Ben Nicky Feat. Stunt ‎– Raindrops (Technikore Remix)


Where’s extended mix ??

Got mental issues, dude? You did not ask for the extended mix and linked the original mix. If you are the one who did the request you'd better go somewhere else, we don't want demanding retards like you here. Be happy that you get something for free and shut up!

Well said

Well, I guess all of us are glad to share and download music for free (I'm not an opponent of copyright law btw., it is important), especially people from countries with way lower average wages than Europe and North America so they can hardly afford music from the known distributors. But nobody is obliged to share any tracks he's got and folks who demand things like this website was a shop or a wishing well and think they have to be treated like customers who actually PAY for a service, have serious issues. Usually those folks have bad haviour and only leech. This is a website for and by dedicated collectors and Techno fans and I do know we also have artists, whose stuff is shared here, as members (they aren't all rich stars ;) ) - in the lower area e.g. there is a Japanese Techno artist (I tend to forget his nick..) participating who shared a few of his commercial tracks for free in the past.

Your words are awesome master. Not like the other guy in this request.

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