Fracus & Darwin ‎– This Sound Is Hardcore Underground

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Catalog number: HUCD006

another cd im looking for if ya got it big thanks in advance :)


Anyone have this in wav ? Cheers

Are you looking for the CD Release, or the Digital release with the 40 full length tracks?

Digital full length thanks

No worries, i have the actual CD release, but the full length tracks only is 320kbps.

Did the full tracks come along for download with the purchase of the CD or were they sold seperately?

When it was released i downloaded mp3's and wav's at the time, CD went on the shelf naturally. I have about 4 external HDD's backed up with all my purchases, on my main HDD i have the mp3's, the WAV'S are somewhere on the other drives. And the email i used at the time is not in use, which is a shame.

Zero motivation to rummage for them, if it's not on my main HDD i don't bother \oo/

Can anyone share just the unmixed version of Eclipse - 24/7 (Fracus & Darwin's VIP Remix) from this release in 320kbps please? Thanks!

Thanks Dale, I've been after this for a long time

No worries, i have found the full release on a External HDD.

That's great news Dale, feel free to share if you like, seems like a few people are looking for it

Looking for full album thanks

I am gonna rip the cd's first in Wav format, then i'll upload the Full length tracks, continuous mix's and the cd's.

Sweet, wav files sounds good to me. Big thanks Dale

Just for everybody's information. Flac is the same as Wav, just compressed. (look up "compression" if you don't know what it is). Flac is a LOSSLESS file format, which means if you convert a CD, which has data in .wav format, into Flac you won't lose a single bit of data resp. sound frequencies and which also means that you may convert Flac into Wav and Wav into Flac a billion times back and forth without loosing anything.

My deck's don't read FLAC files, hence why i always rip in Wav format.

Strange really, they're both Lossless, so you'd imagine it read all formats.

No, if i put Flac files onto a USB and plug them into the Decks, isn't doesn't read it.

most cdj's dont read flacs, mine doesn't even read wav

Link is down. Any chance of a re-up?

Were the full length tracks ever uploaded?

Everything was included in the above upload.

Then let's hope it gets reuploaded.

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