Weaver - Cannonball EP (WEB)



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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.beatport.com/release/cannonball-ep/215933
Catalog number: HARDCOREMASIFEP2
Year: 2010



I have Weaver-Weaver_EP-(HARDCOREMASIFEP2)-FLASH-2009-HTA_INT if you want.
I think it contains the same tracks but track 3 and 4 are switched. Also it doens't mention 'original mix' specific and track length seems to be off by a sec. Quality just 320kbs VBR.
Just FYI, hopefully someone has the release u requested.

| 01 weaver & andy l ft fran - cannonball 06:45 |
| 02 weaver - dance with me 05:57 |
| 03 weaver & andy l ft fran - cannonball 06:46 |
| (scott brown remix)
| 04 weaver - fuckin with the beat 06:35 |

It's just VBR, nothing 320 about it.

They weren't upscaled, Steve Hill used a low pass filter on them for some reason. The MP3 version of the USB has worse specs.

Here's the LLS for the label shops release.

I think it was originally from BeatPort, but it's been converted to FLAC. Spek is legit.


Still a bit miffed from that low-pass filter that plaques the Steve Hill collections.

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