DOK - Clockwork Bible (ELAT001B)


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Catalog number *: ELAT001B
Year *: 2002

Ideally, it would be nice to get a digital copy of this track so that would be best but my understanding is that, except for what is included in the Elation Digital Remastered bundle, the rest was lost.
If a digital copy is indeed not available, I'm looking for a vinyl rip like the following: but at higher bitrates than the YT 128kbps. Lossless would be best obviously.
NOTE: I already have the rip that's floating around which is 192kbps rip and 7:40 in length. It's not a great rip so I'm not looking for that one. Even the rip on YT sounds better.


It feels more like some artist (*cough* cubehard *cough*) didnt want they stuff on there, than that they had lost them.

Do they get paid less for the digital bundles or something?

dont know. CubeHard had no problems releasing his other Stargazer stuff digitally. Just not these 2 :/

I doubt it was financially motivated. None of his tracks on Elation are available to be purchased anywhere anyway (not talking about 2nd hand vinyls since that obviously has no impact on the producers) so he would only be making extra money by making them available in the remastered bundle. I do wonder why...

Maybe he just didn't like the quality of the sound... there's a couple CH releases that are pretty quiet and thin sounding. Since this isn't a big label he maybe had more of a choice.

I wish artists didnt have that kind of mentality for their older stuff. Released and Ultimate High were very liked back in 2003.

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