Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Dan Edge - Torn Apart (Sash Dees Breakz Remix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 15-May-2019
Synthion - Lunar / Stellar (WEB) Open Happy Hardcore 1 15-May-2019
Chris Noise - Fashion Session EP [WEB] Open Techno 3 15-May-2019
[LGMX028] Project Medusa - Something Is Wrong (Part 2) Open Trance 2 14-May-2019
EXCESSIVE RECORDINGS (label) Open Trance 1 14-May-2019
Rocket-Crush - Soundz of Syril 320kbps Open Techno 0 14-May-2019
D-Railed - Rapture E.P Open Trance 0 14-May-2019
Hot Tracks Seasons 1 – 10 Open Oldschool 13 14-May-2019
[CRHS001] Riko & Swifty - Blow This Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-May-2019
DANCEMANIA RECORDINGS (label) Open Trance 1 13-May-2019
Angerfist & Miss K8 - Impact EP FLAC (Not edits!) Open Hardcore 0 13-May-2019
Gabbanatic - Unyielding Open Hardcore 0 13-May-2019
Contempt Music Productions - CMPFREE01 Open Techno 0 13-May-2019
Tech Core Evangelix Open Happy Hardcore 2 12-May-2019
Raiderz of the Damned aka Jason Little vs. Dj Hammond - Ich Rieche Blut 005 Open Techno 0 12-May-2019
[email protected] EP Open Happy Hardcore 0 12-May-2019
NeoQor Ft Kitty Chan - The Other Side (Eufeion Remix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 12-May-2019
AC Slater - Lonely Road (WEB) Open Happy Hardcore 2 12-May-2019
Digital Mayhem label first 3 releases Open Techno 0 12-May-2019
909 Junkies - You Fucked with the Wrong Ones Open Hardcore 0 11-May-2019
Gary_D._-_D-Techno_-_Vol._2-3CD-2000-CiN_iNT / Va_-_gary_d_-_d-techno_2-3cd-2000-STAR Open Techno 3 11-May-2019
Various_Artists_-_Gary_D_D_Trance-3CD-1995-TWCMP3 +2 Open Trance 3 11-May-2019
Gizzy G & Mark P ft. Zoe Vanwest - Let Her Go Open Happy Hardcore 0 11-May-2019
Orbit1 - Deton-8 (Original Mix) Open Happy Hardcore 0 10-May-2019
Force & Jack Speed - Whenever You Need Me (WEB) Open Happy Hardcore 2 10-May-2019