Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
The Viper - Ultimate Vibe Filled Hardcore 4 15-Sep-2023
DJ 3Dom...... Gabba Demo (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 15-Sep-2023
DJ Demigod - God Of War: The Golden Era Of Rave: 1991-1993 (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 15-Sep-2023
Terrordoom Vol. 1 (20 Fucking Hardcore Techno Trax) (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 4 15-Sep-2023
DJ Furax Presents Hardcore Horror Show - Dead Valentine Edit (CD) (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 14-Sep-2023
Sjammienators & Friends EP Part 2 [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 14-Sep-2023
Fucking Bastards 011 [FLAC] Open Hardcore 2 14-Sep-2023
Dark Connection - Suck on My Dick E.P [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 14-Sep-2023
Inapt - Inaptology Part I (CDr) (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 14-Sep-2023
Ultimate Nightmare [CD] [WAV/FLAC] Open Hardcore 3 14-Sep-2023
The Paranoize - Evil [CD] [WAV/FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 14-Sep-2023
The DesastaMasta Kick Library Round 1 (WAV probably) Open Hardcore 0 13-Sep-2023
Low Entropy - Hardcore by Design [CD] [WAV/FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 13-Sep-2023
Nstinct - Hit 'em (Original Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 2 13-Sep-2023
Giangy / Sylenth feat. Stellaman – Fucking Cassa (Explicit Extended Remix) Open Hardcore 0 12-Sep-2023
Various – Guerilla Warfare - Extreme Terror & Speedcore Open Hardcore 0 12-Sep-2023
Various – Malice To Society Filled Hardcore 1 12-Sep-2023
Tha Playah - Sick and Twisted (Sampler 2) (Extended Mixes) [FLAC] Filled Hardcore 2 11-Sep-2023
The Noisy Terrorist – Anima Brutale Filled Hardcore 1 11-Sep-2023
Aftermath - Gravedigger (Extended Mix) [FLAC] Filled Hardcore 2 11-Sep-2023
iGoA – Fatal Thoughts Filled Hardcore 1 11-Sep-2023
Darkspell Records Compilation Part 1 - 10 Years Darkspell Records Open Hardcore 1 11-Sep-2023
N-Vitral & Deadly Guns - Burn MF (Original Mix) [FLAC/WAV] Open Hardcore 0 11-Sep-2023
Various – Falling In Love With Terror Filled Hardcore 2 10-Sep-2023
Various – Speedculture Vol. 1 - Nocturnal Violence Open Hardcore 0 10-Sep-2023