Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Phuture Noize - I Am Screaming Out (DJ Mix) Filled Hardstyle 1 11-Jul-2019
Vasto & Restless - Invincible (Extended) Filled Hardstyle 1 11-Jul-2019
Frequencerz & Sub Zero Project - The Source (Extended) Filled Hardstyle 7 11-Jul-2019
Big Bud ‎– Temptation / Fantasy (FLAC or WAV or 320kbps) Filled Drum'n'Bass 2 11-Jul-2019
Jon Doe - Fight The Funk (WEB) Filled Happy Hardcore 1 11-Jul-2019
VA-Cream_Of_The_Clubs_Vol._4-2CD-2005-KLF Filled House 2 11-Jul-2019
Hedonist-Hardcore_Is_Dead-(UHF006)-Vinyl-1997-hM Filled Hardcore 1 11-Jul-2019
Brutal Force-Cold Rock a Party EP Filled Hardcore 1 11-Jul-2019
[SSL109] Jay Reeve & Envine ‎– I Want It (Edit) Filled Hardstyle 2 10-Jul-2019
Tasty tunes vol 1 Filled Happy Hardcore 2 10-Jul-2019
Force + Styles V DJ Sy - all systems go /eraser Filled Happy Hardcore 6 10-Jul-2019
demo vs slush & puppie - the finest / u sure do Filled Happy Hardcore 2 10-Jul-2019
Origin Unknown ‎– Eastern Promise EP (FLAC or WAV or 320kbps or VBR) Filled Drum'n'Bass 1 10-Jul-2019
Niko ‎– Up Your Acid - (Nicolai Vorkapich) Filled Hardcore 2 10-Jul-2019
The_Grey_Wolves_-_Where_Darkness_Reigns-Reissue-CDR-2008-Homely Filled Techno 7 10-Jul-2019
The_Grey_Wolves_-_Victory_Through_Violence-Reissue-CDR-2008-Homely Filled Techno 7 10-Jul-2019
Con-Dom_And_Schimpfluch-Gruppe_And_C.C.C.C.-Old_Street_In_Taiwan_-_Aktion_950907-CDR-1995-... Filled Techno 2 10-Jul-2019
VA-Sinsonic_Selection_20-(SINSONIC030)-WEB-2016-ENSLAVE Filled House 2 10-Jul-2019
VA-Sinsonic_Selection_10-(SINSONIC021)-WEB-2015-ENSLAVE Filled House 2 10-Jul-2019
VA_-_White_Wolf_-_B-Day_Mixed_by_DJ_S.P.H.E.R.E_and_DJ_Killer_Faber-Mixcd-2004-SQ Filled Hardstyle 2 10-Jul-2019
Overcast_-_3PM_Eternal-CD-2004-SQ Filled Hardcore 2 10-Jul-2019
Kaiju Squad ‎– Beyond Reality Filled Frenchcore 1 10-Jul-2019
Sound & Temper - Absurd Idea Filled Techno 2 10-Jul-2019
Restless - Follow My Voice (Original Mix) 2:56m Filled Hardstyle 2 10-Jul-2019
Jon Doe - BnH Volume 1 (WEB) Filled Happy Hardcore 1 10-Jul-2019