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Title Status Genre Cmt Date
Spirtual_Project_-_The_Third_EP-(BLQ005)-WEB-2000-gnvr Filled Hardstyle 1 12-Oct-2018
Na-Goyah - Voices In My Head (320 or WAV) Open Hardcore 0 12-Oct-2018
VA_-_DJ_Zany_His_Djs_Choice_Volume_1-CD-2004-HB Filled Hardstyle 2 12-Oct-2018
VA-DJ_Zany-The_New_Generation_Bass-CD-2003-MiM Filled Hardstyle 2 12-Oct-2018
Rave Maniacs - Throw Down the Beat Open Happy Hardcore 0 12-Oct-2018
The Return of Gabberhead Record Label Open Hardcore 0 12-Oct-2018
Armin van Buuren vs Vini Vici feat. Hilight Tribe Great Spirit (Invaïssor Bootleg) Filled Hardcore 1 11-Oct-2018
[DARKUL075] Striker_-_Rise_Of_Fighters Filled Hardcore 2 11-Oct-2018
DJ Gizmo (some releases+2006 , Hardcore) Filled Hardcore 3 11-Oct-2018
The 3Eyed - MultiMask EP Filled Hardcore 2 11-Oct-2018
VA-XX_Lerator_-_Hardstyle_To_The_Maxx-CD-2003-MiM Filled Hardstyle 2 11-Oct-2018
5x Cryogenic Hardcore different rels Filled Hardcore 1 11-Oct-2018
7x Greazy Puzzy FuckerZ different ones (plz read) Filled Hardcore 1 11-Oct-2018
Caine (a few missing Hardcore Releases) Filled Hardcore 1 11-Oct-2018
Rexanthony - For you Marlene (Technewbrain interface version) 320 kbps Open Hardcore 3 11-Oct-2018
3 Steps Ahead - Gangster [proper recording] Open Hardcore 2 11-Oct-2018
Neural Damage - Bomb Blast Open Hardcore 0 11-Oct-2018
Miss_K8_-_Out_Of_The_Frame-WEB-2018-MMS_INT Filled Hardcore 1 10-Oct-2018
DJ_Lukas_-_Fuckin_Crazy-(IMS37)-Vinyl-2006-SQ (VBR V1) Filled Hardstyle 2 10-Oct-2018
VA_-_Xlerator_-_Hardstyle_to_the_Maxx-CD-2003-MOD Filled Hardstyle 2 10-Oct-2018
Radium - Masterpis Filled Frenchcore 1 10-Oct-2018
VA-X-Qlusive-Mixed_By_DJ_Luna-CD-2004-MiM Filled Hardstyle 2 10-Oct-2018
KTR / CPU / Liroye ‎– Nawak 03 Filled Hardcore 2 10-Oct-2018
Different Hardcore Releases +2004,2005... (TRAX,NEO) Filled Hardcore 1 10-Oct-2018
7D: The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria 8: The Final Dimension (Part Two) Open Happy Hardcore 3 10-Oct-2018


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