Something for the young ones: Delta 9 - From Darkness. REAL HARDCORE
57 min 51 sec ago
what happened with 4clubbers forum?5 days 7 hours ago
@N3ckky sceneparadise is the private airdc hub where the labelgate survivors still alive hahahaha EDIT: WORKING OK1 week 5 days ago
@hbc what is / was it? never heared... or was it the follow-up of labelgate?1 week 5 days ago
Is sceneparadise hub down or it's just for me?1 week 5 days ago
Any Info about when alphaflight comes back? Really quiet without him :))2 weeks 3 days ago
XPRM allow the use of servers such as mega, yandex and mediafire because they dont delete the links after a time like the others please!2 weeks 5 days ago
ok thanks gonna get premium :)3 weeks 4 hours ago
Anyone got an alternative for SMLoadr and others no longer working due to Deezer upgrade?3 weeks 14 hours ago
Any mod or admin willing to up the ante on my (only) request another 1900 points, bringing it up to a 2000 reward?3 weeks 23 hours ago
@Diversant done.3 weeks 2 days ago
need "sort by reward" ;)3 weeks 2 days ago
I think he mentioned he was on holidays or seomething like that. If you're expecting him to have and fill some requests that you have, give it some time3 weeks 2 days ago
Wäre is alpha dude?3 weeks 3 days ago
lol since deezer rippers broke again scene groups are again getting caught preing 128kbps without even checking3 weeks 6 days ago
Do you guys know any software for streaming conversion like SMLoadr, since it doesn't work anymore?4 weeks 6 hours ago
Haha wtf, why does charge +1 euro for payments made with paypal or credit card, they just lost a customer, never saw shit like this on any digital music store4 weeks 1 day ago
Haha, it is forbidden to request resources multiple times, so I was blacklisted1 month 2 days ago
Oh didn't know that. Yes, its been changed recently. I'm still lost I answered the questions, did you want a SC link? I tried my best I don't have library of rare music if at at all. Did I? That was news to me.1 month 6 days ago
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