Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
George centeno tracks Open Hardcore 0 21-Oct-2019
Bass Chaserz - In Control (The Extended Remixes) Open Hardstyle 0 21-Oct-2019
The_Masochist_vs_Neophyte_-_Loud_and_Proud-(MOH026)-Vinyl-2002-iND Open Hardcore 0 21-Oct-2019
The_Masochist-Reincarnation_EP-(MOHSP010)-Vinyl-2003-SND Open Hardcore 0 21-Oct-2019
Exceed Bootlegs Open Happy Hardcore 0 20-Oct-2019
Broken Minds - Shelter Open Hardcore 0 20-Oct-2019
Rave Syndicate - All Hope is Lost [lossless] Open Techno 0 19-Oct-2019
Keepsakes - Years of Delirium Part 2 Open Techno 0 19-Oct-2019
Ophidian ‎– Nightfall - Angel VIP (Flac/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 19-Oct-2019
Sunset Project - The Summer Incl Remixes-WEB-2009-MD Open Trance 0 19-Oct-2019
United As One (Zero Hero Remix) Open Hardstyle 3 19-Oct-2019
VA_-_Everything_Was_Legal_But_Groove_Was_Law_Mixed_by_Groove_Rebels-2004-fgZ Open House 0 18-Oct-2019
DJ Trace / Defender - Part 1 <best possible quality> <prefer not the sour release... Open Drum'n'Bass 2 18-Oct-2019
formation months series Open Drum'n'Bass 0 17-Oct-2019
David_Morales-How_Would_U_Feel-WEB-2006-BPM_HOUSE (+1) Open House 2 17-Oct-2019
[SCI​-​012] DEADTOWN 7 Open Speedcore 0 17-Oct-2019
Shogun ‎– Ulysees / Nautilus (Mouly + Lucida Mix) (FLAC) Open Drum'n'Bass 0 16-Oct-2019
Shy FX ‎– Jungle Love <does this exists online? only 1 track on youtube> <would l... Open Drum'n'Bass 0 16-Oct-2019
Lexy_and_K-Paul_-_Happy_Zombies-CDM-2005-MOD +4 Open Techno 0 16-Oct-2019
Gunshow [Hardcore Techno Stuff Records] Open Hardcore 0 15-Oct-2019
Execrate - Rohypanol [FLAC] Open Frenchcore 0 15-Oct-2019
Sterbinszky & Tranzident feat. Jewls ‎– Gates Of Mind Open Trance 4 14-Oct-2019
Valido - Infinite (Pro Mix) Open Hardstyle 0 14-Oct-2019
K1 - Still Here (Extended Mix) [3:56] Open Hardstyle 0 13-Oct-2019
Fierce Ruling Diva ‎– I Don't Wanna be a Freak [lossless] Open House 6 13-Oct-2019