Open requests

Genre Status Quality Request title Reward Date
Hardcore Open FLAC Deadtown 5 [WAV/FLAC] 20 31-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Fanatic Noize Killer - Noize Barrier [WAV/FLAC] 20 30-May-2024
Hardstyle Open MP3 LuHa MsM – Anger 20 30-May-2024
Dance Open MP3 LuHa MsM – About Dance And Melody 40 30-May-2024
House Open FLAC Kenneth & Kikko (KK) - Where Do We Go 20 30-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Desolation - A Shadow in Oblivion [CD] [WAV/FLAC] 30 30-May-2024
Techno Open FLAC Chris Hülsbeck- Vol.1 - Shades 30 30-May-2024
Hardstyle Open MP3 Various - Unravel The Future EP II 20 29-May-2024
Hardstyle Open MP3 Maya & Underground Fighters - Loosing Control 20 29-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Sakyra & The Satan - 16 Shots 20 29-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC The Moon – Blow The Speakers (On Records) 40 28-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC Cycle On Five – Lost Continent 200 28-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC The Syndicate – Incinerator EP 200 28-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Crptc - Distorted Frontier [CD] [WAV/FLAC] 30 28-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC Eldritch Project - Lost Horizons / Cast Away (RR016, 2008, FLAC) 200 28-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 Neverlution - The Fashion Show (Extended) 20 27-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 Unsyn - Baby I.L.U (02.52 min) 20 27-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Inferno Brothers - Slaves To The Rave 40 27-May-2024
Hardstyle Open FLAC [GBD261] Various – Dedicated To The Future 50 26-May-2024
Drum'n'Bass Open MP3 Calibre Shelf Life Vol.2 20 x File version please 100 26-May-2024
Happy Hardcore Open FLAC 3 Style ft. Lisa Abbott - Your Future (CD) 200 26-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Creature - Face It [CD] [WAV/FLAC] 40 25-May-2024
Hardstyle Open MP3 Zentiments tracks (unreleased) 40 25-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC Various - Official EURO 2000 Album 200 25-May-2024
Hardstyle Open MP3 way out west feat tricia lee kelshall - mindcircus (crystal lake extended hardstyle remix)... 20 25-May-2024