Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Industrial Frequency ‎– Over And Out Open Hardcore 0 23-May-2017
Relapse (4) ‎– S.O.S. Open Hardcore 0 23-May-2017
Nekrokick ‎– The Vampire Bat EP Open Hardcore 0 23-May-2017
The Reactor & Raoul vs T-Factor ‎– Newcomer's Anthem 320 Kbps Open Hardcore 1 23-May-2017
Mono-Amine_-_Human_Farming-WEB-2014-DDS Open Hardcore 0 23-May-2017
The_Speed_Freak_-_WTF_(What_The_Freak)-(PKGCD72)-WEB-2014-SOB Filled Hardcore 1 22-May-2017
DJ Hidden ‎- Drastic / Dying Star (Plus Package) Open Hardcore 0 20-May-2017
LABEL: Make Believe Records UK Open Hardcore 0 19-May-2017
VA - Macabre Records - The Beginning MR.CD.02 Filled Hardcore 2 18-May-2017
La Metro Bcn [Hardcore/Newstyle/Hardhouse/HardTrance label] Open Hardcore 0 18-May-2017
Hardcoholics, The ‎– Dust To Ashes Filled Hardcore 1 18-May-2017
VA- Dawn of Paranoia Filled Hardcore 2 18-May-2017
Micron - Globalisation Filled Hardcore 1 18-May-2017
Shatterling_-_Eternal_Moment-(TRM-EP-025)-WEB-2017 Open Hardcore 0 17-May-2017
100% Clubland Hardcore Dupe Hardcore 0 16-May-2017
Uptempo Is The Tempo vol.2 album Filled Hardcore 3 15-May-2017
Dune_-_Million_Miles_from_Home_(Hellsystem_Remix)-WEB-2013-BC Filled Hardcore 1 14-May-2017
Bomfunk_MCs_-_Freestyler_(Hellsystem_Bootleg_Remix)-WEB-2012-BC Filled Hardcore 1 14-May-2017
Sinister Open Hardcore 0 14-May-2017
I:gor ‎– Rage EP Closed Hardcore 1 13-May-2017
Somatic Responses ‎– Hellbound Filled Hardcore 2 09-May-2017
The DJ Producer ‎– The True Creators Open Hardcore 0 08-May-2017
Aggroman-Costa_Mesa_Biaaaatch-(AR002)-Vinyl-1998-HM Filled Hardcore 2 08-May-2017
Dark Salvation ‎– My Style Open Hardcore 0 07-May-2017
Label: Candy Crush Music Open Hardcore 0 05-May-2017