Oldschool requests

Genre Status Quality Request title Reward Date
Oldschool Open MP3 VA_-_Goodgreef_The_Debut_Album-RETAIL-2CD-2003-DNMiSO 40 18-Nov-2022
Oldschool Open MP3 Cat Rapes Dog ‎- Love Life 20 08-Mar-2021
Oldschool Filled FLAC Front_242-No_Comment-CD-FLAC-1985-dL 20 22-Feb-2021
Oldschool Filled FLAC Cyber_People-Void_Vision_The_Album-(ZYX_23007-2)-CD-FLAC-2016-WRE 20 06-Jan-2021
Oldschool Open MP3 Lian Ross ‎– The 12" Collection 20 01-Jan-2021
Oldschool Filled FLAC DJ Vitamin D - Vitamin CD: The First Dose (FLAC/WAV) 20 30-Dec-2020
Oldschool Filled FLAC Angel Ice - Je N'aime Que Toi (FLAC/WAV) 20 28-Dec-2020
Oldschool Open MP3 Mülltech ‎- Demo 20 24-Oct-2020
Oldschool Filled FLAC Break_Machine-Street_Dance-(818509-1)-VINYL-FLAC-1983-BITOCUL 20 23-Aug-2020
Oldschool Filled MP3 A_Split_Second-Flesh_1991_Remix-CDM-1991-FWYH 20 16-Aug-2020
Oldschool Filled FLAC Christian Fiesel - Antarctica 97 (Alternate Mix) [FLAC] 20 31-Jul-2020
Oldschool Filled MP3 Wish Key ‎- Orient Express [WEB] 20 30-Jan-2020
Oldschool Filled MP3 The Helmut Bergers ‎– Sweet Sensation 20 28-Jan-2020
Oldschool Filled MP3 Collection complex Cap`tain CD`s 20 31-Dec-2019
Oldschool Filled FLAC Magic Men ‎- Popcorn (12'') (lossless) 20 30-Nov-2019
Oldschool Open MP3 Curacao ‎– Yiasou [CD] 20 11-Nov-2019
Oldschool Filled MP3 Floorfilla ‎– Anthem #2 20 29-Oct-2019
Oldschool Open MP3 Bananarama ‎– Bananarama Remixed Vol 1 20 24-Oct-2019
Oldschool Filled MP3 Alphaville-So8os_Pres._ALPHAVILLE_Curated_By_Blank__Jones-WEB-2014-LEV+2 20 08-Sep-2019
Oldschool Open MP3 Georgie "Mixin" Porgie Featuring Connie V - Baby "Come Back" 20 10-Jul-2019
Oldschool Filled MP3 Marietta ‎- Fire and Ice (12" Special Ski Dance Mix) 20 29-Jun-2019
Oldschool Open MP3 Mr. Caine Presents Friends Of Carlotta Vol. 2 ‎– Erotic City 20 27-May-2019
Oldschool Filled MP3 F.O.C. Friends Of Carlotta* ‎– Fingerfoc 20 27-May-2019
Oldschool Filled MP3 Masami_Ueda_-_Saeri_Maeda_-_Resident_Evil_3_Nemesis_Original_Soundtrack-2CD-2000-CRUELTY 20 21-May-2019
Oldschool Filled MP3 VA_-_Resident_Evil_Original_Soundtrack_Remix-2000-N1 20 21-May-2019