Just 4 information about uloz
"We're sorry, for security reasons we were forced to temporarily restrict
access to certain services from selected foreign addresses.
We work hard to solve the situation, thank you for your understanding.

Poor world
1 day 9 hours ago
Of course. Not everybody lives in big cities or in South Korea. ;)2 days 16 hours ago
@Alpha Flight 1970 i know, back in the days when steam didnt exist there were a whole thriving iso rip scene, because downloading a cd would take forever :)
still, maintaining a big flac archive even nowdays isnt easy in some parts of the world
2 days 17 hours ago
It has to been blocked by Domain
Not by My isp. I changed Many Many weeks before to this does Not Change anything. Really Strange .
2 days 20 hours ago
@jhfjlsfkju: A reason for low bit rates back then were small drive space and slow lines. A FLAC CD rip would have taken days to download.2 days 20 hours ago
the only arguments against VBR back in the days, were that it took much more time (cpu) to encode and not all players supported it.
those arguments are now obsolete.
2 days 22 hours ago
i once ripped a cd in the 90s at 64kbps, it took me only once to listen to it to re-rip it, haha. Infected_Mushroom_-_Classical_Mushroom-2000-PsyCZ-VBR was released in 2003 just for the sake of the argument, there could be even earlier scene VBR.2 days 22 hours ago
@Rocco the scene, as well as the mp3 scene used to be on the edge of technology, yet rules are rules :) VBR was available much earlier, but it took a while to people understand the benefits and implications of VBR.2 days 22 hours ago
"I agree with this rule, but some very old releases used 160kbps or 192 cbr which is not enough."
Like was 1998 and 2000 between, 160 kbps. Since 2000 end 192 kbps, in 2004 VBR, perhaps I'm wrong.
3 days 3 hours ago
@jhfjlsfkju Do you like flac? I have it lossless a lot stuff from MAHOU or WRE.... Exactly, like I said "INT" thing, because earlier released on CDM or vinyl, that don't get nuke.3 days 3 hours ago
so i would prefer a proper VBR CD over 320web3 days 8 hours ago
im pretty sure that current scene rules say that cd > web > vinyl is preferred.
so web is dupe for cd, but not for vinyl. therefor iNT for retro stuff.
i agree with this rule, but some very old releases used 160kbps or 192 cbr which is not enough.
3 days 8 hours ago
@Rocco2019 internal is usually when the release would be nuked otherwise.
MMS would release 2019 material as iNT because there is no webstore url yet, which is a nuke reason.
for retro releases they iNT what has been released on a CD.
3 days 8 hours ago
@Mr.GYno try changing the domain to
are you sure this is done by the domain and not the ISP?
because simply changing the dns on your router from the ISP to for example could solve it
3 days 8 hours ago
What's another good place to look for techno scene releases, mostly older stuff? Looking to complete my label collection.3 days 10 hours ago
MMS is still alive at least.... 1hr ago >> Gaia_-_Moons_of_Jupiter-(ARMA460)-READNFO-CD-2019-MMS3 days 19 hours ago
Someone knows a Proxy or vpn Site for a Browser who is working with Uloz started with banning for some Countries like zippy ....
opera vpn does Not work.... but maybe there is a working page :) where you can connect to uloz
4 days 9 hours ago
MAHOU only flac releases give, like WRE, BTTR, VOLDiES, NBFLAC... strange enough all those scene groups...example really 1997 instead 2017 (if just 20th anniversary this), use digital releases, not original year...unfortunaltely4 days 15 hours ago
@jhfjlsfkju therefore INT like internal give JUSTiFY, already earlier released original releases like MOD, NBD, TLT, SQ, QMI etc...4 days 15 hours ago
JUSTiFY use the original release year, some other groups will release with the year the digital version is out, like 2019 tag instead of 2000.

also justify release a lot, iDC does also retro releases but they dont release as much as other groups
4 days 17 hours ago
@Rocco you are correct, but technically they just monitor some labels or some webshops for "new" releases which is sometimes a digital version of already released music.4 days 17 hours ago
@ANERSO the Spotify music quality is not very good... The bass frequencies sounds like compressed.5 days 8 hours ago
@jhfjlsfkju JUSTiFY sometimes also give old releases. 2000 and 2010 between, does not matter dance or trance etc... I like oldschool releases. I'm glad JUSTiFY take care for about.5 days 14 hours ago
vpn? :)5 days 18 hours ago
spotify does not work in any country. Every 2 weeks IP address must be changed back to country of registration (like USA). Very stupid rule to get money from travelers5 days 20 hours ago
@AF1970 & Arneso i use sidify not sure if same version, it works, if the song is available in spotify, you also need to have spotify installed.
would recommend to run it in a vm and with throwaway spotify account just in case...
5 days 20 hours ago
Anerso... Sidify.Spotify.Music.Converter.v1.34-F4CG

I never used it myself, so no idea if it's any good or got restrictions.
6 days 17 min ago
Already published scener Da_Tweekaz_ft._David_Spekter_-_Circle_Of_Life_(The_Lion_King)-WEB-2019-JUSTiFY_iNT6 days 5 hours ago
DJ VK Labels Collection was updated. total 430+ GB [BA..BC labels uploaded]6 days 5 hours ago
Anerso, 4 different tracks Da Tweekaz - Circle Of Life available at, look PM.6 days 5 hours ago
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