Hello I am new here, I like to exchange releases of music and was particularly the edition Flac is Mahou, CUSTODES, WRE, LOKET like.1 week 2 days ago
prob they are waiting for google play release so they can get it for free. also the album is mix cuts again which isn't nice3 weeks 5 hours ago
What's up with the rls groups? "Regain - Point Of No Return" is out for hours and still no release... MMS only pre'd some house releases and SRG was last active at 12:51 (CET)... Anyone knows when it'll come?3 weeks 19 hours ago
Ahh now its back :)1 month 2 weeks ago
Where is the add request button? :D month 2 weeks ago
HPMFNY!1 month 2 weeks ago
@Anonymous: calm down, will come all times, just patience :)1 month 3 weeks ago
Uptempo is the Tempo 4 anyone?? That would be a great Christmas gift!!!!1 month 3 weeks ago
In my opinion, EN, iDF and VELOCiTY is biggest illegal p2p private group in category.2 months 6 hours ago
Google Store is from the beginning cheapest webstore, no wonder that all private groups simple access and hacked all music webshop, yet beatport and german "djshop" also. Unfortunately. :(2 months 6 hours ago
Hello. If I need reupload how can I ask? The request is closed. Thanks. months 2 days ago
Respect to the Scene, for their work, as well as some priv grps like iDF,BC,and rep p2p grps.
google store is cheapest alternative, juno sell high, beatport too.
2 months 2 days ago
About scene if you dont know you really dont need to, its vice versa for someone who think himself know the scene and spread it through forum and p2p application.2 months 3 days ago
So, keep talking out of your backside to suit whatever agenda you have with your big mouth talking this stuff in the open.2 months 3 days ago
and that's only some labels do that (which I got refunded for) everything else I buy sounds crystal clear in WAV format.2 months 3 days ago
the labels do have the original tracks it's that they know they will end up on shit like this so they give compilation tracks2 months 3 days ago
"stores like juno/beatport/google/itunes sells mp3 ripped by the scene because the labels don't have the original tracks more" - shut the fuck up lol You seriously have ADHD lol2 months 3 days ago
Back in days... time flys...2 months 3 days ago
some p2p scene group hopsis BC m4e idf funteek, thats alot is cheat of other group relase then rerelease it. thats why to respect the regular scene group other than non-organization group is isolate of some database, cant be retrieved after a time away!2 months 6 days ago
scene is scene its stick to diff between m4e idf and regular scene release, thus thats more like p2p share. not real scene to retain to keep and share it.2 months 6 days ago
Guys, why don't accept "VELOCiTY" scene releases?2 months 6 days ago
@Proximus and you're such crusader? :rofl: I just ask politely!!!2 months 1 week ago
@Emphasysts so are scene groups and you still make requests for them.and spread them...2 months 1 week ago
Please STOP spreading iDF Releases !!!Its private grp not for public !!!2 months 1 week ago
Admin please reupload 2 missing parts again, same topic (to not make new1).3 months 6 days ago
Hello all; admin can you please look on this topic - Hardstyle 2005 Scene Releases. Few more rars missing.3 months 1 week ago
Uptempo is the Tempo 3 please!!3 months 1 week ago
lol, was @cavalli entirely cut off from making requests? :D3 months 2 weeks ago
hello all, thank y'all for filling requests!!!3 months 2 weeks ago
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