KB Project - Bounce Mania (Unmixed)


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Link (Discogs.com or other)*: https://www.discogs.com/release/1888397-Various-Bounce-Mania
Catalog number *: 5321191
Year *: 2009

There was an unmixed version released along with the mixed CD, wondering if anyone has a lossless copy?

I have it in 320, but would love a better quality copy :)



the track on the mix cd is mixed not full, same as the mp3 copy ends way to early

Request is for the whole CD unmixed not just that one track lol.

The track Bounce Mania got rereleased on BTID anyways so wouldn’t be hard to get a copy of.

ok read it wrong, what length is your mp3 copy of bounce mania megamix?

27 of the tracks from the album can be found in lossless on Promos/WEB/CDMs

The track 'KB Project - Bounce Mania' was on Ultimate NRG 5. It wasn't on the Bounce Mania album.

But the copy I have (Same with the version from the bounce heaven USB & what was released on BTID) is 3 and a half mins long and has a standard 16 bar intro and outro and can be mixed fine.. So unsure what you mean by it ending way too early ?

KB Project - Bounce Mania is track 1 cd 1 on the bounce mania mixed cd but completely different to the 3.28 the 3.28 is a track not a megamix, according to my unmixed mp3 copy its called bounce mania megamix

i thought your post was about track 1 cd 1 bounce mania hence why i mentioned about it ending to early it's 4.16 but it cuts off on the end so looks like this was made up, the unmixed version that is

No, that would be the Bounce Mania Megamix, check the discogs link above - I also own the physical CD and it is listed as 'MEGAMIX' on the back track listings.

The Megamix doesn't have an intro or an outro on either of the versions because it was never a 'DJ friendly' track, just like the Alex K Ultimate NRG megamixes dont have intros or outros on them, Same with the Nick Skitz.. Megamixes arent 'DJ friendly' tracks.

KB Project later produced a track called Bounce Mania (https://www.beatport.com/track/bounce-mania/14693759) which is different to the megamix I think you are mistaken with.

yeah i edited my comment lol all these names for different tracks is confusing, but my point is if you are looking for the flac copy like me the track 1 cd 1 will be cut short like you say it was never released as dj friendly full track, just like it is with the mp3 copy so in theory it shouldn't be in the mp3 unmixed version

yeah i have ultimate nrg 5 unmixed flac so i already have that 3.28 copy

KB Project later produced a track called Bounce Mania (https://www.beatport.com/track/bounce-mania/14693759) which is different to the megamix I think you are mistaken with.

yes correct i got mixed up

why these so hard to get lol, still no luck?

some good news for you almost all of this unmixed is on his USB he released

these tracks are missing to make up the unmixed version in lossless

CD 1

17 - De-Grees Vs The Real Booty Babes - Apologize (Karlston Khaos Remix)
19 - DJ Nemesis - Paranomisia (Original Mix)

CD 2

03 - Breeze Vs Lost Witness - Rise Again (Starman's Bounce Mix)
04 - Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes (Clubstar Vs Ben T Remix)
07 - Pixie Lott - Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) (Karlston Khaos Remix)
12 - The Rezidents Vs Ben T - Rock The Discotheque
15 - Ryda Vs Clubstar - Up In The Club (Starman's Hot Mix)

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