im out of the dutch scene for a long time, but it seem fairly easy finding torrents or web downloads for dutch movies, is there anything in particular? if not just look in predb for dutch or NL tag and search for the release name.1 day 9 hours ago
Does anybody know a site / forum / ... where I can download Dutch movies? Especially also kids movies in Dutch?2 days 7 hours ago
use search before requesting...4 days 13 hours ago
I made a request for - va ravers paradise 3 id&t.

This request had been deleted, is it not allowed? I have read the rules, but do t understand, didnt say anything
4 days 13 hours ago
Hardhouse or anon pls Come back :) more and more requests are still Open :(5 days 10 hours ago
where is hardhouse?5 days 13 hours ago
@Anonn: It's not Hardstyle, read the rules.6 days 1 hour ago
-=* ALPHA FLIGHT in 1970/2019 *=-
6 days 1 hour ago
Why would my request for Dirty Audio & Karra - West Coast (GEO Remix) get taken down? Because someone filled it wrong?6 days 5 hours ago
If the music of the video fits the website's purpose it's absolutely okay to request.1 week 6 hours ago
i know this is not the main purpose of the site, but i saw a few requests for scene music videos.
i recently did a cleanup of some of my old cds and found some.
like Brooklyn_Bounce-Canda-DVDRiP-SVCD-1999-SE
if anyone interested pm me for a full list
1 week 11 hours ago
yeah hardhouse is kinda hard been missing here :)
hopefully he is in nice wonderful holidays
1 week 3 days ago
We miss you hardhouse. :(1 week 3 days ago
Sorry I haven't checked out some of the recent request uploads for me yet. I am very busy right now, but will do in a few days. Thanks to all who filled requests.1 week 4 days ago
Recently I've tested Sidify and can't recommend it at all. Horrible quality and low volume...2 weeks 7 hours ago
I do not have any experience with this but Spotify, Google Play and Deezer are said to be easily rip-able.2 weeks 6 days ago
thank you for the answers, guys. I imagine in this day and age there has to be some ripper software for one of the streaming services? does anyone have any good experiences with that?3 weeks 8 hours ago
Streams are mostly in low quality (bandwidth!). No idea how it is with Amazon in peculiar thou.3 weeks 2 days ago
@SpierdoLina interesting fact, while theoretically this might be lower quality than 320kbps, practically this should be fine for most people.
i wonder why they do so, they have plenty of space on AWS servers
3 weeks 2 days ago
@Simon Berry Amazon sells 256 kbps so...3 weeks 2 days ago
i also saw this but not sure if it works with the ad service, and not sure how they do it behind the scenes.3 weeks 2 days ago
@simon berry can't recommend anything as i havent done this yet, but it seem most of the solutions simply capture the pc output, this means this is long process and probably not resulting with best quality.3 weeks 2 days ago
@Simon Berry i think doesn't exists any Amazon Music ripper software.3 weeks 2 days ago
Does anyone recommend a good ripper for Amazon Music?3 weeks 2 days ago
DJ VK Labels Collection was updated. [AT..BE labels uploaded] weeks 3 days ago
if anyone interested, found this open dir server with different styles of music, some are scene/renamed
for example
3 weeks 3 days ago
Just 4 information about uloz
"We're sorry, for security reasons we were forced to temporarily restrict
access to certain services from selected foreign addresses.
We work hard to solve the situation, thank you for your understanding.

Poor world
3 weeks 5 days ago
Enter the code without spaces.