Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Lobotomy Inc – Bitch (Mr-D & [email protected] Remix) Filled Jumpstyle 2 07-Oct-2018
VA-Italian_Masters_of_Hardstyle_Label_Compilation_01-CD-2004-SND Filled Hardstyle 2 07-Oct-2018
S3RL-Birds_And_Bees-(EXEDIGI043-WEB-2009-CHC Filled Happy Hardcore 2 07-Oct-2018
Italian Masters (IMS some different) and 1 anthem Filled Hardstyle 1 07-Oct-2018
Partyraiser some different relz Filled Hardcore 1 07-Oct-2018
Extatic Records Filled Happy Hardcore 1 07-Oct-2018
[DARKUL063] Yaxkin - Power You Up Filled Hardcore 4 07-Oct-2018
Terrordrome IV - Supersonic Guerilla Filled Hardcore 1 07-Oct-2018
S3rl - MR VAIN Filled Happy Hardcore 4 07-Oct-2018
Velvet-China_In_Your_Hand-Remixes-Vinyl-2002-MTC Filled Trance 9 06-Oct-2018
Vini_Vici_-_Music_Evolution-Promo-CDR-2014-PsyCZ Filled Trance 2 06-Oct-2018
Backgammon-The_Kiss_(Gammon)-HYD70306-CDM-1997-MAPHiA_iNT Filled Trance 2 06-Oct-2018
[DARKUL062] Rob Da Rhythm - The Sickening EP ‎ Filled Hardcore 2 06-Oct-2018
IMR 002 Tormentz - The Cruelty EP Filled Jumpstyle 2 06-Oct-2018
IMR 001 Madiq - The Syndrome EP Filled Jumpstyle 3 06-Oct-2018
Akkadia_-_Clouds_Above_(Remixes)-WEB-2017-MMS Filled House 2 05-Oct-2018
Algioyd-Shock_Of_The_Volume_(HP_003)-Vinyl-1997-DGN Filled Trance 1 05-Oct-2018
VA_-_Offensive_Sampler(s) (plz read list) Filled Hardcore 1 05-Oct-2018
Asterisk Works 1 [AST0001] Filled Happy Hardcore 1 05-Oct-2018
John Dählback - Everywhere (Nks Feat K-Maze Remix).mp3 Filled Jumpstyle 1 05-Oct-2018
Monsters of Terrorcore - Chapter I Filled Hardcore 9 05-Oct-2018
Amnesys ‎– Elevation (TRAX0079) WEB Filled Hardcore 1 05-Oct-2018
Amnesys ‎– Worldwide Crisis (TRAX0072) WEB Filled Hardcore 1 05-Oct-2018
Synaptic Memories ‎– Industrial Revolution Ep Filled Hardcore 2 05-Oct-2018
Synaptic Memories ‎– Complex Systems Ep Filled Hardcore 1 05-Oct-2018