Closed requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
DJ Thera - Wasteland (DJ Thera 2022 Pro Remix) Closed Hardstyle 4 27-Sep-2022
Jon Buccieri – Darkside [FLAC/WAV] Closed House 2 12-Sep-2022
DJ LB - Calibre (full) Closed Hardstyle 1 04-Sep-2022
Anon - Twisted Freakz (BAKED004AA) (digital) Closed Happy Hardcore 2 23-Aug-2022
Sound Rush ft. Frans Duijts - Gezelligheid Kent Geen Spijt (X-Qlusive Holland 2019 Anthem)... Closed Hardstyle 2 13-Aug-2022
Viper - Evidence (Extended Mix) Closed Trance 12 09-Aug-2022
Ephesto - Pray For Me (Extended Mix) Closed Hardstyle 1 10-Jul-2022
Missing 'Quosh Vs Twista' Closed Happy Hardcore 2 26-Jun-2022
Digital Pressure / Naxos Project (hard trance group) Closed Trance 5 07-May-2022
JAKAZiD - Cillit Bang (Extended Mix) Closed Happy Hardcore 2 01-May-2022
Radical Redemption - Brutal 6.0 (Radical Redemption Remix) (Extended Mix) [FLAC/WAV] Closed Hardstyle 1 03-Mar-2022
Unicorn On Ketamine - UFF Closed Hardcore 2 05-Dec-2021
DJ Buzz Fuzz ‎– Frequencies (The Remixes) (1996) webrip Closed Hardcore 1 16-Oct-2021
CLSM & Cube - See You On The Other Side (RSR Remix) Closed Happy Hardcore 3 02-Oct-2021
Double K - The Ruthless 5000x5000 cover Closed Hardcore 1 28-Sep-2021
Berzärk - Criminal 5000x5000 cover Closed Hardcore 4 28-Sep-2021
Hixxy re-con love comes version 1.1 Closed Happy Hardcore 3 25-Sep-2021
Set You Free (Rob IYF x Slay Remix) - N-Trance Closed Happy Hardcore 1 14-Sep-2021
Malice – Live Chapter 1 (Extended Mixes) [Lossless] Closed Hardstyle 6 23-Aug-2021
Dougal & Gammer - Pump Up The Noise (Original Mix) Closed Happy Hardcore 6 04-Aug-2021
Hysta - Gabber madness (Brutal Theory remix) extended mix wav or flac Closed Hardcore 4 13-Jul-2021
please help identify this uk hardcore track/remix Closed Hardcore 5 12-Jul-2021
Bang The Future - Body Slam (Unreleased) (Dub Plate Master) WAV Closed Happy Hardcore 3 05-Jul-2021
Warface - Live For This (2016) (mp3) Closed Hardstyle 3 05-Jul-2021
Tukan - Light a rainbow (Antix remix) 320 + Digital Closed Happy Hardcore 2 02-Jul-2021