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XPRM.net - electronic music* search, requests, identify.

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The main goal of the project is:
- make electronic music* requests effective and comfortable
- integrate music collectors in one place in order to help other music fans find rare (or not) music releases
- help people identify various kinds of tracks, livesets, etc

How it works?

- submit a request
- wait while someone uploads the requested release and post the download link in a comment
- creating a new request costs some points
- for filling a request you will earn mentioned reward
- to fill a request, post a download link in a comment to the request
- to fill a request you don't have to be a registered user
- only registered users can create requests with low priority genres
- only registered users can create lossless requests
- read the rules

*electronic music - here means following electronic genres:
high priority genres: hardcore (including speedcore, frenchcore), hardstyle (including jumpstyle), breakcore, happy hardcore, drum and bass, breakbeat
low priority genres: (hard)techno, (hard)trance, (hard)house, (hard)dance