Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Fix Records Filled Hardcore 3 09-Nov-2017
What track is this? Open Hardcore 0 09-Nov-2017
Coolman Records Filled Hardcore 2 09-Nov-2017
Hellfish - The Hong Kong Chop Open Hardcore 0 09-Nov-2017
creatures of the occult Filled Hardcore 1 08-Nov-2017
vindicta records full label in wav , flac or mp3 320 if it is possible Filled Hardcore 2 08-Nov-2017
Gancher & Ruin - The Atmosphere Of Destruction Filled Hardcore 1 07-Nov-2017
Diplomat vs. Trouble ‎– Iniquitous Genoside Filled Hardcore 1 06-Nov-2017
The DJ Producer & Deathmachine ‎– Come Hell Or High Tempo Filled Hardcore 1 06-Nov-2017
Tripped ‎– Infiltration Filled Hardcore 2 06-Nov-2017
Cryogenic - Rocking Hard Filled Hardcore 1 04-Nov-2017
W.T.F. Records Label Pack Filled Hardcore 2 03-Nov-2017
Various ‎– Weird Tales Of The Hardcore Tribe - Terror That Stalks Beat By Beat 320 or Flac Open Hardcore 1 02-Nov-2017
Evilcore - Original Style 320 Filled Hardcore 1 02-Nov-2017
Uptempo [Spanish label] Filled Hardcore 2 02-Nov-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Thorntree Records" Open Hardcore 2 01-Nov-2017
Tommyknocker / The DJ Producer Featuring MC Justice ‎– Raving Nightmare - Nocturnal Ritual... Filled Hardcore 1 01-Nov-2017
Missing stuff in label: "The Time Traveller" Open Hardcore 2 01-Nov-2017
The Day Of Hardcore 10-11-12 Open Hardcore 0 01-Nov-2017
Heat Light Sound Open Hardcore 0 31-Oct-2017
TFCD-013 M-Project - Weaponized Soul Open Hardcore 0 30-Oct-2017
Neophyte - GrondLeggers NEO061 (2012) FLAC Open Hardcore 0 29-Oct-2017
VA - Hardcore Power (1999) [FLAC] Open Hardcore 0 29-Oct-2017
Endymion - Demonsworld (full CD) Filled Hardcore 1 29-Oct-2017
ENZYME - some vinyls (not webs) Filled Hardcore 3 28-Oct-2017