Blizzard Brothers ‎– Thunderstruck

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Catalog number: Central Station CSR CD5 0402
Year: 2001

also the German version: F+Plus ‎– 5050466-3361-2-5

and the original Blizzard Brothers ‎– Thunder
Label: Dinky ‎– DINK037




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Love this remix ... thank you so much

Please refill this one!
Thank you.


I don't have Blizzard_Brothers-Thunderstruck-Vinyl-2002-UTE, so wait until someone uploads it. And even then it won't be filled, because the OP asked for this release, but it's not scene-released. Maybe there exists some amateur rip of it, idk.

Thank you so much!
Unfortunately, the Rocco remix on the MAHOU release has two clicks at 3:16 and 3:25 – it's not your fault, however.

Yeah, not mine :) Check this scener: Blizzard_Brothers_-_Thunderstruck-CDM-2003-MOD. The same glitches are present there. Looks like a disk write error. Nothing to do with that as no digital version was issued for Rocco remix. Maybe you could buy a vinyl and rip it, but I doubt you get better quality than from the CD.

Btw there's also Blizzard_Brothers-Thunderstruck__New_Mixes-Vinyl-2002, that appears to be Blizzard_Brothers-Thunderstruck__New_Mixes-Vinyl-2002-MTC. There Rocco remix doesn't have the glitches. But it does not pass through srrdb sfv verification, thus I didn't upload it (but it seems, that sfv on srrdb is not genuine, because there's 2004 inside of it + two files are missing).

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