Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Skullduggery Records Open Hardcore 0 02-Dec-2017
Early Hardcore tracks (190 b.p.m.) High quality Open Hardcore 0 02-Dec-2017
unknown (name please) hardcore Filled Hardcore 2 01-Dec-2017
Lady Dammage - Coredoom Open Hardcore 0 01-Dec-2017
Hells Album #2 'Raise Hell' Open Hardcore 0 30-Nov-2017
Weaver_And_Impact-Breakaway-WEB-2013-UKHx Filled Hardcore 1 26-Nov-2017
VA - Brachiale Horakustikk Free Compilation (2009) Open Hardcore 0 26-Nov-2017
Neophyte vs. Stunned Guys - Army Of Hardcore Filled Hardcore 1 25-Nov-2017
Various ‎– Thrones Of Hardcore Chapter 1 (2015) 2cd Filled Hardcore 1 25-Nov-2017
Srb-More_Dutchcore-WEB-2017-2FAST4U Filled Hardcore 2 25-Nov-2017
Tommyknocker_And_MC_Lob_-_The_Realm-(TRAX9917)-WEB-1999 Filled Hardcore 2 25-Nov-2017
Various ‎– So You Wanna Be Hardcore EP Filled Hardcore 2 22-Nov-2017
Angerfist & Crucifier - Broken Chain Filled Hardcore 1 21-Nov-2017
The Brutalist - No Equality (DJ Inferno's Blast Cut) 320Kbps Filled Hardcore 1 21-Nov-2017
Rebelion - Hardcore Loudness DJ Tool Filled Hardcore 1 20-Nov-2017
T-Junction - The Rise And Fall EP Filled Hardcore 1 14-Nov-2017
Sei2ure - Seismic Activity Filled Hardcore 1 13-Nov-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Toxic Sickness Digital" Open Hardcore 1 13-Nov-2017
F. Noize - Cold As Ice (Bootleg) Filled Hardcore 2 13-Nov-2017
altern-hate label Filled Hardcore 1 12-Nov-2017
Ganah_V_Nova_-_Supernova-(EV191)-WEB-2017-MMS Filled Hardcore 1 12-Nov-2017
European Hardcore United Filled Hardcore 1 10-Nov-2017
base x (label) Filled Hardcore 1 10-Nov-2017
Fast Forward Filled Hardcore 1 10-Nov-2017
VA_-_Enzyme_-_A_Gathering_Of_Styles_Part_2-(enzyme020)-Vinyl-2005-SQ Filled Hardcore 2 10-Nov-2017