A list of interesting netlabels here.

A netlabel is basically a makeshift music label run from someone's home over the Internet. Netlabels usually declare them as non-profit organizations. They upload their entire catalogs to websites like Most netlabels seem to specialize in electronic music and experimental stuff, but some branch out further than these or even avoid them altogether. People who run netlabels often collaborate with one another on projects (including, but not limited to, splits, comps, and mashups). Very few of the artists on these labels gain any local recognition (exceptions do exist), and quite a few do "gigs" in places like bedrooms and at house parties.

URL Title Genre Country 16dimensional Noise, Techno Japan 17 Sons Records Electronic ??? 20kbps Electronic Switzerland 23 Seconds Multi-genre Sweden 33 Recordings Electronic Greece 3LOOP Rec. Electronic Poland 45RPM Records Electronic Russia 48 Laws Ambient Spain [email protected] Under 1.44MB United States 51beats Electronic Italy 7hz Electronic Russia 8bitpeoples Chiptune, 8bit ??? 8bitrecs IDM United Kingdom A.M.P. Experimental, Electronic Mexico aaahh records Folk, Pop Germany Abracadabra Recordings Electronic, Ambient, IDM Russia Absence of Wax Experimental, Ambient United States Abyssa Electronic France Acustronica Creative Italy acroplane Multi-genre Ireland AddSensor Electronic Spain adozen Experimental Switzerland afmusic Dark Wave, Gothic Germany Airbagpromo Tyrolian Music Italy Al Dente Records Electronic France al revés Electronic genres Brazil AlchEmistica Classical Italy alg-a Experimental Galacia Alkaliear Recordings Electronic Ireland Aldeias Sonoras Field Recordings Portugal Algorythmusic Beat United States Alt Recordings Abstract, Electronic, Minimal UK Altema Records Electronic Japan Alterlabel Electronic France Ambione Ambient, IDM Russia Ambolthue Records Experimental Norway Amduscias Records Experimental, Ambient, Industrial, Noise United States The Ampeater Review Rock United States Angstprod Electronic France Anomolo Electronic Italy Another Record Post-pop, Multi-genre France, Belgium Ant-zen Industrial, Ambient, Techno Germany Anything Records Multi-genre Japan Arew Recordings Experimental UK Art Of Core Records Hardcore, Gabber Ukraine Arteqcue Electronic Germany Asim’tria Experimental Peru Astor Bell Techno, Minimal, IDM Sweden Aquavelvas Electronic Norway Archipel Ambient, Electornic, Techno United States At Sea Music Ambient Hong Kong Audio:808 Experimental Argentina Audio Gourmet Ambient UK Audioactvity Electronic Switzerland Audioexit Techno Hungary Audiocast Productions Electronic United Kingdom Audiotalaia Experimental, Ambient, Electronic Italy Audiotong Experimental, Sound Art Poland Audition Records Live, Experimental, Improvised Mexico auflegware Electronic Germany autres directions in music Electronic France Aventuél Ambient Russia backporch revolution Electronic United States Bad Panda Records Electronic Italy Bajar Música Electronic ??? basic_sounds Experimental, Techno, House, Ambient Canada Beardology Records Beards United States Bedroom Research Electronic France Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck Multi-genre Netherlands BFW Recordings Ambient, Indie, Experimental UK bio-mechanics Techno, Beat Slovenia biodata Experimental Venezuela birdsong Experimental ??? Black Fish Discos Multi-genre Argentina Black Hoe Recordings Jungle, Drum'n'bass, Breakcore Hungary Black Lantern Music Electronic Scotland Black Square Netlabel Electronic, Experimental Russia Bleak Multi-genre Austria blocSonic Electronic United States Boltfish Electronic United Kingdom breathe Eclectic Mexico Brennnessel Electronic, Dance Poland Broque Electronic, Dance, Experimental Germany Budabeats Electronic Hungary Bump Foot Electronic Japan Bunkai-Kei Ambient, IDM, Electronic Japan Bushmen Records Electronic South Africa Bypass IDM, Ambient, Experimental China Camomille Music Multi-genre Canada Catch the Falling Leaves Electronic Finland Catnap Downtempo, Electronic ??? The Centrifuge Experimental UK Ceramic Records Electronic Japan Chase Records Electronic France chew-Z Electronic Italy Chill-label Electronic Poland Chinstrap Music Experimental UK circlesandlines Ambient Russia Clear Cut Records Electronic, Minimal France Clinical Archives reviews Eclectic, Illogical Russia coda Minimal, Techno, IDM Spain Cold Tear Records Electronic Lithuania complementary distribution Electronic Hungary Complex Sound Sagacity Experimental Malta con-v reviews Experimental ??? crazy language Experimental Germany Da! Heard It Records Electro, Chiptune, Breakcore France Dark Winter Dark Ambient United States Dedpop Electronic UK Deep-X Recordings Techno Russia deepindub Dub Techno Italy deeplimit Deep Techno Ukraine der kleine grüne Würfel Techno Germany Digital Diamonds Techno,Trance Germany Digital Kunstrasen Multi-genre Germany, Luxembourg Digital Vomit Electronic Worldwide DisBoot Electronic Spain Discontinu Records Multi-genre Spain Distance Recordings Electronic Scotland, United States DNA Productions Ambient Russia Dobox Recordings Techno ??? Docil Electronic Argentina Doma Musique Electronic Spain Dramacore Multi-genre ??? Dreiton Minimal, Techno, Ambient, Electronic Germany Drumlore Techno Canada Dubbhism Dub Netherlands Dubkey Reggae, Dub ??? Dubroom Dub ??? Dusted Wax Kingdom Downtempo, Abstract Bulgaria Dystopiaq Multi-genre United States earsheltering Electronic France Earthrid Electronic United Kingdom Earth Mantra Ambient United States Eastern Recordings Electronic Netherlands Editora do Porto Expermimental Portugal Eerik Inpuj Sound Electronic ??? Ego Twister Electronic France Ektoplazm Psytrance, Techno, Downtempo Canada Electrolyt Electronic Germany Electronic Musik Experimental UK Elpamusic Electronic Latvia Endless Ascent Ambient United States Enough Records Electronic Portugal Entity Experimental Belgium EPA Sonidos Techno Chile Equaliteq Electronic Poland Error Broadcast Electronic Germany/Italy Error! Lo-Fi Recordings Electronic Spain escala Electronic Spain et le feu comme Minimalism Belgium experimedia Sound Art United States Expermientaclub Experimental Spain export Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic ??? Fantomton Experimental, House, Techno Germany Fashion Proof Electronic ??? Faturenet Recordings Electronic ??? Feedback Loop Experimental, Sound Emotions Portugal Field Noise Records Electronic Animism Japan Flumo Experimental Spain Fokojazis Electronic Russia Fog Rattle Records Multi-genre United States format noise Experimental, Electronic, Ambient Germany Fragment Techno Russia Free Range Beats Experimental United States Fresh Poulp Records Electronic France Furthernoise Sound Art Australia FuseLab Electronic Russia Fwonk Multi-genre UK Gargan Records Club Germany groovecaffe Multi-genre Croatia Happy Puppy Records Multi-genre Canada Hawk Moon Records Experimental UK Haushaltsware Experimental Germany hazard records Electronic Spain haze Experimental Belarus headphonica Multi-genre Germany Heavy Mental Electronic Russia Hexawe Video Game ??? High Linear Music Electronic ??? Hipi Duki Muzik Electronic Spain Homework (Russia) Electronic Russia Homophoni Experimental United States Hz Electronic Japan iD.EOLOGY Multi-genre Germany IDMF Electronic United States Implex Grace Electronic United States Impulsive Habit Field Recordings, Experimental Portgual/??? Inglorious Ocean Electronic Italy inoQuo Minimal Techno Spain inqb8r Electronic Latvia insectorama Minimal Techno, Electronic Germany insubordinations Electroacoustic Improvisations Switzerland Intox Noize Eelctronic Russia Just Not Normal Experimental Netherlands Kahvi Electronic UK Kaos Ex Machina Industrial, Dark Ambient Poland Kazoomzoom Childrens United States Kift Flipper Experimental Wales Klitorik Electronic Germany Konsum Productions Multi-genre Germany Kopp Ambient, Electronic Belguim Kosmo Electronic France Kreatonika Electronic Sweden Kreativa Records Electronic Mexico Kreislauf Electronic Germany Kvitnu Electronic Ukraine La Bél Electro, Acoustic, Experimental Italy Laridae IDM, Electronic, Ambient, Breaks Austria, Germany Laverna Electronic Italy Lepork Records Punk United States LibreCommeLair Dub Electronica France Liminal Electronic Russia Limitless Audio Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo Hungary Lo-fi/Sci-Fi Experimental, Extreme ??? Loli-Hunter Music J-Core, Hardcore, Breakcore ??? Lomeanor Ambient, Gothic Russia Loopzilla DJ Mix Germany Lost Children Instrumental, Experimental Denmark loud-and-clear Ambient, Dub Techno Belgium Low High Who? Electronic Japan LSD25 Records Techno, IDM Ukraine LuvSound Electronic Germany Luxus-Arctica Ambient, Electronic, Minimal United States Electronic, Post Rock, Dub Germany Mahorka Electronic Bulgaria malaventrua Electronic Spain Maltine Records Dance, Pop Japan Materializm Drum’n'Bass Australia Maito Ambient, Electronic Finland Mayoware Multi-genre Japan Meatronic Experimental, Techno, Noise United States Melodica Electronic Slovakia Mental Excitement Electronic, Experimental Russia Microbit Project Electronic Russia Miga Electronic Granada Militant Science Electro Bass United Kingdom MiMi Electronic Portugal Mimonot Multi-genre Russia Mine All Mine Records Multi-genre United States Minordust Ambient, House United Kingdom Mixgalaxy Electronic Russia Mixotic DJ Mixes Germany Mizukage Records Electronic Japan Moment Sound Electronic United States monoKraK Ambient, Minimal, Techno Switzerland Moucho Techno Galacia Modular Field Electronic Germany Monofónicos Electronic Colombia Moods Plateau Electronic Germany Music Artistry Electronic Germany Music Kollektiv Electronic Russia Música Vermella Beat music Spain, Germany Negative Sound Institute Multi-genre United States neovinyl Electronic Spain Neuroplant Electronic ??? Nexsound Electronic Ukraine No-Source Multi-genre United States Noecho Records Eelctronic ??? NOise Problems Electric, Amplified Netherlands NoisNois Experimental, Electronic Costa Rica Nozl Recordings Scratch Ireland Nueva Forma Multi-genre United States Nulogic Electronic Argentina Off & Green Electronic France Off/Bruma Experimental France Omnitropic Multi-genre Canada Omara Music Techno Germany ON-Mix Music DJ Mix Netherlands Opsound Experimental United States Otherman Records Electronic Japan Otium Electronic Russia Ouzomusic Multi-genre Uruguay Ouim Electronic Bulgaria Pandafuzz Adventurous United States Passage Electronic Russia Peppermill Records Multi-genre Canada Pertin-nce Techno Canada Petcord Experimental Germany, Greece, Spain PhantomChannel Experimental UK, Scotland Phantomnoise Records Breakcore Germany Pharmacom Records Experimental Germany Phonocake Electronic Germany Phonotactics Electronic Portugal Picpack Electronic, Experimental Ukraine Pinkpube Electronic Malta Pinksilver Electronic Australia Pitu Pitu Experimental Poland Pritone Rock, Other Russia Planet Terror Records Electronic UK politicide Multi-genre Germany Poney Club International Electronic France The Poni Republic Experimental Pop Mexico Proc-records Electronic United States Proot Records Electro-Acoustic Pop France Prozent Music Techno Germany Psicotropicodelia Music Electronic Brazil PublicSpaces Lab Electronic Spain Pueblo Nuevo Electronic Chile QED Records Electronic The Philippines Qubit Sound Electronic United States A Quiet Bump Dub, Trip Hop Italy Qunabu Electronic Poland Quote Unquote Records Garage, Punk United States R.A.I.G. Alternative Takes Electronic Russia rain Ambient France Random Access Recordings Electronic United States Rawmatroid Electronic Spain Records on Ribs Electronic United States A Regueifa Electronic Galacia Rejected Electronic ??? Resting Bell Ambient Germany Retronym Electronic United Kingdom Rock Proper Rock United States Rotjecore Hardcore Netherlands Rumpfunk Records Electronic Germany Ruszud Electronic Russia Sayonara Records Electronic Japan Schnurstrax Electronic Luxembourg Schwa! Records Electronic France Second Family Records Multi-genre Italy Secret Station Recordings Ambient United States Section 27 Electronic Scotland Senile Dementia Exprimental Russia SHSK’H Eclectic United States Sickmode Breakcore, Experimental United States Silenced Electronic Belgium Silent Flow Electronic Moldova Silent Season Ambient Canada Skrow!media Electronic United States Sky Society Electronic Ukraine SMACK Rec Hardcore, Experimental ??? Sociedad Subterránea Multi-genre Mexico Sociopath Recordings Electronic Taiwan Soft Phase Multi-genre Finland Sojus Records Electronic Hungary solidlab! Multi-genre Brazil sologroove Techno Slovakia Sonic Walker DJ Mix Netherlands Sonux Techno Russia Sostanze Electronic Italy Soundmute Recordings Electronic Croatia soundtransit Field Recordings Netherlands Split Notes Microtonal UK Spontan Musik Electronic Germany Stasisfield Experimental United States Stigae Music Electronic Bulgaria Stoneage Records Punk Indonesia Strøm Recordings Techno Netherlands Subterrestrial Dark Ambient, Experimental United States Subwise Experimental Russia Super Moyen Electronic France Surreal Freak Multi-genre Spain Surreal Madrid Electronic Spain suRRism-Phonoethics Experimental Germany Sutemos Electronic Italy SWISHCOtheque Electronic UK symbiont-music Electronic Germany System Corrupt Breakcore, Experimental Australia Take Pills Die Electronic United States Tavern Eightieth Electronic United Kingdom Techkilla Techno Mexico Terminalstation Multi-genre UK test tube Experimental Portugal This Plague of Dreaming Electronic ??? TIBProd. Electronic Norway tonAtom Ambient, Experimental Germany Tonkultur Berlin Techno Germany TOP-40 Multi-genre Russia Tonstube Electronic Germany Torn Flesh Records Noise, Industrial, Experimental United States Total Destruction Records Hardcore Netherlands Totokoko Multi-genre Japan Toucan Music Techno United Kingdom trastienda Rock Spain, Taiwan Treetrunk Records Electronic United States Tri Goda Garantii Multi-genre Russia Tribe Toolz Techno Germany Trimsound Electronic United Kingdom Tropic Electronic Germany Turbinicarpus Records Experimental Ukraine TVK Experimental ??? UGU Electronic Japan Umor Rex Electronic Mexico Umpako Electronic Ukraine Unfoundsound Electronic United States Up Your Legs Forever Electronic Canada Version Big-Fi Dub, Reggae UK Vira Electronic Mexico Viral Conspiracy Records Hardcore, Speedcore Italy Volume 4 Chip Break Japan Vuzh Music Electronic United States w.m.o/r Experimental United States Wandering Ear Field Recordings United States wavelike Techno Germany WEARK Electronic Germany Webbed Hand Records Electronic United States WeirdAndWired Electronic Germany Weisskalt/Blauwarm Electronic Germany WM Recordings Electronic Netherlands wombnet Electronic ??? Yes No Wave Music Multi-genre Indonesia Zenapolæ Experimental United States Zeromoon Experimental United States Zhelezobeton Electronic Russia Zimmer Records Techno ??? zymogen Experimental Italy