Hardcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
The Prophet - Wanna Play (Lunakorpz Kick Edit) Open Hardcore 1 01-Sep-2019
kenta-v.ez. ‎– b.e. Open Hardcore 0 01-Sep-2019
Various ‎– Pain Continues Filled Hardcore 1 01-Sep-2019
Lunakorpz - Sturen Gvd! Open Hardcore 0 31-Aug-2019
Distorted Voices-Headbanger Filled Hardcore 1 30-Aug-2019
Partyraiser & Bulletproof-The Dark Elements (Official Ground Zero 2019 Anthem) Filled Hardcore 1 30-Aug-2019
NSA - Loved One Filled Hardcore 1 30-Aug-2019
MC Rage & D-Boy Bad Boys ‎– Rage - CD So-Real Records Open Hardcore 0 29-Aug-2019
Epic Aggressive-Spaceman Open Hardcore 0 29-Aug-2019
Drokz & Furyan-Worst Enemy Open Hardcore 1 29-Aug-2019
QUIL - Kimpern Filled Hardcore 1 29-Aug-2019
Various ‎– Yatsuzaki Hardcore Vol.7 Filled Hardcore 2 28-Aug-2019
Lars Macer And T-Hammer-Hardmony Open Hardcore 0 28-Aug-2019
Shabboo Harper-Bitches And Virgins Filled Hardcore 1 28-Aug-2019
Deathpool-It's My Spot Filled Hardcore 1 28-Aug-2019
The Dissident - Say Your Prayers Filled Hardcore 2 28-Aug-2019
Neophyte & Tieum & Rob Gee - Coming at You Strong (Remix by Hungry Beats) Filled Hardcore 1 28-Aug-2019
Noize Suppressor Ft. Instigator (2) ‎– Take Control E.P. Filled Hardcore 1 27-Aug-2019
Tha Playah - Sick & Twisted CD Filled Hardcore 10 27-Aug-2019
Sandy Warez-Optimus Prime EP Filled Hardcore 1 27-Aug-2019
Distinction & Sloperij Janssen Filled Hardcore 2 27-Aug-2019
Hardcore Rave Party (Mixed by DJ Liza N.Eliaz + DJ Mental Theo) Filled Hardcore 4 26-Aug-2019
Hard Infantry, The Vizitor-Balrog EP Open Hardcore 0 26-Aug-2019
DJ D Vs DJ Piwi-Destiny-web Filled Hardcore 1 26-Aug-2019
I:Gor - Zero Fucks Given [MOHDIGI165] Filled Hardcore 1 26-Aug-2019