Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA-Promo_Music_Service_February-2008-BFHMP3 Closed Dance 0 25-Mar-2020
Tungevaag - Knockout (Da Tweekaz EXTENDED Remix) Closed Hardstyle 2 25-Mar-2020
KIU088 Frontliner feat. MC Sik-Wit-It - Hardstyle Baby (Extended mix) Closed Hardstyle 1 22-Mar-2020
Patricia_Mare_-_Bambolero-Full_Vinyl-2000-iDC Closed Dance 4 16-Mar-2020
DTX007 Chaps And Rolay - Family Affairs (Glowiej RMX) WEB Closed Hardstyle 5 10-Mar-2020
La Bionda ‎– Survivor's Theme Closed Dance 2 07-Mar-2020
3 Veline releases Closed Dance 1 19-Feb-2020
Audiofreq-Ascension_EP-(APHET010)(Extended Mixes) Closed Hardstyle 5 19-Feb-2020
Chemical Gorilla & Reevoid - Bounce (Radio Edit) Closed Hardcore 4 09-Feb-2020
Unsenses- seven senses extended album Closed Hardstyle 7 06-Feb-2020
Josh & Wesz - Jwz! Closed Hardstyle 9 01-Feb-2020
Partysquad & Outsiders - Never Die (Extended Mix) Closed Hardstyle 1 28-Jan-2020
Various ‎– Untitled Promo (Discogs link in request details) (by Menart from Slovenia) Closed Dance 0 27-Jan-2020
Headhunterz - The Return of Headhunterz (Full Mix) (FLAC) Closed Hardstyle 2 26-Jan-2020
Force & Jack Speed - Written In The Stars Closed Happy Hardcore 2 12-Jan-2020
HUTS (Outsiders & the Darkraver Remix) Closed Hardstyle 1 29-Dec-2019
Motel_Connection_-_Two-Remix_Vinyl-2003-iDC Closed House 0 28-Dec-2019
Laniik_Ft_Piere_Angello-Swing_It-SWING001-VINYL-2004-BPM_HOUSE Closed House 0 07-Dec-2019
Element - Poppin' FLAC Closed Hardstyle 1 30-Sep-2019
Layo & Bushwacka ‎- Love Story (vs. Finally) CDR FLAC Closed House 0 27-Sep-2019
Tommyknocker - Fuck This Track Up (WEB|MP3|FLAC) Closed Hardcore 2 25-Sep-2019
Marshall Masters - E-Day Closed Hardcore 1 20-Sep-2019
Revocate - Hidden Faces (Album)(Extended Version) Closed Hardstyle 2 07-Sep-2019
- Closed Techno 0 05-Sep-2019
- Closed Techno 0 05-Sep-2019