Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Floxytek, Guigoo - Bohemian Prayer Filled Hardcore 1 20-Jun-2021
Hungry Beats - Flákanec! Open Hardcore 1 20-Jun-2021
Painbringer - Everything Or Nothing (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2021
Advanced Dealer - Trancecore 3.0 (Original Mix) Filled Hardcore 1 20-Jun-2021
Painbringer - Gabber Ex Machina Filled Hardcore 1 20-Jun-2021
The Fuck Ups* – Rock To The Rhythm FLAC Open Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2021
The New York Terrorist – Short Fuse FLAC Open Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2021
Various – Raver's Night Part IV FLAC Filled Hardcore 1 19-Jun-2021
WarStrike - Where's My Money Filled Hardcore 1 19-Jun-2021
The dope doctor - Medicine Monday the album (original mixes) flac or wav Filled Hardcore 6 19-Jun-2021
Hellfish Vs Khaoz Engine - Hell And Khaoz Part 2 Filled Hardcore 3 19-Jun-2021
Distorted Voices, Outrage - Fist Fight EP Filled Hardcore 1 19-Jun-2021
Section Grabuge - Hatecore [FLAC/320] Open Hardcore 2 19-Jun-2021
Rebelion & Deadly Guns - Misery (Original Mix) Open Hardcore 4 19-Jun-2021
Devotion - Diamond (Extented Mix) Filled Hardcore 1 19-Jun-2021
Yoshiko × MC Alee - I Don't Like You (Original Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 19-Jun-2021
Outblast, Angerfist feat. Tha Watcher - Die Hard Filled Hardcore 1 19-Jun-2021
Decoding Drums – Let Me Down Filled Hardcore 1 18-Jun-2021
Tschabos – Feierabend (The Best Of Tschabos) FLAC Filled Hardcore 2 18-Jun-2021
DJ Paralizer* – Move Your Body Open Hardcore 4 18-Jun-2021
Rizer, MC Raise - Cagefight Filled Hardcore 1 18-Jun-2021
Various – The Spirit Of The Underground Vol. 3 FLAC Filled Hardcore 3 18-Jun-2021
Mad Dog - Downtempo EP [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 18-Jun-2021
Edwar - Warrior Mind Filled Hardcore 1 18-Jun-2021
Soulblast - Must Attack Ep Filled Hardcore 3 18-Jun-2021