House requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Grupo_Mamey-Obsesion-ES-CDM-FLAC-2004-MAHOU Filled House 1 25-Sep-2023
Groove_Coverage_-_7_Years_And_50_Days-(0602498180747)-CDM-2004-iHQREV_INT Filled House 1 25-Sep-2023
Captain_Love-Love_Boat-(UMACDS014)-CDS-1996-iDF Filled House 2 23-Sep-2023
Red Red Groovy - Come To Me, Ecstacy (CD, Maxi-Single, Promo) Open House 0 23-Sep-2023
Shanie - Don't Give Me Your Life Open House 0 23-Sep-2023
Buzz Junkies feat. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives Open House 0 23-Sep-2023
Ingo Star – Play It Louder - Check This Out Open House 0 22-Sep-2023
VA-House_Classics_Vol_1-2002-CHR Filled House 1 20-Sep-2023
Andrea-Nada-(NM1610MX)-VINYL-1997-iDF Filled House 2 20-Sep-2023
datA - Skywriter (WEB, FLAC) Filled House 2 20-Sep-2023
MindInfluence presents The Solid Gold Playaz - The Best Part (Wise Decision) [WEB,FLAC] Filled House 2 20-Sep-2023
(dj_stephen)-7_minutes_of_life_vinyl_acen-bmi Filled House 3 18-Sep-2023
Karrewiel Clubstars Collection One (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 15-Sep-2023
DJ Bart - Wanna Play House (Remixes) (FLAC/WAV) Open House 6 14-Sep-2023
Donna Blakely - Happy (FLAC/WAV) Open House 6 14-Sep-2023
DJ HS - Holiday (CDS) (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
KC Flightt - Voices (CD) (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
Underground Resistance Featuring Yolande - Living For The Nite (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
KA-22 - Carnival Of Sounds (8 Tracks) (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
Twitch Recordings CD # 3 (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
Blast Off With Big Shot! History Of House Music - Volume Two (FLAC/WAV) Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
Vicious Vinyl Volume 3 (FLAC/WAV) Filled House 1 14-Sep-2023
Jose 2 Hype - The Strip E.P. Open House 0 14-Sep-2023
Rude Dog - The Outlaw E.P. Open House 0 13-Sep-2023
Ralphi Rosario - Energy Factor 7 Open House 2 13-Sep-2023