Title Status Genre Cmt Date
Trance Generators presents The Juvenile – Hardcore Suckas (Original Mix) [WEB M4A] Open Hardstyle 1 14-Aug-2020
Scary Sounds n Shit Vol. 2 Open Hardcore 0 14-Aug-2020
Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite - Wile Out [FLAC] Open Breakbeat 0 14-Aug-2020
Dj EZC - Geenah Open Happy Hardcore 0 14-Aug-2020
Aversion - Give Me Forever (Pro Mix 4.28) Filled Hardstyle 1 13-Aug-2020
Mr X - Distant drums Filled Breakbeat 1 13-Aug-2020
Danny C - Kore Brain 001 Open Hardcore 0 13-Aug-2020
Re-Fuzz feat. MC M-Core - Round One (Official Not 4 Pussys Anthem) Open Hardcore 0 13-Aug-2020
Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky And Sand (KELTEK Bootleg) Open Hardstyle 7 13-Aug-2020
Nasenbluten - Blows T' the Nose (Dolphin's Steam Strobe Seizure Remix) Open Hardcore 0 13-Aug-2020
Ace_The_Space_-_9_Is_A_Classic_(Remixes)-(DAN_658975_2)-CDM-FLAC-1993-ZgbK Filled Hardcore 2 13-Aug-2020
Divine_Orgasm-Creator-(BASIC202-5)-EP-1991-HSA Open Hardcore 0 13-Aug-2020
Radical Redemption-Command & Conquer Filled Hardstyle 1 13-Aug-2020
Holy_Noise-Organoised_Crime-CDA-1991-wAx Open Breakbeat 0 12-Aug-2020
VA - Dirty Workz Presents DWX Bounce 3CD Filled Hardstyle 1 12-Aug-2020
va - goliath releases Filled Hardstyle 2 12-Aug-2020
Kutski - Let Me Tell You (Original Mix) Open Hardstyle 0 12-Aug-2020
New Era Records Label Open Happy Hardcore 2 12-Aug-2020
Renegade_Hardware-Usual_Suspects-RH16-VINYL-1999-LAME Filled Drum'n'Bass 1 12-Aug-2020
The Void - Sundown (04:54min) Open Hardstyle 0 12-Aug-2020
Nihil_Fist_-_Think_and_Destroy-(PRAXIS38)-Vinyl-2003-SQ Filled Hardcore 2 12-Aug-2020
Albertslund Terror Korps - Hvad Open Hardcore 0 12-Aug-2020
Sunics-Rock_The_Bass__Incl_Remixes-WEB-2008-UKHx Filled Hardstyle 1 12-Aug-2020
Angerfist - R3volution (Original Mix) Open Hardcore 0 12-Aug-2020
Stu.J+U.F.O. ‎– Positron (Space Anthem Part Two) / We're Flying Filled Happy Hardcore 2 12-Aug-2020


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