Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
[PROMOS] Wextc Open Jumpstyle 1 27-Jan-2016
Mr Probz - Waves (DJ Coone Remix DJ Tool) Open Hardstyle 0 27-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Xaia Open Jumpstyle 5 27-Jan-2016
“Under The Cover Records” 90s Open Techno 0 26-Jan-2016
Solid_sleep-heartbeat-vinyl-2000-tclub Open Trance 0 26-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Remento Open Jumpstyle 2 24-Jan-2016
Bass D & King Matthew - More Than Rough - (MOHSP02) - WEB Open Hardcore 2 24-Jan-2016
Id's Jump 2004 / 2005 (The Oh, cap'tain) Open Jumpstyle 3 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Atomik V aka Dirty Jack Open Jumpstyle 11 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] The Hipnotic Open Jumpstyle 1 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Reeker Open Jumpstyle 1 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Ryan B Open Jumpstyle 1 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Gort3k Open Jumpstyle 6 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Apollon Open Jumpstyle 0 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Kore-Tex Open Jumpstyle 0 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Captain Keyes Open Jumpstyle 0 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Polycarpus Open Jumpstyle 6 24-Jan-2016
[PROMOS] Medxion Open Jumpstyle 3 24-Jan-2016
The Oh! Gistel REDUCTIONZZ 2011 LIVESETS Open Jumpstyle 3 23-Jan-2016
Now!* Feat. Charles Simmons ‎– I Was Made For Lovin' You Open Techno 0 22-Jan-2016
Now ‎– You Spin Me Round (Techno Remix) + Spangle & Kinky Boyz Open Techno 2 22-Jan-2016
Acid Factor Featuring Margie M.* ‎– Fantasy (CDM + RemixeS) Open Breakbeat 0 20-Jan-2016
Acid Factor ‎– When Doves Cry (CDM) Open Breakbeat 0 20-Jan-2016
Fiori ‎– Finale "If I" (Believe In You) The Millennium Dance Mixes Open Breakbeat 0 20-Jan-2016
Various ‎– Electro Avengers - Attack On Planet Funk 1 Open Breakbeat 0 20-Jan-2016