Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
DJ_Ron_And_Baby_Raw_-_A_Nightmare_Anthem-(PTP001)-WEB-2000-HCC Filled Hardcore 2 31-May-2020
Welcome To Hell 2 Filled Hardcore 1 31-May-2020
DJ_Ron_And_Baby_Raw_-_P.T.P._Hardcore_(R-G-B_Mix)-WEB-2001-HCC Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2020
Mystery_Vs_The_Depudee_-_M.I.C.-(P.T.P.003)-Vinyl-2002-SQ Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2020
Remzcore-Megadrive Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2020
Mysteria - Darkness Looms Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2020
Darren Styles & Re-Con - Pacific Sun (Extended Mix) Closed Hardcore 5 30-May-2020
Vatos Locos - Placaso ep. Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2020
Drokz × Akira × The I.E Vatos Locos - La Familia de Terror (HKV Stage Anthem 2019) Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2020
Crypton feat. KCentric - The Next Level (Original Mix) Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2020
weasel buster discographie no flac Open Hardcore 7 30-May-2020
P.C.P.-Fuck_Blade-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BWA Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2020
VA-D-Boy Gold Vol.6-(SORLDB112)-Vinyl-2001-DEF INT Filled Hardcore 2 30-May-2020
Welcome To Hell Filled Hardcore 2 30-May-2020
Wreck Reality-Negative Energy EP Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2020
Andy The Core ‎– Rude Vibes Open Hardcore 3 29-May-2020
Armin Van Buuren -In and Out of Love(Re-Style Bootleg) Extended Mix Filled Hardcore 2 29-May-2020
AniMe & Tha Watcher-Reminisce Filled Hardcore 1 29-May-2020
Bartoch ‎– Shut Up Filled Hardcore 4 29-May-2020
Hells Album: Best of Frenchcore Filled Hardcore 1 29-May-2020
Bartoch ‎– Lets Go Open Hardcore 0 29-May-2020
X-Pander - Behind the Mask (Extended Mix) Filled Hardcore 1 29-May-2020
3rdwav - Walk Alone Filled Hardcore 2 28-May-2020
Frenchkillerz - Never changes Filled Hardcore 1 28-May-2020
DRS & Irradiate - No Way Out EP (Original Mixes) Open Hardcore 0 27-May-2020