I will try it. Thanks again for your info/help !3 months 1 week ago
We settled at 3 requests a day/person, but you can also put several similar ones into one post. Like 5 Velocity, some label or some artist.3 months 1 week ago
Ohright thanks Alpha. Dont wanna spam with requests on this site cause i miss a lot of velocity releases. Thats why i asked were to download them.3 months 1 week ago
Just request particular Velocity releases on this site, mostly somebody will have it.3 months 1 week ago
Hello all, does someone know were i can find non-scene releases of VELOCiTY ? for example old releases from Sector Beatz. Thanks !3 months 1 week ago
hardhouse hasn't been on XPRM for 3 weeks. No idea why.. job, family, holidays, bored... who knows!3 months 2 weeks ago
@Alpha Where is hardhouse? Because his fill almost all requests.3 months 2 weeks ago
Do not request and fill releases here!3 months 2 weeks ago
Happy New Year for everyone cheers, Darkman3 months 2 weeks ago
Admin, please PM me.
I have a serious question /Thx
3 months 3 weeks ago
Happy New Year everyone xprm :D3 months 3 weeks ago
Happy New Year man3 months 3 weeks ago
Happy New Year everyone.3 months 3 weeks ago
Btw, Rocco, if you get a browser pop up with blue background, some voice blabla about a DW6V36 error. No worries. It's just a fake to make people call a number and transfer cash to crooks. It does not install trojans or any other viruses on your computer.3 months 4 weeks ago
Merry Christmas to all Gabber friends here on XPRM! Let's make this a good and crowded place in the new year together.

Hakke! ;)
3 months 4 weeks ago
Merry Christmas!3 months 4 weeks ago
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! P. S.: Why blocked my account "Rocco2018"?3 months 4 weeks ago
@DJ VK: None of them good filehoster. Unfortunaltely, MEGA.NZ neither! From bitcoins we get viruses, any adblock and adspammer... I try it PC-Malware!4 months 8 hours ago
If you want to make sure of having your PC malware-free, use this:
Works great, non-install version available and does not install any crap itself. I use it for years.
4 months 16 hours ago
Nobody who posting links not think how hard to download this stuff (that's why RG links are not finished jet). They need in site which allow normally UPLOAD file.4 months 17 hours ago
For example windows Zippyshare Uploader is stupid and can dead in the middle of uploading queue if filename contains some bad symbols and not show result of successfully uploaded4 months 17 hours ago
But open site without Adblock+Adguard+ContentBlockHelper can be dangerous. Install ads blockers and teach them to show only what you need.4 months 17 hours ago
No matter how filehosting is bad, virused, stupid... The same about any web site. If you neeed in it's content - you'll find a way to open site.4 months 17 hours ago
Merry Christmas!4 months 19 hours ago
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