Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Dolphin & The Teknoist - Polishing Turds: Part I [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
Chaotyc Mind-Patriotic Heart Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
Lem-X – Stop What (Extended Mix) (04:05) Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2022
Hellfish - Holy Hellfish Vol1 - DCHH01 Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2022
Shit And Noize Art 002 Filled Hardcore 1 30-May-2022
Bodyshock - The Darkness E.P. [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
D'ort - Reflections (Original Mixes) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
Runeforce feat. Brutaal - From Within (Extended Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
Hardwaxx - After Die (Extended Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
Dr. Peacock, Da Mouth Of Madness*, HRTMN. – Peacock In Babylon [FLAC] Filled Hardcore 0 30-May-2022
JMoki - Extratone School Filled Hardcore 1 29-May-2022
D-ohmicyd - Reptilian Island (Noyau Dur Remix) 320kpbs Open Hardcore 0 29-May-2022
Wars Industry feat. D-ohmicyd - Venga Hill (Unrest Remix) [WAV] Open Hardcore 0 28-May-2022
Decipher & Shinra - Dead Man [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 28-May-2022
Insanity & Killer MC - Anarchy (Extended) Open Hardcore 0 28-May-2022
Shit And Noize Art 4 Vinyl Filled Hardcore 2 28-May-2022
Nitrogenetics - Bring It On Filled Hardcore 4 28-May-2022
Wasbeer – The Codex Of Sound Open Hardcore 0 28-May-2022
Dj Mutante - People like You (Radio Edit) [FLAC] Filled Hardcore 3 28-May-2022
Chaos Project & Sakyra - Desolate World (Extended Mix) Open Hardcore 12 27-May-2022
Chaos Project & Broken Shadowz - Find You (Extended Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 27-May-2022
Subversion feat. System 3 - Prague Nightmare [Bandcamp/Flac] Open Hardcore 0 27-May-2022
Andy the Core & Exilium - Future (Original Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 27-May-2022
Andy the Core & Ender - Hari Hari (Original Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 27-May-2022
Ultragore - Back from the Death [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 27-May-2022