He didn't like that I rebuked somebody who was incapable of using Google.7 hours 29 min ago
What's the problem? Why he's said "bye"?9 hours 6 min ago
"Only registered members write on shoutbox."

Nobody said anything like that and it's not like that.
9 hours 20 min ago
I understand. Only registered members write on shoutbox. Alright.9 hours 39 min ago
GENEDEFEKT, thank you my hero. Was looking for this tracks for years.9 hours 48 min ago
Please use the normal site for identifying (there is an option for that instead of requests), not the comments.10 hours 17 min ago
Got nothing to do with rules. I'm referring to "Bye".10 hours 19 min ago
@Vipet, Totalition - Otherside (V-Beatz mix), mixed in with DJ Massiv vs The Rebel - Suck my bellz (Lobotomy Inc remix)10 hours 24 min ago
Can anyone tell me the name of this Jumpstyle track? Its a old one..
10 hours 45 min ago
Anonymous leech? That's new rules?11 hours 4 min ago
Good bye, anonymous leech!12 hours 8 min ago
:D13 hours 31 min ago
To @admin, keep an eye for @Alpha Flight 1970, he's not the kind of a person you want to moderate your site.15 hours 53 min ago
Now have it:
Filled: 31,685
Open: 3,828
Closed: 869
Dupe: 395
Expired: 50

Spammer: 2,139
Please reupload posts: 1,747
Other posts: 2,476
1 day 10 hours ago
adding information in extra comments because he was too dumb to do it in original post, dumb complaining etc. etc.2 days 5 hours ago
That retard complaining about his Happy Hardcore compilations removed broke all rules you can imagine. Not reading rules, too lazy to use search engine, spamming with way too many requests, of course all but one were dupes,2 days 5 hours ago
provide request name for checking it2 days 6 hours ago
Why would my request for a hardcore album be taken down? followed all the rules? what a joke2 days 9 hours ago
What was it?3 days 4 hours ago
Why would my request for a hardstyle track be taken down? followed all the rules?3 days 7 hours ago
It's true, I agree with HaShiko. "djgend's Nitroflare uploads all went Premium only - his Mega links still work today." I don't know what's true. Which the best filehosters?4 days 9 hours ago
Don't give me bullshit, dude. Writing "Stop upload on Nitroflare" is demanding. If you do not know what you are writing a few lines below only few days ago, better get help.4 days 10 hours ago
@Darkman: You're right, rapidgator is great. I saw hardhouse all uploads. It's same security filehoster like anonfiles.
@Alpha: I don't have problem. Google Play is safe and simple purchase. I don't demanded other upload. This just my opinion.
4 days 13 hours ago
@Guest: Don't demand where others upload, dude! If you don't like it, go and buy the music at Junodownload etc.4 days 18 hours ago
rapidgator is best filehoster, mega too5 days 9 hours ago
@ANON: I don't talking about. Nitroflare 20kb/s, too slow. Anonfile the best choice.5 days 11 hours ago
I don't mix him - have a look at this one for example, a recent comment brought this up front: days 17 hours ago
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