Open requests

Genre Status Quality Request title Reward Date
Happy Hardcore Open MP3 ChAn. - I'm Done Waiting (Extended Mix) 20 14-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 Xtremecast Vol. 2 by The Sinner 40 14-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 Xtreme Audio Violence #1 [vinyl] 80 14-May-2024
Dance Open MP3 Darren Styles Feat Lisa Abbott – Getting Better 12DJGLOBE462 (DIGITAL) 40 13-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 A Long Time in Darkness EP 1400x1400 cover 20 13-May-2024
Hardstyle Open FLAC Digital Punk – Album Sampler 002 (Original Mixes) 80 13-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Spitting Ashes - Disfigurement of the Burning Corpses EP 1280 12-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 VA_-_Sounds_Of_Madness_Volume_3_(Mixed_By_DJ_Fenix)-CD-2002-VMC 20 12-May-2024
Happy Hardcore Open MP3 Dj_Storm_-_Sounds_of_Madness_8-2002-iPZ 20 12-May-2024
Trance Open MP3 Alphazone - The Alphazone (Mixed) 30 12-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Deathchant '94 - 2000 50 11-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC Byte Vibes 40 11-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Takahiro Aoki - We ride on the GROOVE DIGTAL REVERIE 60 11-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Producer & Hellfish (Deathchant 20) 30 11-May-2024
Trance Open FLAC Rave-O-Lution (Bonzai Tracks-4) 40 11-May-2024
Trance Open MP3 VA_-_Digital_Rockers_Clubmix-Livecut-2002-NBD 20 10-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Venom & Goetia - Requiem for Hardkore E.P. [WAV/FLAC] 50 10-May-2024
Happy Hardcore Open MP3 Dy5on - Upfront & Vocal AGAIN 40 09-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Misstified - Chasing Stars (Original Mix) 20 09-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC VA - Barbaric Edits EP 50 09-May-2024
Techno Open FLAC Dark Techno 2023 [WAV/CD] 30 09-May-2024
Hardcore Open FLAC Cubic Nomad - Earth 2 [CD] [WAV/FLAC] 30 09-May-2024
Hardcore Open MP3 Various – Vibealite Hardcore Techno Sensation 100 09-May-2024
Techno Open FLAC Anomaly of a Broken Structure [CD] 30 09-May-2024
Trance Open MP3 Trance ID from 2008 100 08-May-2024