Not a huge crisis, but was I accidentally removed from labelscollecto or was I simply deemed not active enough?2 months 2 weeks ago
Hardhouse?2 months 2 weeks ago
Somebody anonymous is constantly adding things like Milk_Inc_-_In_My_Eyes__Incl._DJ_DBC_Klubb_Remix-Promo_CDS-2004-HO and two more as Hardstyle requests. They are not Hardstyle. Read the rules!2 months 2 weeks ago
Already + 2900 labels ONLINE and adding tons more!
2 months 2 weeks ago
PM sent to you with screenshot and details :)2 months 3 weeks ago
Wolf122345 what exactly do you click, and post screenshot of blank page2 months 3 weeks ago
If it keeps being non-working contact the admin, it's not in my power to do anything about it.2 months 3 weeks ago
Alpha Flight 1970 - Yea, but page turns blank when you click on the category. Is it only on my end or has something happened? Just checking.2 months 3 weeks ago
Too many mentally handicapped retards spamming the page in the past days2 months 3 weeks ago
Jumpstyle is still in the options.2 months 3 weeks ago
What happened to Jumpstyle? No more Jump requests? :/2 months 3 weeks ago
THANKS YOU2 months 3 weeks ago
What a pity, prescene is dead and I have to use the combo of musicrls+scnlog+srrdb to explore daily portion of releases2 months 3 weeks ago
#pre channels aren't so handy for using as websites2 months 3 weeks ago
Or join one of the publicly available #pre channels, they usually come with all the info one would need.2 months 3 weeks ago
try also links here:
if someone find predb with all genres - pleases post link here
2 months 3 weeks ago - very good, but it omits releases without genre provided, while, and some more print them but without genre2 months 3 weeks ago
i've explored current predb sites, and found following: - has proper genres, but some releases miss group ending, for example: Oc_And_Pf_Cuttin-Opium-WEB-20182 months 3 weeks ago
actually, i have the same question about predb with genres2 months 3 weeks ago
someone knows a fast predb with genres which actually works since prescene and layer13 are dead :(2 months 3 weeks ago
Thank you3 months 3 days ago
What you requested is not Jumpstyle.3 months 6 days ago
Wrong genre or straight out spam3 months 6 days ago
Why are some requests removed?3 months 6 days ago
Look at the comments (italian masters of hardstyle compilation) :)3 months 1 week ago
megre, nicole, jasson, save... It's funny and irritating! Go all spammers here. :D3 months 2 weeks ago
nicole, jason, megre or however you retard call yourself with every new account: go away, fuck off, kill yourself - anything - Stop spamming the site with your retarded and wrong requests. Don't you get that you are NOT WANTED HERE, fucking idiot?3 months 2 weeks ago
please help my request Dave Santo - Highway to Disco-WEB-2009-WTW3 months 2 weeks ago
Make a normal request like I messaged you on your other account last night "save". No need to make new accounts every time. Just check your "megre" account ...3 months 2 weeks ago
help please my request ;dj sequenza - follow me tonight incl axel coon remix-web-2011-ukhx3 months 2 weeks ago
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