Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Zany – Planet Zany (CD FLAC) Open Hardstyle 0 18-May-2019
Enyqma - Ghost & Enyqma - I Am (Extended Mixes) please Open Hardstyle 0 18-May-2019
The Snatcher-Parasites ep Open Hardcore 0 18-May-2019
Coone - The Return (Ruthless Edit) Open Jumpstyle 6 17-May-2019
Vertical Vibes - What It's Like (CD Rip) Open Dance 0 17-May-2019
Si Thompson - Future Voyage (WEB) Open Happy Hardcore 0 17-May-2019
Rumbler - Dark Matter Open Hardcore 0 17-May-2019
Hard J - The Monster inside Me Open Techno 0 17-May-2019
Noize Destruction-One Open Hardcore 0 17-May-2019
[WEB] D.A.V.E. the Drummer & Albert Kraner & Maxx Rossi & Rene Reiter - Polyme... Open Techno 0 17-May-2019
Hatebeast-Die Here EP Open Hardcore 0 16-May-2019
DJ Furax & DJ B.O.S.S - Jump'in Valley Summer Session 2008 Open Jumpstyle 0 16-May-2019
HORUTUNA - You Know My Love Open Happy Hardcore 0 16-May-2019
SkullZ & MaZit-Lucky Speed Open Hardcore 0 16-May-2019
[TP9114MX] Airfire - My Generation Open Trance 0 15-May-2019
Club Diva - Club Delicious Theme Open Trance 0 15-May-2019
Request. Open Jumpstyle 0 15-May-2019
DJ Lem-X ‎– Back World Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2019
Undefined Movement - Necronomicon Open Techno 1 15-May-2019
Pride Feat. DJ Maurizzio* ‎– Turn It Up Open Jumpstyle 0 15-May-2019
Himmel Feat. Yoohimemiya - Seraphim (Sash Dee Remix) (WEB) Open Happy Hardcore 0 15-May-2019
Dan Edge - Torn Apart (Sash Dees Breakz Remix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 15-May-2019
Synthion - Lunar / Stellar (WEB) Open Happy Hardcore 1 15-May-2019
Chris Noise - Fashion Session EP [WEB] Open Techno 3 15-May-2019
[LGMX028] Project Medusa - Something Is Wrong (Part 2) Open Trance 2 14-May-2019