You can't.3 weeks 1 day ago
Can i request all tracks by artist like kodex which was on lololyrics in one request or this is not allowed3 weeks 1 day ago
ok done as stated, thanks3 weeks 1 day ago
There is no auto graduating. You need to apply: weeks 2 days ago
Power* lol3 weeks 2 days ago
can someone tell me how long it takes to become a poer user please3 weeks 2 days ago
that would have been a perfect move3 weeks 2 days ago
it was absolutely possible to upload all Lololyrics tracks to and then disable downloading from the site.3 weeks 2 days ago
Many freebies are even better than high price buy tracks. and/or because of licensing reasons. but harder to find because of no shop listing. so requesting a freebie is never bad :)3 weeks 3 days ago
@Rav3r: The stream of folks requesting old freebies already started as expected. ;)3 weeks 3 days ago
Harderstate is alive and well. looks fine.
Only FS got taken outside and was shot in the back of the head :o(
I really hope their users find another haven.
3 weeks 3 days ago
It looks like The Great Forum Purge Of Twenty-Twenty-Two only killed off funkysouls in the end. Lololyrics is still online and hosting Lyrics and seemingly needs to figure out a way how they can serve the free tracks through a third party host.3 weeks 3 days ago
fuck, and no one did a website archiv :(3 weeks 3 days ago
No, they officially stopped all website activities.3 weeks 3 days ago
is it still possible to download tracks from lololyrics ?3 weeks 3 days ago
@JonnyRich: There's many options. MP3Tag seems most popular. I like the foobar Discogs Tagger plugin.3 weeks 3 days ago
Everything's fine. Sometimes there may be connection problems for few minutes.3 weeks 5 days ago
Is SLSK down?3 weeks 5 days ago
anyone got a link to a good collection sorter... like that renames the release with the cat number before title ect3 weeks 5 days ago
Only for freebies3 weeks 6 days ago
Can regular users request WAV?3 weeks 6 days ago
People with regular status cannot request Flac (re)uploads. All comments ignoring this will be deleted.3 weeks 6 days ago
Just take any of the genres listed on Discogs. For Dubstep releases pick Drum & Bass.3 weeks 6 days ago
Not sure exactly what you're asking. Gammer's "The Drop" is Dubstep4 weeks 49 min ago
Which genre could be good for gammer - the drop?4 weeks 2 hours ago
Love the new push feature, very nice!4 weeks 7 hours ago
authorized users can4 weeks 11 hours ago
If you Choose any member you can only See Short Info and the requests he ceeated all the Time.Not all comments he Made.
Or is that only possible After any authorization? I dont mean the counts for Exemple 2800.I mean the Threats where the comment was
4 weeks 13 hours ago
@Finch it's already possible4 weeks 1 day ago
How about Adding that future -> in User Info it is also possible to see the comments and Not only his requests.. Maybe a cool Future as in Forums4 weeks 1 day ago
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