Darren Hotchkiss & The Doctor - Hometown Hardcore [lossless]


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Discogs.com : https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/2743246-DJ-Marc-Smith-Darren-Hotchkiss-The-Doctor-Notorious-EP
Catalog number : NOTV013 (or from other release)
Year : 2011
Quality : Digital lossless


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what did you get a warning for?

not allowed to request individual track(s) from a release

Ah alright. the rules do state that you may write why you only request a certain track from a release, but it's up to the admins to allow or disallow.

I'm definitely against this rule.

1] Why is it there anyway? Is there something wrong in general with requesting single tracks?
2] We had following situation for quite a few times. e.g. Drum & Bass fan makes a request and gets it filled by a Hardcore fan. Hardcore fan wants to fill a 5 track EP which he has 4 tracks already of. Drum & Bass is willing to buy him the one missing track. There is no reason why the guy who thankfully purchases a missing track needs to buy the full EP if the other tracks are easily available to us here on XPRM.
3] Old single track requests are valid for reupload and push. This is confusing for people who get pissed off when their single track request gets removed.
+] If single track requests are not allowed, why is it okay if people do only upload extended mixes if there is also a radio edit available?

1. It's designed to discourage cherry-picking individual songs from an album, which can sometimes lead to spam. I've watched how someone requested 5 tracks from the album one-by-one instead of requesting an album. However, exceptions are allowed.
2. It's quite a rare thing, maybe 3 of 60000 total requests. Anyway, Hardcore fan can share 4 tracks and Drum & Bass fan will download, add missing track, and upload full 5 track EP.
3. They got deleted/closed after pushing or requesting for reupload - there is no easy way to close them all now. They wouldn't be confused if they read the rules.
4. Usually, extended mixes are released separately from edits. However, we consider them as the same release.

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