Adem – Saviour / Crazy Daze


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Catalog number *: ST 21
Year *: 1997

Looking for a decent quality rip of this vinyl. Please note that AFAIK all subsequent digital releases of Saviour by Adem are actually a different mix from the one published on this vinyl so I'm specifically looking for a vinyl rip for this release. So if filling this request, please ensure that the side A rip is the same as this one:

PS: Had to remake this request because admin correctly pointed out that requests for individual tracks from releases are not allowed, so this request is for the entire release.


someone had mentioned to me that there does exist a mp3 for the vinyl version of Saviour, but that's its in such a poor state that it's not worth hunting it down. apparently it used to be available on JAL's own mp3 store on their website ages ago.

There's 2 different rips on YouTube but they both don't sound great and have specs that don't exceed ~12kHz. I wonder if one of them is the mp3 you mentioned.
Anyway, really hoping that someone who actually has the vinyl can make a high quality rip

who needs more than 12khz amirite XD
Man, I've seen 96kbps with higher hz than that

I don't understand how that dynamic frequency limit came about either, it looks so strange the way it so smoothly changes the frequency limit. Presumably some archaic compression algorithm?

Well, the file is most likely from before 2006, so yea.

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