D/l "pyReScene" app from, put .srr file in same folder with .mp3s (named exactly as at, run "<pyReScene path>/retag.exe <.srr file name> -y". Sorry, that's all I'd bother to explain, read some FAQs about Win's command line1 month 3 days ago
I got only srs file.1 month 3 days ago
I tried, but in vain... python not allowed1 month 3 days ago
@Borgild: I can't rescene making, don't understand. A little bit picture help?1 month 3 days ago
@Phaeton: For warez scene releases there's only 1 generic "techno" genre and even w/o hardstyle ~200 releases come out every Monday or Friday. Can't imagine who'd store all these TBs of mp3s except some 0-day site (paid) FTPs1 month 3 days ago
@Rocco2018: Read and month 3 days ago
Anyone can help me out? im looking for some ( obscure and dark) techno. does any one know a a website where i can get these kind of trax ?
i know theres a great amount of hardcore websites like 1gabba but is there a techno version of some sort?
1 month 3 days ago
Sorry, no idea. I do not collect scene releases. Somebody else surely knows.1 month 3 days ago
Alpha Flight, you know use srrDB?
How can srs file to original mp3 rescene?
1 month 3 days ago
Are you sure about Scnlog? They just had to face heavy DDOS-attacks the past week afaik.1 month 1 week ago
srrdb live again with a gui tool ....thanks god1 month 1 week ago
Well, to be completely fair, predb's weren't meant to be publicly available anyway. I'm not exactly happy for them to be taken down either, but sadly, that's how it is.1 month 1 week ago
SrrDB R.I.P. ;(((((((1 month 1 week ago also will be down in the near future. Fuck you DMCA! I'm afraid already what happen with or month 1 week ago
srrDB is down, doesn't work over 2 months, wtf.1 month 1 week ago is down.... Time for a break ))1 month 1 week ago
corrected, thanks1 month 3 weeks ago
Not that I personally care, but some requests still give 10 points only.1 month 3 weeks ago
Corrected whole points system, adding new requests costs 20 points, filling any request brings also 20 points. No genre restrictions for registered users. Jumpstyle now in LP genres.1 month 3 weeks ago
Daily 2 or 3 requests limit, what's the point of karmas? Register after got 50 karma.1 month 4 weeks ago
@nardo: Hardhouse leaved this site :(1 month 4 weeks ago
i make proper requests and even filled some.. so fuck off ya cunt!1 month 4 weeks ago
Hardbay RIP?2 months 18 hours ago
Perhaps make a proper request? If this is too much for you, you can always leave and try other sites (if any). Or hell, buy shit, that way you won't bother anyone with your bs.2 months 1 day ago
what is it with this site and stopping me from making requests? pure bull shit2 months 2 days ago
Please re-upload scene pack of label B Trax2 months 1 week ago
Ok. Thanks for the reply!2 months 1 week ago
Not released yet. According to previous album we can suppose he'll release full album with full-length mixes in the future.2 months 1 week ago
Anyone know if there's an Extended mix of Phuture Noize - Circles and Squares? (That is longer than 3:17 that is)2 months 1 week ago
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