@COOH: Try hours 13 min ago
HARDHOUSE, where r u13 hours 51 min ago
I am looking for Hard-Techno Labels style protocol records can anyone help me? or places thx alot!2 days 12 hours ago
Know someone here for hard-techno labels download ...2 days 12 hours ago
@djgend:Thank you,brother.Help me6 days 17 hours ago
Does someone know a good site for Synthwave/Retrowave/Outrun downloads?1 week 13 hours ago
Reupload please (dead links)
1 week 18 hours ago
Thanks for more information and original source admin! :)1 week 3 days ago week 3 days ago
I know that, this is not a place for advertising, but very important someone upload before:
1 week 3 days ago
There're probably hundreds of filehosts that offer even 20 GB/file limit, usually with no file expiration terms as long as you pay for premium account. Nothing special about that one if it's not for free.1 week 6 days ago
Obviously, you have to purchase a premium account to upload up to 1 GB.2 weeks 3 days ago
Well, I'm not the owner of that site and I don't earn money promoting it :/
I know that host 'cause I knew sites where can I download films and series TV and they redirect me to that host (I use JDownloader for multiple part).
2 weeks 3 days ago
Someone just wanted to advertise that site, can't see anything proving "file up to 1GB", "never remove the files" (for unregistered/free accounts) claims2 weeks 4 days ago
I can't upload anything to Easybytez .. the file uploads but then no links appear ... the page just sits there doing nothing forever. Tried multiple browsers and file types ... totally not working for me.2 weeks 5 days ago
I recommend a valid host site where you can upload all the releases without being banned, and they also never remove the files. It's called File up to 1GB, very stable2 weeks 5 days ago
It works fine for me atm2 weeks 5 days ago dont work :(2 weeks 5 days ago / / predb.me2 weeks 5 days ago
Do you know some sites to see the 0day releases?2 weeks 6 days ago
@REVR079 : request for
You still have these three albums
Please upload
3 weeks 4 days ago
Who has?
Regain & The Machine feat. MC Renegade - One Shot (H4H027) 2017-03-22
Regain - Dynamite (H4H028) 2017-04-06
Regain & Delete - Always Angry (H4H029) 2017-04-17
1 month 1 week ago
Thanks for the heads up admin.
I noticed they were very fast with the DMCA takedowns too lately. Couple of my files were hit very fast.
1 month 1 week ago
i do not recommend to use for sharing files, today they mass suspended huge amount of accounts...1 month 1 week ago
@bilyardo:mmm,Yeah,You say it is impossible to learn English, because my own reading is poor, all of the translation of English translation software1 month 3 weeks ago
@qiuhongming:all what i think is that you might be chinesse----you need to learn english---and stop creating alot of requests-----make 4 or 5 per day please1 month 3 weeks ago
@bilyardo:In fact, I did not ask, I do not want to do this, because they upload the file, some I can not download, who has a direct upload files
you forgive me
please upload zippyshare:my links...
1 month 3 weeks ago
the only one who request too much is qiuhongming---hahaahha1 month 3 weeks ago
@bilyardo:thank you very much...1 month 3 weeks ago
Some people request a lot :O1 month 3 weeks ago
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