Merry X-Mas for everyone!4 months 20 hours ago
Nobody cares about the bullshit of you and your butt buddy, Rocco2018. Get a life and learn to use your computer properly!4 months 2 days ago
File download while got Blue Screen Of Death on PC and damaged HD his said my buddy. Don't you know what is? You'll experience it.4 months 2 days ago
"get viruses and Blue Screen Of Death on HD"

4 months 2 days ago
Guys, stop upload on Anonfile because very shit and get viruses and Blue Screen Of Death on HD! Zippyshare or is safe filehoster!4 months 2 days ago
Anonfile is very shit! Use zippyshare, solidfiles, rapidgator or! This is my opinion!4 months 3 days ago
aGGyunit, 1) this program search and DOWNLOAD srr file automatically4 months 4 days ago
What does ReleaseDoctorMini do that a normal "retag filename.srr" doesn't ?4 months 4 days ago
Just seen the discussion below. :D4 months 5 days ago
My utils for recovery releases from srrdb (ReleaseDoctorMini) win32 + Firemonkey sources.!kFdkkYaQ!105V9D7kMApJ3g3Lp5gzmQ4 months 5 days ago
new SRRDB files + latest retag does not need in -y option, and doesn't support some symbols combinations, in folder name like --4 months 5 days ago
@planetboy:yes...thats true4 months 1 week ago
@bilyardo: ask to hardhouse4 months 1 week ago
@Foobrother:unlikely no4 months 1 week ago
Do you get any point when providing part of a request?
4 months 1 week ago
Dark techno can mean a lot of things, like Darkcore, currently hip Techno like I Hate Models, 90's psycho acid, experimental electronic music, Marc Acardipane-like stuff, Satanic speedcore or Digital Hardcore like EC80R.4 months 1 week ago
@Phaeton: I guess it's best you look at Discogs and request what seems interesting for you. Often you can listen to the tracks on Youtube.4 months 1 week ago
This is problem, well really impossible. I hope in the future who's collect ADR scene releases. If not, then no trouble.4 months 1 week ago
You need special 3rd mentioning that THERE'RE NO MP3s AT SRRDB.COM? mp3s are not clickable, they are listed as info there. You can d/l only srr/srs/m3u/nfo/srv/jpg and it's impossible that ..KBs-sized srr/srs could magically generate ..MBs-sized mp34 months 1 week ago
Example: I try this get "01-home_69_-_mixed_by_dj_junior-adr.mp3 "4 months 1 week ago
Orly? It's everyone else's problem too, otherwise noone'd ever need this kind of warez audio request/download sites. No idea why you imagined that (through gui or command line) is supposed to get you mp3s4 months 1 week ago
I don't have this releases, think I try somewhere. But not my problem, because srrGUI help restore bad mp3's to original. My problem full release acquisition.4 months 1 week ago
srs file contains only m3u/nfo/sfv+tags from mp3s, not mp3s 'emselves (check size of srs & think). You need to get mp3 files elsewhere before "retag.exe" (check the word's translation & think) tries to restore original tags. There're no mp3s at srrdb.com4 months 1 week ago
I give up, always got srs file, nothing original mp3. I don't understand error scripts.4 months 1 week ago
D/l "pyReScene" app from, put .srr file in same folder with .mp3s (named exactly as at, run "<pyReScene path>/retag.exe <.srr file name> -y". Sorry, that's all I'd bother to explain, read some FAQs about Win's command line4 months 1 week ago
I got only srs file.4 months 1 week ago
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