HPTG Music Label

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Specifically after the 4 Ravekick Albums if possible.

Please no 'rapidgator.net' as i haven't been able to download from there for a couple weeks, i keep getting the 'You have reached your hourly downloads limit. Please, try again later.
Don`t want to wait? Upgrade to Premium and forget about delays!' even though i have not downloaded anything for ages.


Thanks very much, also how quick does 1fickier.com download damn, i had literally just pressed download and it was done :D

Love that, thank you.

Yes, 1Fichier is as fast as Rapidgator Premium Account but in some countries like mine it gives a "Without subscription, you must wait between downloads.
You must wait 60 minutes... ". :p

There is hurry thou.

dale88, could you upload the HPTGRK001 please ?

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