Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Devilfish ‎– The First Eargasm (Part 2) Open Techno 0 20-May-2017
Devilfish ‎– The First Eargasm (Part 1) Open Techno 0 20-May-2017
Bryan Zentz ‎– Mtrsklz Collection Open Techno 0 20-May-2017
Thomas Schumacher ‎– Shelford Road Open Techno 0 20-May-2017
Mankey-Believe_in_Me-CDM-1996-GTi Open Dance 0 20-May-2017
LABEL: Make Believe Records UK Open Hardcore 0 19-May-2017
Prezioso_Feat_Marvin_-_We_Rule_The_Danza-Retail_CDS-2002-iDC_Int Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Prezioso_Feat_Marvin_-_We_Rule_the_Danza-Promo_CDS-2002-iDC Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Prezioso_-_We_Rule_the_Danza-Retail-CDS-2002-KYM Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Prezioso_Feat_Marvin-We_Rule_The_Danza-(74321955552)-CDA-2002-iDF Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Insider-Boots_On_The_Run_Rmxs-CDM-FLAC-1999-MAHOU Open Trance 0 19-May-2017
Fragma-You_Are_Alive-CDM-FLAC-2001-MAHOU Open Trance 0 19-May-2017
Mr V aka Vek List Open Jumpstyle 0 19-May-2017
Mario Ranieri ‎– Fuck Schranz! Call It Hardtechno - SU1538 (tnc) Open Techno 1 19-May-2017
Regina_-_I_Am_Back-Vinyl-2002-iDC Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Regina-I_Am_Back-(DO_IT_28-02_CDM)-CDM-2002-iDF Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Galaxy_-_Freed_From_Desire-Retail_CDS-AU-1997-EiTheLMP3 Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Gala_Vs_Happymen_-_Freed_From_Desire-CDM-2003-TuNe Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Happymen_Vs._Gala-Freed_From_Desire_2003-Remix_Vinyl-2003-MTC Open Trance 0 19-May-2017
Vanni_G-I_Say_Yeah-(DO_IT_38-04)-WEB-2004-iDF Open Dance 0 19-May-2017
Any Australian UK Hardcore / Gabber Rave Livesets Open Happy Hardcore 0 19-May-2017
DJ_Yan-Compressive__Tribalistic-Vinyl-2004-TSP Open House 0 19-May-2017
Winx-Dont_Laugh_2000-(0067665CLU)-CDM-2000-iDF Open Trance 1 18-May-2017
La Metro Bcn [Hardcore/Newstyle/Hardhouse/HardTrance label] Open Hardcore 0 18-May-2017
Caba_Kroll_-_In_Your_Face-Promo-CDM-2002-NBD Open Dance 0 18-May-2017