Request requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA - Trance Revolution : The Best Of Trance Trax Open Trance 0 04-Feb-2023
Required - Too Loud (Original Mix) Open Hardstyle 0 04-Feb-2023
Lazard, Marc Kiss & Blaikz - Hurricane (More Kords & Regato Remix) (Extended) Open Hardstyle 0 04-Feb-2023
Martin Garrix Animals (Broning Bootleg) Filled Trance 2 04-Feb-2023
Colfearz - SDER 2k23 (The Girl Of My Eyes) (Radio Edit) Open Hardstyle 0 04-Feb-2023
Hyperspectral - I Was Waiting (Original Mix) Filled Hardstyle 2 04-Feb-2023
Jackro - Rage Face (Original Mix) Open Hardstyle 0 04-Feb-2023
JEEX - Touch The Sky (Extended Mix) Filled Hardstyle 1 04-Feb-2023
D-Kore - Pass Out Filled Hardcore 1 04-Feb-2023
Rejecta - Never Give Up (2022 Edit) Filled Hardstyle 1 04-Feb-2023
Project Core - Mtfkerz Filled Hardcore 1 04-Feb-2023
Exchpoptrue - Discoteca (Claudio Lancini Remix) Filled Dance 2 03-Feb-2023
Antisocial - Happy Days Open Happy Hardcore 0 03-Feb-2023
Whole Lotta Hardcore Open Happy Hardcore 0 03-Feb-2023
Unnatural Selection & CIK - Day of Judgement EP Filled Hardcore 1 03-Feb-2023
Eiffel_65-Europop_(Incl_Bonus_Track)-1999-MCM_iNT Open Dance 0 02-Feb-2023
Doop-Doop-CDS-1993-aAF Open Dance 0 02-Feb-2023
Scott Brown – Evolution Records Hardcore Classics - Volume Four Open Happy Hardcore 0 02-Feb-2023
PTT-Hallo_How_Are_You-(VOL.1019)-Vinyl-1995-iDF Filled Dance 2 02-Feb-2023
Lady_Lust-The_Long_Way-(VOL.1013)-Vinyl-1994-iDF Filled Dance 2 02-Feb-2023
Photo_Feat_Erika_Houston-Your_Lover-(DUE_00.04)-VINYL-1995-iDF Filled Dance 2 02-Feb-2023
Breeze vs Lost Witness - Rise Again (lossless) Open Happy Hardcore 6 02-Feb-2023
Deadly Guns & Dither - Temper (AeroSway x Semperfusion Edit) Open Hardcore 2 02-Feb-2023
Internal Dispute - Make Me Feel EP (WEB) Open Hardcore 0 02-Feb-2023
Matzic - We Are Legion (2022 Kick Edit) (Extended Mix) Filled Hardstyle 1 02-Feb-2023