Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Bmberjck – Land Cruisers (Extended Mix) (02:36) Open Hardstyle 1 15-May-2023
Gabriel Padrevita & Angry Machines - Dispersion [FLAC] Open Techno 0 15-May-2023
Edge of Darkness - Get Psycho [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2023
Deadly Guns & Tha Watcher - The Ultimate Killing Machine (Full Version) Open Hardcore 2 15-May-2023
Sandy Warez - Maniac Mansion (4 tracks!) (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2023
DJ Narotic - The Voice Of Speedcore Open Hardcore 0 14-May-2023
Candid - Pass Out (Unknown Remix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 14-May-2023
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 2 [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 14-May-2023
Dr. Peacock, Guigoo & Billx – Frenchcore Worldwide 06 [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 14-May-2023
Stu J – Gadjet EP Open Breakbeat 0 13-May-2023
Serotonin – Dramatical Style / Rumblism Open Drum'n'Bass 3 13-May-2023
Rhythm Section – Rhythm Takes Control(Refix) / In Perfect Love (Original Mix) Open Drum'n'Bass 0 13-May-2023
Aurora – The Moons & The Melody E.P. Open Drum'n'Bass 5 13-May-2023
Jensen - Corruption of the Innocent [CD] [WAV/FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 13-May-2023
Unit 731 - The First Strike EP [WEB] [FLAC] Open Hardcore 2 13-May-2023
Stolen Cult - Extremism in Reverse [CD] [WAV/FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 13-May-2023
Sikh, Moji - Play This In A Club To Induce Neurological Meltdown Open Hardstyle 0 13-May-2023
Watremez - Breakthrough Open Hardstyle 0 13-May-2023
Suspect - Beat The Best Open Hardstyle 0 13-May-2023
P-Terz - Lost In Space Open Hardstyle 0 13-May-2023
Scarred Digital presents Chasing Rainbows USB Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-May-2023
French Connection - French Connection II (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 12-May-2023
Endymion & Kutski - Ravers Religion (Short Mix) [FLAC] Open Hardstyle 0 12-May-2023
Terror Rises EP [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 12-May-2023
Hardcore Sektor EP [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 12-May-2023