Hot Tracks Seasons 1 – 10

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Year: 1982-1992

I am looking for any of the original issues from the 80s/90s, e.g. SERIES 5, ISSUE 6, etc. ... not any of the BEST OF or BOX SETS. If anyone is looking for the Box Sets, I have them.

I know most of that stuff is cheesy, but they are classics that belong in everyone's collection and are great for sampling!


Discogs lists 583 productions by Hot Tracks. A more specific request would surely help.

Yes, I am specifically only looking for the original series, where each volume is titles "Series X, Issue Y" ... started in the early 80s as 4-track vinyls and eventually morphed into 7-track CDs.
If you click on the link above, it's basically the releases at the top of that page. Or here is an example of one of the volumes:

Let me know if that clears it up a bit.


some of the better issues are:

Hot Tracks Series 8, Issue 9
Hot Tracks Series 7, Issue 4
Hot Tracks Series 6, Issue 2
Hot Tracks Series 5, Issue 12

and like I said, the early ones only have 4 tracks, e.g.

FANTASTIC!!! Thank you!!!

excellent! Thank you again for continuing to look!

Thanks. Please don't post DMC releases here, they don't belong to the topic.

thanks for the reminder . I removed it

all in 320 by the way

Great, many thanks for these. I will look for more 12"s if I find the time.

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