User Classes


Anonymouse User - The non registered user.
Requirements - none.
Perks - Can create MP3 requests in High Priority genres zone (hardcore, happy hardcore, hardstyle, drum and bass, breakbeat, breakcore)

Regular (Observed) User - The default registered user.
Requirements - Been registered.
Perks - Can create MP3 requests in Low Priority genres zone (techno, trance, house, dance)
Requests limit - 4 per day (past 24 hours)

Power User - Higher than the regular registered user.
Requirements - Been here at least 1 month, been useful here, or approve his usefulness another way.
Perks - Can create FLAC requests anywhere.
Requests limit - 6 per day (past 24 hours)
To become the Power User you should apply for a class upgrade (atm you should send PM to admin, auto upgrade in progress)

Moderator - Highest possible class.
Requirements - Been here a lot, have filled a lot of requests, earned enough trust.
Perks - Can moderate requests, comments, etc.
Requests limit - 10 per day (past 24 hours)


I think, it's to mark that admin watched and verified your account. Mine has been watched and approved, but now it's power user, like yours.