Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Cubic Nomad ‎– The Whole Universe Surrenders Open Hardcore 0 23-Sep-2017
Break Zero & Deetox - Rock It (Hardbouncer Hardcore Tool) Open Hardcore 0 23-Sep-2017
DJ Mic & DJ Bass ‎– Platycerus Caraboides Filled Hardcore 1 22-Sep-2017
Danytribe ‎– Paradise Of Demons Open Hardcore 0 22-Sep-2017
LAURA GRABB - Wave Mixing - 320 WEB Filled Hardcore 5 22-Sep-2017
UVC/DJ NAROTIC - Step Into The Pit - 320 WEB Filled Hardcore 1 22-Sep-2017
AMS ‎- Check This Out / Rock You Filled Hardcore 1 21-Sep-2017
Sandy Warez - Machete HighTempo Remix Filled Hardcore 2 21-Sep-2017
E-Noid ‎– Efficient Methods WEB Filled Hardcore 1 18-Sep-2017
D-Spirit_-_Twisted_Souls-(BASS011)-WEB-2011-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 18-Sep-2017
Unite (Tha Playah Short Remix) Filled Hardcore 2 16-Sep-2017
Section-8 ‎– Punanny EP Open Hardcore 0 16-Sep-2017
unknown (ID) Open Hardcore 0 16-Sep-2017
masters of ceremony - adapt or die Filled Hardcore 1 15-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Maddest Chick'ndom" Open Hardcore 0 14-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Madstiff Tracks" Open Hardcore 0 13-Sep-2017
moh special web Filled Hardcore 2 13-Sep-2017
Old Masochist Records & Releases in good quality? Filled Hardcore 2 11-Sep-2017
Angels Of Darkness ‎– Cold As Ice WEB Filled Hardcore 1 11-Sep-2017
VA_-_This_Is_Loop_-_The_Sound_Of_Vienna_Part_1_(Labworks)-2CD-1993-kiNky Filled Hardcore 2 11-Sep-2017
The Lawyer (2) ‎– Yo DJ Filled Hardcore 2 10-Sep-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Mayhem Elite Records" Open Hardcore 0 10-Sep-2017
No Mercy Records Open Hardcore 2 09-Sep-2017
Loop Records (Austria) Open Hardcore 2 09-Sep-2017
Aurel Hollowgram - Aliens Compilation 01 (ALIENS COMP_01)-Web-2009 Filled Hardcore 1 09-Sep-2017