Suicide - You Have No EP


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Catalog number *: Monstersound Recordings - MSD#002
Year *: 2008

Take care, there are upscales around!


Upscaled. This guy is obviously too stupid to check files. Please re-open.

The scene can't be upscaled, that's such crappy quality from the manufacturer.

PUTA's not a scene group, just some private enthusiast retagging/reencoding stuff he could find around for free to complete labels. And if noone bothered to report a release for nuking in proper scene's way (even if it's obvious case of WEB 320 kbps) then even scene release will live on np, it's mostly about scene group's general reputation (not much of an issue these days since they just auto-rip free deezer stuff) and its ability/wish to check the quality of their sources. Quite a number of early WEBs from SOB/BPM/DWM/RED are not quite 320kbps-ish, not to mention old vinyl rips from 90's that are not quite 192kbps-ish

Not too stupid to check; it's not up to me to check. Don't make wrong assumptions. I'm just sharing, it's for you to check the files if you want them. PUTA is nonscene, you should know nonscene rels don't follow scene rules, so take it or leave it. You should be glad people make an effort finding stuff for you, so please don't criticise the uploader.

In fact, if it's your job, see if what you upload isn't converted, it says so in the rules. You should check things before uploading them

Actually it might've been released this way (not quite major producers, not quite major label, released 15 years ago) and seems like the label's releases are/were avl. only at Junodownload. Lame 3.96 + full stereo setting was standard for old Juno 320 kbps-encoded releases and that's what PUTA might've kept intact (unless they're completely deadbrain to pick webrip somwhere and then reencode with exactly Juno's quite unique encoder/settings). And Juno got "release's removed once reported for poor quality" policy thus it's n/a anywhere nowadays

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