Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Nightshift - Last Explanation Filled Hardcore 1 16-May-2020
Nightshift & Andy The Core - Moshpit Filled Hardcore 2 16-May-2020
Why Not - Why Not? Filled Hardcore 1 16-May-2020
Crypt - The Mission (Mystery Motion Remix) Filled Hardcore 2 16-May-2020
Hardcore Italia presents Millenium Hardcore Top 100 Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2020
Crypt - The Mission Filled Hardcore 1 15-May-2020
Painbringer Music - Year One [lossless] Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2020
Braindead 1 [lossless] Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2020
VA-Gabberwalkys_Techshow_Vol_3-(10087508)-WEB-2015-t2m Filled Hardcore 1 14-May-2020
Billx - U can't stop the rave Filled Hardcore 2 14-May-2020
Monkey Bizness -Tiki Tika Filled Hardcore 2 14-May-2020
Warped Science (The Complete Collection) Open Hardcore 1 14-May-2020
Angerfist & Miss K8 - Immortality EP (Original Mixes) Filled Hardcore 9 14-May-2020
Pyrut - Ein Zwei Polizei (Dr. Peacock's Re-Master) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 13-May-2020
A.F.X. Dub-Mutanoid-(CTRV003)-Vinyl-1998-TrT Filled Hardcore 2 13-May-2020
VA-Contrarotative_06-Vinyl-200X-TrT Filled Hardcore 2 13-May-2020
VA - Masters Of Hardcore Most Wanted ( MOHMW001,2,3) Open Hardcore 0 12-May-2020
AniMe - Fine Night Filled Hardcore 1 12-May-2020
The Fuze, Chemical Gorilla & Reevoid–The First Collusion EP Open Hardcore 0 12-May-2020
Predator - Mind of a Lunatic 1st WEB cover Filled Hardcore 3 12-May-2020
hectic records HECT001 ramos & supreme Filled Hardcore 3 12-May-2020
Phantom Of Anton ‎– HMK Filled Hardcore 1 11-May-2020
Tellurian - Insault Filled Hardcore 1 11-May-2020
Holocron - Apocalypse Filled Hardcore 2 11-May-2020
Ancient Heroes - The Waltz Filled Hardcore 1 11-May-2020