Thank you! Been looking for this for ages!

A comment for those who download it: the release mislabels the versions:

a1-chocolate_puma-i_wanna_be_u_(mike_macalusos_main_mix).mp3 is the DJ Escape's Peak Hour Mix (so this is AA1).
a2-chocolate_puma-i_wanna_be_u_(dj_escapes_tribal_dub).mp3 is the Original Edit (so this is AA2).
aa1-chocolate_puma-i_wanna_be_u_(dj_escapes_peak_hour_mix).mp3 is the Mike Macaluso's Main mix (so this is A1).
aa2-chocolate_puma-i_wanna_be_u_(original_edit).mp3 is the DJ Escape Tribal Dub (so this is A2).

It's just FLA mistaking the sides - nothing to worry about!

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