• hardcore, happy hardcore, hardstyle, breakcore and their subgenres
  • drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat and their subgenres
  • techno, trance, house, dance and their subgenres
  • DO NOT request FRESH/NEW albums released LESS THAN 5 DAYS AGO
  • 3 requests per day for registered users
  • 5 requests per day for old users (registered more than a year ago)
  • creating LP* requests available only for registered users
  • creating HP* requests available for unregistered users
  • LP request costs 20 points
  • HP request costs 0 points
  • filled request brings 20 points
  • filled admin's request brings 100 points
  • the quality of uploads must be highest possible (FLAC/WAV preferably)
  • user who created requests with incorrect genre will be blocked
  • be polite, rude behaviour is not allowed
  • creating dupe requests is not allowed
  • combine several requests of one artist/label/event into one request
  • one request - one release, except cases mentioned above
  • request with specific filehoster requirement (demand, mention) is not allowed
  • requesting other filehoster is not allowed (while existing download link works fine)
  • all filehosters allowed in comments
  • premium-only links aren't allowed
  • single link from the whitelist's* site allowed in comments
  • recomended filehosters:,,,,,, etc
  • not recomended filehosters: zippyshare (blocked in DE, UK, ES) & fast file expire, (suspends accounts)
  • not allowed: novafile, turbobit

high priority genres (hp genres): hardcore (including speedcore, frenchcore), breakcore, happy hardcore, hardstyle (including jumpstyle), drum and bass, breakbeat
low priority genres (lp genres): techno (hard, deep, etc), trance (hard, psy, goa, etc), house (hard house, tech, etc), dance
whitelist sites: bandcamp, soundcloud, lsdb,, srrdb, 1gabba, lololyrics,,, xprm, netlabel's official site

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