@help fre:ac is the most popular Windows, Mac & Linux alternative to Exact Audio Copy.2 months 1 week ago
Hey guys, what is in your experience the best Linux alternative to Exact Audio Copy (EAC)?2 months 1 week ago
@herman the are all mp3 3202 months 1 week ago
F. NOIZE & HYSTA - MAKE YOU BOUNCE originale mix / radio edit2 months 1 week ago
i have added F. NOIZE & HYSTA - MAKE YOU BOUNCE to snakepit music new release link
2 months 1 week ago
Does anyone know a way how to find out URLs of images from removed SoundCloud tracks? Because they are still there!

2 months 2 weeks ago
Track of the day: Metallica - Seek and Destroy2 months 3 weeks ago
@fiann21 that Snakepit Music folder is mp3 or flac format? Thank you.2 months 3 weeks ago
Album of the day: AnTraxid ‎- Life inside My Box on Night Terror2 months 3 weeks ago
spm068 it is snakepit music2 months 3 weeks ago
added spm 68 JULIËX & THAROZA - OUR STYLE original
mix/radio edit
2 months 3 weeks ago
Track of the day: Audio Revolt - Resistance

Hardcore at its best
2 months 4 weeks ago
Trailing spaces are removing by default by CMS. I've added an Unicode space instead, hope it won't broke anything.2 months 4 weeks ago
@admin: In the request details when adding a request, could you add a space to the "Year *:" prompt? It's missing.3 months 6 hours ago
Like to be expected the new order is a case of getting used to, but I still prefer release name set in first column. It's the column which is most important.3 months 2 days ago
@Alpha: Ofc it's up to others too, but imho it's quite easy just to overlook "technical" narrow & fixed-lengthed first 3 columns than read random names then look all the way to the right to get the concept wth is it and is it needed to be d/led or filled3 months 3 days ago
Ofc I approve, since that's what I suggested, thank you, admin. Tho maybe extra reddish background color in play is actually an overkill (since format is just 2nd column now, hard to miss) and just (very) light gray is enough3 months 3 days ago
Having the music request name in first place was much better than it is now.3 months 3 days ago
I've reordered the columns and highlighted FLAC requests a bit. Hope your eyes are fine.3 months 4 days ago
all originale cds to and live mixes from snakepit months 4 days ago
whole snakepit music label is in there3 months 4 days ago
for all here is the new 1 snakepit music label Spitnoise & SPM067 EZG – De Nacht Is Van Ons orignale mix and radio edit months 4 days ago
Found this little page for collectors of Trance, Rave and Techno. (easy Pixeldrain downloads, no ad trash or account)
3 months 1 week ago
Track of the day: Biochip C. - Bad Wolf, a hard cover of the smash hit The Timelords - Doctorin' the Tardis (= KLF guys) which is very much inspired by the Dr. Who theme.
3 months 2 weeks ago
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