Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Bootyman_Feat._Danny_Gee-For_A_Life_With_You-WEB-2012-UKHx Open Dance 0 14-Aug-2018
Pushmann ‎– The Condition Open Techno 0 14-Aug-2018
Plural - Impossible Moments Open Techno 0 14-Aug-2018
Afrique Vs Our Thing - Kuma Ya CDM 2004 knk Open House 0 14-Aug-2018
Man_And_Chaotic_Mind_Vs_Yale-Untitled-(ALIENAGE04)-Vinyl-2000-hM Open Techno 0 14-Aug-2018
J_Daniel_-_To_Eden-CDM-1996-OMA Open Trance 0 14-Aug-2018
Dj_Cerla_Feat._Mad_Bob_-_Mi_Boca-Vinyl-1993-149 Open Dance 0 14-Aug-2018
VA-Abilities-(PHOBIQ0120D)-WEB-2015-wAx Open Techno 0 13-Aug-2018
Various ‎– Frenchcore S'Il Vous Plaît 014 Open Frenchcore 0 13-Aug-2018
ABYSSVM-Orgo_EP-(HWR_110)-WEB-2017-BB8 Open Techno 0 12-Aug-2018
Josh_Wink_And_Lil_Louis_-_Hows_Your_Evening_Sofar-CDM-2000-MiM_iNT Open Techno 0 12-Aug-2018
Electric_Deluxe_-_Electric_Deluxe-Promo_CDR-2001-tronik Open Techno 0 12-Aug-2018
Sequencial ‎- Psychotronic - CDM Open Techno 0 12-Aug-2018
Natas ‎– The Master Plan Open Hardcore 0 12-Aug-2018
Various Artists - Megarave Anthems Open Hardcore 0 12-Aug-2018
Nacho_Division-Meditation-(QR-118)-Vinyl-1994-NYD Open Techno 0 12-Aug-2018
Twin Terror ‎– Get Up & Party (including track The Sucker) Open Hardcore 0 12-Aug-2018
DJ Bass-D & DJ King Matthew ‎– Damn The Deejay (Inferno Records) Open Hardcore 4 12-Aug-2018
The Demoniac ‎– The Reason (Not the BC-release!) Open Hardcore 0 12-Aug-2018
Camp's - Shake It Up (original mix) Open Jumpstyle 0 11-Aug-2018
"Clap your hands just a little bit louder" Open Jumpstyle 2 11-Aug-2018
VA_-_Gemini_Projekt_271-Bootleg-2007-MBR Open Trance 7 11-Aug-2018
Antoine_Clamaran_Vs_Crystal_Waters-Gypsy_Drums-VINYL-2003-BPM_HOUSE Open House 0 11-Aug-2018
Antoine_Clamaran-Congos_005-Promo-Vinyl-2003-USF Open House 0 11-Aug-2018
Antoine_Clamaran-Bogota-PROMO_CDS-2003-BPM_HOUSE Open House 0 11-Aug-2018