Is there a place like 1gabba for house/edm music?2 months 3 weeks ago
@Borgild: Not bad, just sometimes freeze.2 months 3 weeks ago
"Babyface" pathetic and childrish username. I'm not curious such persons like he.2 months 3 weeks ago
LoL Hehe :D2 months 3 weeks ago
Go away, "Babyface". Nobody wants and needs demanding leechers and retards like you.2 months 3 weeks ago < my old uploaded files still active after 7 year :D2 months 3 weeks ago
...i.e. exactly the same terms as of anonfile. Yet it's not anonfile's mirror or smth, server/owners're are different - as mentioned in bayfiles' FAQ2 months 4 weeks ago
Bayfiles delete files after 6 months if file isn't downloaded/reported or after 6 years if file isn't downloaded/reported in 5 years.2 months 4 weeks ago
Oi oi people3 months 1 day ago
Openload's FAQ: "non streamable files'll be deleted after 30 days of inactivity". Might as well use Zippy then. Try to switch to, maybe it got less downtime probs than anonfile3 months 1 day ago
Yep, NCK. seems a good alternative, same goes for months 1 day ago
Ok, thanks Alpha Flight. Thought to post it here, since it's been going on for a while now, thanks for the reply.3 months 2 days ago
@NightcoreKiller: You're right, the best filehoster! Upload unlimited filesize with full speeds, so great!3 months 2 days ago
Alpha, have you ever tried For me it's the best, it's good3 months 2 days ago
For an unknown reason Anonfile sometimes cannot be reached. Just try later. Anonfile downloads are quick and last longer than Zippyshare. That's why I personally use it.

If you cannot use Anonfile at all, ask people to upload somewhere else.
3 months 2 days ago
I'm having issues with downloading files from a Anonfile link, does anyone know what the problem could be? I have litterly 0 problems with the rest of the uploading sites, just Anonfile.3 months 2 days ago
In any case the quality should be good :D thanx3 months 3 days ago
Scene releases are grabbed from Google Music pretty much for free, non-scene mostly from other streaming services, Deezer for example.3 months 3 days ago
Some folks buy them, others get them from friends or pirate websites, others rip them themselves.3 months 4 days ago
I have a question: 320 web releases are purchased or grabbed somehow? (Just 4 curiosity, I want to know).3 months 4 days ago
Why do we need that site? You are just reposting labels from labelscollecto3 months 6 days ago
got it now waiting for access :) thanks btw3 months 1 week ago
People after new, old and rare releases get yourself signed up to https://unitedinsound.com3 months 1 week ago
Hey BamBam were can i find labels collecto ? I searched on google but no result.3 months 1 week ago
4 those of u who like oldschool hardstyle I made a mix recently enjoy it :D3 months 1 week ago
Rochard all VELOCiTY's are on Labels Collecto ;)3 months 1 week ago
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