Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
DJ Freak - The Mindtrip EP -(S21​-​038)- WEB-2018 Open Hardcore 0 04-Aug-2018
DJ Freak - Crypto_Wars EP -(S21​-​037)-WEB-2018 Open Hardcore 0 04-Aug-2018
Havocknoize - Dark Ops -(TRM-EP-036)- WEB - 2018 Filled Hardcore 2 04-Aug-2018
CRPTC - Weapons Of Darkcore (TRM-EP-037) Filled Hardcore 1 03-Aug-2018
01-neophyte-live_at_slammin_vinyl_11-02_side_a-pulse Open Hardcore 0 03-Aug-2018
Shadowlands Rave EP Filled Hardcore 5 02-Aug-2018
Lunatic - Fearless Album Open Hardcore 2 01-Aug-2018
Masters of Hardcore Chapter X (mp3) Filled Hardcore 3 31-Jul-2018
Brutal 7.0 Filled Hardcore 6 31-Jul-2018
Acid Division ‎– Violent Cases 001 Filled Hardcore 1 31-Jul-2018
Darrien Kelly & The Unknown MC – The People Want More [CD] Open Hardcore 0 31-Jul-2018
Collision – Awoken Filled Hardcore 1 30-Jul-2018
Cybermouse ‎– Poisoned E.P. Open Hardcore 0 30-Jul-2018
The_Viper_-_Bulletproof-(BABY045)-WEB-2002-BOA_INT Filled Hardcore 2 29-Jul-2018
Diffuse - The Womb Filled Hardcore 2 29-Jul-2018
Na-Goyah vs. DJ Kristof - Strangers Dome (320) Filled Hardcore 1 29-Jul-2018
DJ Outblast+mix set Open Hardcore 0 29-Jul-2018
Macky Gee & DJ Phantasy ft. Young Man - Let It Shine (Mad Dog Bootleg) Open Hardcore 0 26-Jul-2018
Biodome ‎– Never Crossover Open Hardcore 0 26-Jul-2018
Guitar Rob feat. DJ Delirium ‎– Don't Try To Hide Filled Hardcore 1 26-Jul-2018
Hard Effectz - Fuck Up The Speakers Mashup Filled Hardcore 1 25-Jul-2018
Guitar Rob presents Wap Squad Project - Disciples Of Hardcore Filled Hardcore 2 25-Jul-2018
Pauly Batz ‎– So Very Hardcore Open Hardcore 0 25-Jul-2018
Neuroloop - Neurostorm Open Hardcore 0 25-Jul-2018
Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk ‎– The Tough Guys Filled Hardcore 2 24-Jul-2018