Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
jump Open Jumpstyle 2 02-Oct-2017
Necrosis - Gone Open Hardstyle 0 02-Oct-2017
FD (FreeDom releasegroup) livesets The Oh! Open Jumpstyle 8 02-Oct-2017
Rich_And_Bitch-Rum_And_Cocaina-Full_CDM-2004-BF Open House 0 02-Oct-2017
Track ID: 2003 jump/tekclub/retro style (from The Oh) Open Jumpstyle 0 01-Oct-2017
DJ_Sanny_J_-_D.P.R._Selection_(IDN)_06-01-SBD-2007-iHQ Open Dance 0 01-Oct-2017
Oli - MégaRemix Open Jumpstyle 0 01-Oct-2017
Paul Morena - Connect You EP (Morena Sound Records) Open Techno 0 01-Oct-2017
ERIKASTOM feat STEKLO - this feeling Open Hardstyle 0 30-Sep-2017
Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Life Force Generator/Metamorphosis Open Happy Hardcore 0 30-Sep-2017
Various ‎– Album 22 Open Happy Hardcore 3 30-Sep-2017
Norton Records Open Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
Iron-D Back To The Kaos Open Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "8-Ball Recordings Digital" Open Hardstyle 0 29-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "12 Inch Thumpers" Open House 3 29-Sep-2017
some pro mixes Open Hardstyle 0 29-Sep-2017
Dj_Hooligan_-_Rave_Nation-CDM-1994-CMG Open Happy Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "33- 45- Records" Open Trance 0 29-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "90 Degrees North" Open Trance 0 29-Sep-2017
Luca Gaeta 2016 missing rels Open Techno 0 29-Sep-2017
(14CD-0002) MC Stone - What's Up!! Open Happy Hardcore 0 29-Sep-2017
(176R-005) DJ_Daza-Never_Ever_(176R-005)-Promo_Vinyl-2008-ASS_INT Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Sep-2017
Song 44 - L'Arrotino / Donne! (Vinyl-2001) Open Dance 0 29-Sep-2017
Double_Trance_-_Evil-Full_Vinyl-2002-iDC Open Dance 0 29-Sep-2017
Mercury_9_-_Talk_To_Me-Vinyl-2002-iDC Open Dance 0 29-Sep-2017