@Foobrother:unlikely no2 hours 9 min ago
Do you get any point when providing part of a request?
22 hours 51 min ago
Dark techno can mean a lot of things, like Darkcore, currently hip Techno like I Hate Models, 90's psycho acid, experimental electronic music, Marc Acardipane-like stuff, Satanic speedcore or Digital Hardcore like EC80R.2 days 2 hours ago
@Phaeton: I guess it's best you look at Discogs and request what seems interesting for you. Often you can listen to the tracks on Youtube.2 days 2 hours ago
This is problem, well really impossible. I hope in the future who's collect ADR scene releases. If not, then no trouble.2 days 4 hours ago
You need special 3rd mentioning that THERE'RE NO MP3s AT SRRDB.COM? mp3s are not clickable, they are listed as info there. You can d/l only srr/srs/m3u/nfo/srv/jpg and it's impossible that ..KBs-sized srr/srs could magically generate ..MBs-sized mp32 days 4 hours ago
Example: I try this get "01-home_69_-_mixed_by_dj_junior-adr.mp3 "2 days 5 hours ago
Orly? It's everyone else's problem too, otherwise noone'd ever need this kind of warez audio request/download sites. No idea why you imagined that (through gui or command line) is supposed to get you mp3s2 days 5 hours ago
I don't have this releases, think I try somewhere. But not my problem, because srrGUI help restore bad mp3's to original. My problem full release acquisition.2 days 6 hours ago
srs file contains only m3u/nfo/sfv+tags from mp3s, not mp3s 'emselves (check size of srs & think). You need to get mp3 files elsewhere before "retag.exe" (check the word's translation & think) tries to restore original tags. There're no mp3s at srrdb.com2 days 6 hours ago
I give up, always got srs file, nothing original mp3. I don't understand error scripts.2 days 6 hours ago
D/l "pyReScene" app from, put .srr file in same folder with .mp3s (named exactly as at, run "<pyReScene path>/retag.exe <.srr file name> -y". Sorry, that's all I'd bother to explain, read some FAQs about Win's command line2 days 7 hours ago
I got only srs file.2 days 7 hours ago
I tried, but in vain... python not allowed2 days 7 hours ago
@Borgild: I can't rescene making, don't understand. A little bit picture help?2 days 10 hours ago
@Phaeton: For warez scene releases there's only 1 generic "techno" genre and even w/o hardstyle ~200 releases come out every Monday or Friday. Can't imagine who'd store all these TBs of mp3s except some 0-day site (paid) FTPs2 days 11 hours ago
@Rocco2018: Read and days 11 hours ago
Anyone can help me out? im looking for some ( obscure and dark) techno. does any one know a a website where i can get these kind of trax ?
i know theres a great amount of hardcore websites like 1gabba but is there a techno version of some sort?
2 days 12 hours ago
Sorry, no idea. I do not collect scene releases. Somebody else surely knows.3 days 1 hour ago
Alpha Flight, you know use srrDB?
How can srs file to original mp3 rescene?
3 days 1 hour ago
Are you sure about Scnlog? They just had to face heavy DDOS-attacks the past week afaik.1 week 5 hours ago
srrdb live again with a gui tool ....thanks god1 week 6 hours ago
Well, to be completely fair, predb's weren't meant to be publicly available anyway. I'm not exactly happy for them to be taken down either, but sadly, that's how it is.1 week 1 day ago
SrrDB R.I.P. ;(((((((1 week 1 day ago also will be down in the near future. Fuck you DMCA! I'm afraid already what happen with or week 1 day ago
srrDB is down, doesn't work over 2 months, wtf.1 week 1 day ago is down.... Time for a break ))1 week 3 days ago
corrected, thanks3 weeks 1 day ago
Not that I personally care, but some requests still give 10 points only.3 weeks 1 day ago
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