Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
VA - Pokke Herrie Festival Sampler Open Hardcore 0 15-Sep-2018
VA - Frenchkickz and Harder Part Trois Open Frenchcore 0 15-Sep-2018
Request Tekstyle Flash OLi (alter ecko) Open Jumpstyle 0 13-Sep-2018
NSD & MBK - Idiosyncratic (NFS Remix) Open Hardcore 0 13-Sep-2018
Gammer - Re-sauce (T2Kazuya Remix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-Sep-2018
T2Kazuya ft. Static - Nothing Else Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-Sep-2018
Project Exile – Collaborations (Pro Mixes) Open Hardstyle 0 12-Sep-2018
T-Marc feat. Vincent - Cleon Project Part One Open Happy Hardcore 0 12-Sep-2018
Da Morty - Bass Injection Open Jumpstyle 0 11-Sep-2018
sun kidz feat destiny-wake up!(summer edition)-(arc060)-web-2008-esk Open Jumpstyle 2 11-Sep-2018
Josh & Wesz - Like Thiz 320kbps Open Hardstyle 6 11-Sep-2018
ID Tekstyle Tracks Open Jumpstyle 2 10-Sep-2018
Various Artists - Rush (KMRD) 2015 Open Hardcore 0 09-Sep-2018
Thin n Crispy Chronicles Open Happy Hardcore 0 08-Sep-2018
AJaay & Stabilize - Americano Open Happy Hardcore 0 08-Sep-2018
VA - Kaotik 14 Open Hardcore 0 08-Sep-2018
FMNT - Low Freqz [Q-Dance] Open Hardstyle 0 07-Sep-2018
Tetris (I Am's Hard Kick In The Ass Mix) Open Jumpstyle 0 07-Sep-2018
Teriko - Hystoric Trace Open House 0 07-Sep-2018
Japanese Deejay - Look 2 the Right [cd] Open House 3 07-Sep-2018
Base_Graffiti_-_Base_Ep-Promo-Vinyl-2003-DHS Open House 0 07-Sep-2018
Alex_Calver_-_Freak_Dis_-_PNG-Promo-Vinyl-2005-DHS Open Techno 0 07-Sep-2018
A_Vs_B_-_Ripped_in_2_Minutes_Maddox_RMX_(Advance)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-DHS Open House 0 07-Sep-2018
Locked Groove - Rave Alert + Dialogues Open Techno 0 07-Sep-2018
Ram Records Releases Open Drum'n'Bass 2 06-Sep-2018