Rumbler - Dark Matter [FLAC]


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Catalog number: Extreme is Everything Records - EIE015
Year: 2019


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@Borgild. That's a interesting thing u noticed there. These are indeed the bandcamp files. Never realised other track length/speeds were going around.

Hardtunes tracks are recorded too fast, Bandcamp's got proper speed.

Or maybe too slow if a track is rather usual industrial hardcore than doomcore. Junodownload got same lengths as hardtunes' version, soundcloud clips also seem to be matching faster version - so initially released 4 years ago version was the same. Might be later bandcamp's store clusterfuk (not a too rare occasion), ideally should get some official comments from producer or label what version is actually proper, otherwise it's more of personal preference.
Also in bandcamp version track "The Dark Eye" is named as "The Dark Aye" - wouldn't say it's better/makes more sense than "Eye"

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