Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Rodox Trading-Mindfuck Filled Hardcore 1 23-May-2019
MBK - Master of Destruction Filled Hardcore 1 22-May-2019
rotterdam records (puta releases) Open Hardcore 0 22-May-2019
Jony K-Slayer Open Hardcore 0 21-May-2019
VA - Hangar 08 [HNGR08] (tnc) Open Hardcore 0 20-May-2019
Hellchoir - Defend Freedom Open Hardcore 0 20-May-2019
Persian Groovies - Gravity Noize (WEB) Filled Hardcore 1 20-May-2019
John Legend - All Of Me ( Paul Elstak Hardcore Remix ) Open Hardcore 1 19-May-2019
Danger Hardcore Team - Hard To Say I'm Sorry Filled Hardcore 1 18-May-2019
The Snatcher-Parasites ep Open Hardcore 0 18-May-2019
Phantom Of Anton-Gott Endet hier Open Hardcore 0 17-May-2019
Rumbler - Dark Matter Open Hardcore 0 17-May-2019
Ivan Stotzky-Pavor Nocturnus Filled Hardcore 1 17-May-2019
Noize Destruction-One Open Hardcore 0 17-May-2019
Hatebeast-Die Here EP Open Hardcore 0 16-May-2019
SkullZ & MaZit-Lucky Speed Open Hardcore 0 16-May-2019
Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Believe It + Bring It Filled Hardcore 1 16-May-2019
Angernoizer ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Titanium 2019 Anthem Filled Hardcore 1 16-May-2019
Private Productions ‎– Looped Filled Hardcore 1 16-May-2019
Andy The Core - Roots Filled Hardcore 3 16-May-2019
Little K-First Strike Filled Hardcore 1 16-May-2019
Medellin - Kill Shot Filled Hardcore 4 16-May-2019
DJ Lem-X ‎– Back World Open Hardcore 0 15-May-2019
Micron ‎- God Vs The Devil EP Filled Hardcore 2 14-May-2019
Drokz - We Are Taking No Prisoners Filled Hardcore 2 14-May-2019