Hardstyle requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Max Enforer - Loudness EP Filled Hardstyle 1 25-Sep-2018
Darcon Inc - Alive original Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Sep-2018
TNT x DJ Isaac - The Realm (Radio Edit) Open Hardstyle 2 24-Sep-2018
DJ_Gius-V_Like_Venusian-(BLQ041)-WEB-2006-DFM Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Sep-2018
Marlon_S_Meets_Digital_Punk-Bringing_The_Funk-WEB-2008-Homely Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Sep-2018
Pavo and Zany-Shutterspeed Big Fat Bass-(FUSION013-5)-WEB-2004-BPM Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Sep-2018
Luna Return To zero WEB Open Hardstyle 3 23-Sep-2018
Tuneboy_-_Money_Talks_Bullshit_Walks-(TTC026)-WEB-2005-JiM Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Sep-2018
Pavo_And_Zany-Sex-(Q-069)-WEB-2005-(READ_NFO)-Homely Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Sep-2018
Phuture Noize - Echo Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Sep-2018
SMD_-_Just_Like_You-(SCANTRAXX034)-Vinyl-2008-HB Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Sep-2018
Zany_and_DV8_-_Distorted__The_Anthem-(FUSION044-5)-WEB-2008-JiM Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Sep-2018
Code Black - Lowr U Go Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Sep-2018
Code Black - Pandora (I Am Hardstyle Edit) Open Hardstyle 0 23-Sep-2018
LNY TNZ x Ruthless - Move Over Filled Hardstyle 2 22-Sep-2018
The Masochist - Kill The Remix Filled Hardstyle 2 22-Sep-2018
[DMW 045D1] Showtek ft. MC Stretch - Freak Filled Hardstyle 1 21-Sep-2018
Zatox_-_Scanner_EP-(WKD1070)-WEB-2006-HB Filled Hardstyle 1 21-Sep-2018
Walt-Let_The_Music_Play-(CAR1227)-WEB-2004-BPM Filled Hardstyle 1 21-Sep-2018
Murdock - Fear & Sin (Pro Mix) Filled Hardstyle 1 21-Sep-2018
Pavo - Let's Go Filled Hardstyle 2 20-Sep-2018
TTC033 Tuneboy_-_Just_A_Detail-(TTC033)-WEB-2006-gnvr Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Sep-2018
GEE032 Speedwave-Hear_The_Drummer_Get_Wicked-(GEE032)-WEB-2003-SSK Filled Hardstyle 2 20-Sep-2018
POLL223 Droid-Rave_Train-(POLL_223)-WEB-2003-iDF Filled Hardstyle 1 20-Sep-2018
D-Block_And_S-Te-Fan_-_Keep_It_Coming__Our_Way-WEB-2006-Homely Filled Hardstyle 2 18-Sep-2018