PUTA on Label Collecto ;)3 months 3 weeks ago
Alpha Flight 1970 ; fabrizio e marco - fly away-web-2008-est3 months 3 weeks ago
Anyone know how to get in contact with the non-scene group PUTA?3 months 4 weeks ago
It's just one night in NYC :)3 months 4 weeks ago
Nice, thank you for quick fix too :)4 months 5 hours ago
fixed, thanks for reporting (as it turns out, nesting <a> inside <button> doesn't work in FF)4 months 6 hours ago
I can see "Add request" button at lossless-music's working in Chrome but did you tested it in Firefox? Tried in several versions of FF and clicking does just nothing4 months 8 hours ago
Got it :D4 months 5 days ago
What's the point in hidding the download links if anyone with five minutes to spare can straight out compile it?4 months 6 days ago
Can you explain to me in PM how to do this? :D Or send me the 4.1.5 ? :P4 months 6 days ago
What do you mean by "how to get in"? Download the latest release, install Node.js and run the compile script. Once it's done, the executable (Deezloader Remix 4.1.5 Setup) will be unde /dist folder.4 months 1 week ago
Anyone understand how to get in ?

4 months 1 week ago
Anybody got the link to the new Telegram channel for the Deezloader Remix downloads? Previous Telegram is not working anymore, at least not posted the 4.1.5 ... Plz PM me the link :D THANKS4 months 1 week ago
I really want to say thanks to hardhouse. You man got some very rare releases. Cheers one more time. Keep it up!4 months 1 week ago
Yarabi? I have their two albums (Yarabi and Again) in FLAC (WEB quality).4 months 1 week ago
The Yarabi stuff is hard to find.4 months 2 weeks ago
I can filled all the Dance/House/Techno request that are open in the first page, but i need help for my open releases of Romanian music like the Yarabi releases...4 months 2 weeks ago
weststylers - miss you everyday-web-2009-atrium rar4 months 3 weeks ago
ale w ktorym e taki relek4 months 4 weeks ago
I dunno about API-friendliness but e.g. an was used before. Tho ofc they don't (promise to) keep files for several years w/o creating even a free account5 months 22 hours ago
for reuploads, with API and long files' life, in case anonfile will be much worser5 months 1 day ago
You want to upload lossless/label packs or what? 250 kb/s and no wait time/cd/captcha is still better than rapidgator and more than enough for typical mp3 uploads5 months 1 day ago
anonfile dl speed really became shitty low, what else we have with long file life?5 months 1 day ago oraz months 1 day ago
indeed, they cutted speed, i have 180-250 kb/s5 months 1 day ago
Anyone else have extremely slow download speed from Anonfile? Never seen it go over 60kb/s.5 months 1 day ago
Hi5 months 1 week ago
Deezloader Reborn works fine for me5 months 1 week ago
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