Inna / Armin Van Buuren ‎– Amazing / In And Out Of Love (Hixxy, Sy + Unknown Remixes)


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Here's what I have. It says 320kbps but it always sounded like an upscaled vinyl rip to me. I even checked it in Spek and it goes up to 20kHz as if it was perhaps a genuine 320 file. If anyone has a better quality version I would love to have it.


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There is a digital master of the Amazing remix floating around somewhere, not sure if I still have it.

Sadly no digital for "In and Out of Love" but my vinyl rip is slightly better if you're interested, the actual pressing on the vinyl isn't the best quality tbh

Thanks for sharing! I would love the Amazing digital master if anyone has it, always enjoyed that remix a lot.

Omg thanks! So much better

Your both welcome :)

Seen that u have a proper digital master of Hixxy in and out of love. Is there any chance I could get a copy from you or
Some1 plz? That tune is rare as rocking horse shit on digital. Literally been after ot for years. Appreciate any reply. Thanks
Here’s my email
[email protected]

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Is that the actual digital master?

everything apart from the intro and outro is digital 320 from the htid3 cd, and the intro and outro are the vinyl rip from this thread eq matched to the digital master. you cant really tell the difference if you arent looking out for it

Nice, did you make that You're My Angel Midnight Mix edit?

Incredible work on that BTW! Have you done any more?

haha cheers mate. ive made a couple of full remakes of unreleased tracks but havent posted them anywhere yet

once theyre all finished ill let you know

Source of music file influences a much greater extent on sound than spectre or bitrate. Each vinyl rip (even to FLAC) will sound repressed. It's probably non-scener vinyl-rip in 320 kbps.

can anyone reupload the digital version of in & out of love remix?

oh sorry, misread that it never came out in digital nevethless looking for a reupload of good sounding vinyl rip

The amazing remix is good, but your copy of in and out of love doesnt seem to be the original master. Tt has a weird boomy eq on it and the bpm is slightly shifted

i think it was badly pressed vinyl, digital version was never available anywhere, and i've been looking for better sounding rip for years and never found one
but maybe someone has better quality as im not 100% sure

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