@Maestro its not requests, spammer23 hours 29 min ago
:)1 week 4 days ago
Sharing is caring! :)1 week 5 days ago
Solution: ban users IP address1 week 5 days ago
Like everyone... Copy + Paste = Sharing on another music forum. Everyone stolen from COLLECTO site who's registered and spreads everywhere. It's a leecher and all another music forums posted COLLECTO links.1 week 5 days ago
Stopped adding (new members) =/= closing. Besides, what's to "close" there? It's not a torrent tracker but a bunch of links that're easy to copy-paste (all of them, if needed) and leak elsewhere (here :)1 week 5 days ago
Will be closed Labelscollecto? And if yes, when?1 week 6 days ago
Last questions: Alpha Fight 1970 new moderator here or admin? Because takes it very strictly. Especially the rules.1 week 6 days ago
Someone who doesn't contribute, but still benefit. Don't mind this COLLECTO guy, he only comes here to "brag" about his site and how excluse it is.2 weeks 2 hours ago
What's the definition of a leecher?2 weeks 3 hours ago
@Darth Vader
duplication was site error,
about my doubt, everything has to do with the site.
2 weeks 19 hours ago
Because of too many leechers, Collecto has stopped adding .. If you want in, you know where to find us2 weeks 22 hours ago
@Blowfoot: Don't spamming.2 weeks 22 hours ago
post comment with download link, which includes 'http'2 weeks 1 day ago
Hi and good morning, i only have a question, how to mark a request as filled to get points?, thanks in advance and sorry i didn't see.2 weeks 1 day ago
They're scene groups (there's more, like a lot more of them). Basically they provide us with music.2 weeks 1 day ago
What is the meaning of / KTMP3 / USF / SAW / TSP? They're people? who are they ?2 weeks 1 day ago
What is the meaning of / KTMP3 / USF / SAW / TSP? They're people? who are they ?2 weeks 1 day ago
Is there a place like 1gabba for house/edm music?2 weeks 2 days ago
@Borgild: Not bad, just sometimes freeze.2 weeks 6 days ago
"Babyface" pathetic and childrish username. I'm not curious such persons like he.2 weeks 6 days ago
LoL Hehe :D2 weeks 6 days ago
Go away, "Babyface". Nobody wants and needs demanding leechers and retards like you.3 weeks 1 hour ago
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