy Hardcore,Breakcore,Hardstyle,Techno,Trance,House,Dance,Drum'n'Bass,Breakbeat
1 month 2 weeks ago
Yes, pick Dubstep.1 month 3 weeks ago
Should I choose Drum'n'Bass for a Dubstep request or rather they are not allowed nowadays? I believe that there was an option to choose Dubstep as genre in request back in time1 month 3 weeks ago
Set of the day: Doomcast#43 by Cyrilien "Hardcore Nation" month 3 weeks ago
@ U..L..D
Wild Nights 3
thank you very much! Fill Everything In FLAC.
1 month 3 weeks ago
Alright, I'll do a mirror on it later today1 month 4 weeks ago
It's better if you split it in smaller files, e.g. of 500 MB. Winzip and Winrar both offer options to automatically split large packs while packing.1 month 4 weeks ago
I forgot I did three... I also did 016.1 month 4 weeks ago
I'll probably put up the whole thing in a single rar, even if it's two discs. I did 025 and 053.1 month 4 weeks ago
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