Sy & Unknown - Electronic (VIP Mix)


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Release catalog number*: QD020
Year*: 2007


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Sorry, I didn't pay attention to FLAC tag, but it looks like there's no FLAC for this one at all anyway.

the link is for example of the track released digitally so flac is available somewhere or should i say someone will have it

My understanding is that the Quosh Digital label was only ever released in 320kbps mp3.
Haven't seen it in WAV/FLAC anywhere else, so unless Sy & Chris decided to re-release their back catalogue (unlikely) we're probably stuck with the mp3 for now

that's where your wrong most of quosh is available on beatport in lossless

Find me this release on Beatport and i'll purchase it right now and upload it.

He's talking about the Quosh Digital side. Moron.

did i say this release now who's the moron f idiot, most of quosh is digital lossless on beatport that's my f point, if it was released digital mp3 then it was released in lossless at some point to fact!, now comment with your name c....t instead of hiding

you clearly have no clue about what digital means it means digital files available to buy/download on the net! i don't give a toss if they are vinyl rips/digital masters it's still a digital file! FACT

plus vinyl rips have been edited that good they sound like masters anyway so i don't care ! any file that was available to buy or download at some point is digital!

haha You absolute wetwipe, you know fuck all about Lossless media if you think a Vinyl rip is Digital you Donkey, it's still a VINYL RIP hahaha Dumbass.

Again Quosh DIGITAL the label, not Quosh records you mongo.

ALSO The track you're after is: Sy & Unknown - Electronic (VIP Mix)?? So why link Light Up (Vip)

I swear you're either a Child or retarded.

I'm not hiding, my position in a UK Fortune 500 doesn't allow me to use Login Details on any site.

I will comment back later when i'm in my penthouse so shut you the fuck up. Retard.

same company you fucking retard quosh digital quosh records the tracks come from the same company thick cunt, a vinyl as been turned into a digital file and posted to buy online you idiot

You do know most of these 'lossless' were purged from Junodownload during their "not lossless? not sold here!" moment they had about a decade ago. The only Quosh stuff you can find there now are from release #100 or above.

I'm just saying. Any release on Beatport from before Quosh 100 might not be true lossless

I got a large swat of MP3 files (even 256kb/s ones) that I could transcode to FLAC and barely anyone would be able to detect if the source was MP3 or not.
You can achieve full spectrum for MP3s by turning off low-pass filters (when first encoding to MP3. If the MP3 already low-passed, you can't magically "heal" it by transcoding using no low-pass filter), but you may still be able to see artifacts in the upper frequencies if you use media players like Foobar2k and watch the Spectrogram in Linear Scale.

...As for when it comes to Quosh. Out of the 40 some files I have, I have 5 files that I got as WAV/FLAC, 2 were digitally purchased and the other 3 were from CD.

The 3 from CD appears to have been sourced from MP3 that had low-pass filter turned off (evidence of artifacts on frequencies above 16khz).
1 of the digital copies looks like a proper lossless copy, while the other one was just an remastered MP3 (heavy artifacting above 16khz).

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Just to know, who are you warning exactly?

It looks like you're warning the requester Ian (who didnt start out calling someone a moron, but did reply moron back).

thank you, these anon come on giving it big all time

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