Maybe we dont need in filehoster mirrors. Better creates torrents on site P2P is the best way to fast download only what U want. Site already has division into labels2 months 1 week ago
All we can post full label links directly to 1gabba. No mimic ))
ANERSO, don't listen peoples who wants only separete files or only label packs. Summary they need both of them!!!
2 months 1 week ago
Peoples who knows about THIS label already download some releses from 1gabba or and want more. It'r really faster to ask about full label here than report about all dead links on 1 gabba!2 months 1 week ago
There's no need to completely mimic 1gabba and create multi-volume & max size archives for label packs. If someone gives just a discogs link or label name then most likely he doesn't have and/or cba to search for any its release :)2 months 1 week ago
Besides many users here use RapidGator eg hardhouse etc ... So it's better we all use that too :)2 months 1 week ago
Like I already said: I want to post full label links too, but then people will start whining that they don't need the full pack, but only a few releases of the label .... So I post separately, now anyone can choose what they wanna download ...2 months 1 week ago
If Real Debrid in any way speeds up uploading and if "It's premium for EVERYTHING" you can choose from many other filehosts that're more friendly to free users + it's still not hard to shift-select several releases to pack into 1 file2 months 1 week ago
Ok, you chose to pay to Real Debrid to d/l from rg w/o problems (sup JDownloader?). It still doesn't explain why you have to use exactly "gazillion links at rg" way for your uploads. Unless ofc it's "I pay so you pay too or it'd be too easy" logic2 months 1 week ago
All use Real Debrid .... It's premium for EVERYTHING2 months 1 week ago
If you have no hoster space limitation, you can upload separate releases and also pack for downloading all releses per one (few for 1gb+) link2 months 2 weeks ago
Google hate peoples that using capture very often and show double-tripple count of captures2 months 2 weeks ago
Premium generators (cboxpremium, getidn, multileech, get4all) can help to download 900MB files, but it requires 50-100 additional mouse clicks). Downloading 100 x 20+Mb files required few hours of crazy clickings on google capture2 months 2 weeks ago
@ANERSO: don't think that problem with host(rapidgator), problem with big count of links, it's not the same2 months 2 weeks ago
Yes2 months 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know some good 0day DnB sites?2 months 2 weeks ago
If ISP doesn't support Jdownloader's IP manipulations then all it helps with is tracking cooldown between d/ls. So you still wait 2 hours between each d/l + 3 d/ls in total per day2 months 2 weeks ago
btw I suppose you all use JDownloader right?? You don't have to do nothing at all ... All goes automatic : downloading + unrarring ... Couldn't be any easier ..2 months 2 weeks ago
It's like that on any labels website ... if people only need a few releases, it's better if all is posted separately instead of one huge pack which contains lots of things they already have ...2 months 2 weeks ago
And even Zippy'd suck if every god-damn 1-track release had a separate d/l link when a label pack is uploaded. You made well sure your uploads won't be easy to get for most people, gj2 months 2 weeks ago
I have a Real Debrid account which opens everything ...2 months 2 weeks ago
Maybe YOU "get a fucking premium" so your links stay online for more than a month since last download. Otherwise it's the same as Zippy that "never stays online"2 months 2 weeks ago
Zippy never stays online and MEGA gets reported way too fast2 months 2 weeks ago
By the way: for everybody who is still whining about the RapidGator links: get a fucking premium or get a Real Debrid account (which unlocks ALLLLL premium stuff out there), it's not expensive and if you really want the stuff, get a fucking premium :)2 months 2 weeks ago

@ANERSO please reupload ... thank for reading and helping my request :)
2 months 3 weeks ago
@ANERSO please reupload this! months 3 days ago
Like it;s ungooglable rocket science... months 3 days ago
Hi Admin, can you explain me how you could see that they were reencodes from a lower source? (The flac files i uploaded you)Since i have a few more flac files without a proper scene release. And i fear that they are reencodes aswell.I would appreciated it3 months 3 days ago
@Darkman, well-deserved rest, @Tekdee too, helped me with some unfilled requests3 months 4 days ago
@thevolution good question, i think that they rest...3 months 4 days ago
where is Hardhouse and ANERSO?3 months 5 days ago
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