@TheHardHead use mat ( and then retag it with an mp3 tagger of your choice2 hours 25 min ago Anybody please?19 hours 6 min ago
Are there any Security Problems with sharing Files ,bought at Beatport,Junodownload, etc?19 hours 47 min ago
I have a shared rapidgator account; I bought for less than 2 dollars to use for 30 days; Before that I also used site with generators
1 day 23 hours ago
Of course CBox... you need have registering2 days 4 hours ago
@iguize You use premium link generator online... example or turkdown etc..2 days 4 hours ago
And disgusting, these people complaining about the upload done on Rapidgator, what does it cost to buy a premium account?2 days 14 hours ago
oops sorry2 days 16 hours ago
ANERSO / Speednoise , you can help with Kalkbrenner / Solomun Requests, please?2 days 16 hours ago
ANERSO / Speednoise , you can help with Kalkbrenner / Solomun Requests, please?2 days 16 hours ago
NeoDarKn'S update JDownloader and it works again ;)3 days 5 hours ago
@ANERSO, just keep doing what you're doing ... we appreciate it ... By the way, the real reason why many sites use Rapidgator, Turbobit and the like is because the links last longer!3 days 6 hours ago
slt a tous rapidgator ne fonctionne plus sur mipony/TotalId/JDownloader erreur téléchargement savez-vous pourquoi merci
Hi all rapidgator no longer working on mipony / TotalId / JDownloader download error do you know why thanks
3 days 14 hours ago
1gabba/gabber.od got much more chances to hit 1000 d/ls for obvious reasons. While this site's total audience is like... 2 dozens of users, maybe? Also with requests' random naming and search engine specifics it's not too easy to find filled requests3 days 17 hours ago
Site've been around for years, practice proved mad feeders and extreme leechers don't endure here for long. He'll vanish too asap he realizes there's no reputation or profit to gain and hardly anyone has to offer anything beyond what he already collected3 days 17 hours ago
Fuck it, If I was on ANERSO's place, I'd just quit cold turkey.3 days 18 hours ago
Also, with all this toxicity lately, I'm amazed this site is still operational.3 days 18 hours ago
You guys are unbelievably ungrateful. So he gets a few pennies out of it, but you also get your requests filled. If downloading with RG is too much of a trouble for you, there are other, expensive and insecure options to get your desires fulfilled.3 days 18 hours ago
Anonymous /// everybody uses RG ... hardhouse / 1gabba / gabber.od ...3 days 18 hours ago
You even read rapidgator's "pay per download" terms? a) you'll never score 1000 d/ls per link here; b) these packed mp3 singles'll get you $0,5-3 for these hypothetical 1000 d/ls. You're that desperate and have no other ways to earn for living?3 days 19 hours ago
For labels good idea but use 1fichier hihi. We cry about RG but you too for the profit of each click. Made One link rather than one for each rls kiss ;)3 days 20 hours ago
We can just post requests of labels ourselves and hopefully people help to complete :)

By the way: about the people who fucking cry about Rapidgator ... Get Premium or use Real-Debrid!! You can download SUPERFAST !!!
3 days 21 hours ago
Maybe if this was a completely new (third) section or at least a way to sort by?3 days 21 hours ago
I've tried that before but I don't think people even look at those requests, even though it makes a lot of sense! If you like a few songs from one label, you probably like most of them. I used to buy vinyls blindly from certain labels!3 days 21 hours ago
Anerso, great idea! Let's start with Sony Rec., then Universal, Island, .... lol .... just kidding3 days 21 hours ago
Why don't we somehow start Request topics to complete full labels? I'm sure there are label collectors over here?4 days 49 min ago
Ok! Sorry...1 week 22 hours ago
@bonebreaker why post dupe requests? don't create dupe req, okay?1 week 1 day ago
Ow okay like that :D1 week 1 day ago
to count real link clicks use usl shortener with rg dl link inside and then you can see stats. example: it's stats is here: week 1 day ago
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