Al Storm - Revolutions Of A Broken Mind (2019)

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Catalog number: 247HCLP017CD
Year: 2019


I have a 192 rip - unsure of the source.

it's good, thanks man

the encoder is LAME 3.99, the popular webshops use other versions
mp3 files have TSSE tag containing Lavf58.20.100, so presumably, they were converted from FLAC/WAV by ffmpeg
directory structure contains CD 1 & CD 2 subfolders
I didn't find webshop that sells WEB version of this album
So presumably, the source is CD

sure this came out on hardcore underground label and not on Al storms own 24/7 label

I just got this message when clicking too fast on Krakenfiles links. :D

"Don't try hack me. I'm watching you ;)"

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