I cannot do so I don't have the required karma to make such a request, if you are on soulseek I could do it that way? the only track I would like is the Wand Dub.3 months 2 weeks ago
Nick, add a request for the whole discography. I have their full album and 4 singles, including the one you are looking for. I will upload them in separate links because the album is very cheesy Eurodance, but the remixes are great!3 months 2 weeks ago
3 months 2 weeks ago
Yeah! Share the ID and track, would love to add it to my collection :)3 months 2 weeks ago
can you share that ID? :)3 months 2 weeks ago
I got it ID'd finally lol.3 months 2 weeks ago
Btw Winx thanks for checking for me btw. I appreciate it.3 months 2 weeks ago
I have lots of classics but some are a big pain in the ass to Hunt down :P this is an addiction for me, so I'm always on the prowl lol.3 months 2 weeks ago
I do not have the prior track it's a banger too but that one is old Hard House possibly on Tripoli Trax... sounds like something that Tony De Vit would can back in the day.3 months 2 weeks ago
here's a better sound quality ... yeah, I cut it from a mix... I used to hear this track at parties back in the day and it's driving me insane trying to hunt this down haha.. the DJ is SOS aka Paladin
3 months 2 weeks ago
It might be easier to identify that track, then find then mix and look at the track list3 months 2 weeks ago
My Name Is Nick, that's a killer track, but I can't remember the name of it either. And Shazam can't identify it. However, I noticed that it comes from a mix and the prior track has some lyrics. Do you have that track.3 months 2 weeks ago
@My Name Is Nick then i send it pm for him3 months 3 weeks ago
Yeah, also sorry if what I posted is seen as spam, I thought maybe someone here may possibly know, cheers.3 months 3 weeks ago
sorry for spamming guys, but a little bit important for me...
@ANERSO Do you have this? VA-5_Lightyears_Ahead__Best_Of_Fairlight_Records-2CD-2004-USF
updated here:
3 months 3 weeks ago months 3 weeks ago
no problem... maybe you may know this track? I've been trying to ID this it's driving me crazy lol it's an old Trance track the melody comes in around 2 mins in maybe you may know this? or possibly someone here3 months 3 weeks ago
Thank you My Name Is Nick! I have a ton of their stuff. I was just trying to complete my collection with at least some of the more interesting items like that "Ultimate Seduction", which also has a Suck Me Plasma Megamix of some sort3 months 3 weeks ago
How is Karma being handled? We just get Karma by filling a full request. Whats about when we just can not fill a whole request? Do we get manuelly Karma? Thanks inadvance for exlaining it.3 months 3 weeks ago
I don't know if those compilations exist in sceners but I do know there is a ton of Suck Me Plasma stuff though as I have lots of them.3 months 3 weeks ago
No problem for the clarification, it can be confusing as now of days there's a 1000 sub-genres... but yeah it's hard trance/trance with the odd gabber and even techno on most of those old hard trance/trance labels.3 months 3 weeks ago
admin and MyNameIsNick, thank you for clarifying ... makes total sense ... I just picked the "medium" genre since they are all over the place, but I have most of their stuff, so they really are predominantly hard trance.3 months 3 weeks ago
Sorry not trying to be a genre geek but it's not Hardstyle at all and yes there was the odd Hardcore/Gabber track on some early Hard Trance label as the BPM's were around the same and the style was similiar too.3 months 3 weeks ago
like Bonzai and yes there was a some hardcore stuff but most of the stuff on these labels were Hard Trance and later 130ish - 140ish bpm Progressive/Acid/Club style Trance... not Hardstyle.3 months 3 weeks ago
@Winx it's German Hard Trance which was 150-180 bpm back from 93 till about 97 just like on labels like EDM or Fog Arena or on Belgian labels too.3 months 3 weeks ago
it's quite simple - open random releases at discogs and see their genres.3 months 3 weeks ago
so, I'm trying to get clarification on what the proper category is (as to not offend anyone) since that label has everything from trance to hardcore. Then I'll repost the request.3 months 3 weeks ago
lol ... Anerson ... look further below. I did! But it was removed. I think because I requested it under hardstyle, which is what I thought most of the stuff was. I was only looking for the OHM series and Members of Plasma - Ultimate Seduction.3 months 3 weeks ago
Winx then why don't you put a request for Suck Me Plasma?3 months 3 weeks ago
btw, I have almost all singles that were released on Suck Me Plasma if anyone is looking for any of them (except for the three I requested of course)3 months 3 weeks ago
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